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Saturday, July 30, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: THE Penny Auction Dilemma

Here is your current update....people are overbidding.

Ok so now that your update is out of the way, I'm moving on.

Deal Dash and penny auction sites present the challenging questions. I am currently presented with one of these dilemmas. Here is the situation:

There is nothing worse (ya, i know there probably is, but let's go with it) than having to spend hard earned money on a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner! There is absolutely nothing cool, and exciting and fun about having to get a a new vacuum. In fact, all you really are doing, is willingly spending money on something that leads to something else we all dread. Actually vacuuming. I just don't like it. It is boring, smells funny, and I'm convinced it doesn't really do that much anyway except make pretty track marks. You know as long as the vacuum makes track marks, it seems to make everyone feel that it is doing its job.

So besides the fact that i have to spend hard earned money on a new vacuum cleaner, i have the classic PA dilemma: I actually NEED a vacuum cleaner, so should i wait for one to show up on DealDash? Now i know why people are all over those auctions. No one wants to spend money on a vacuum. So do i throw my hat in the ring and go for it using the Buy It Now Fallback Strategy for last resort?? On the surface this seems like a perfect opportunity for a penny auction. Worst case scenario is i buy a full price vacuum. So at first i feel like i could have a justified reason to play in a PA.

But really, vacuum cleaners are way more complicated than that. This is one of those items that you have to do some research, read some reviews, and really figure out the best way to maximize your dollar.
I could wait for a Roomba Auction to show up, but really, that thing is weird. i don't like it just roaming around the house doing stuff.  And it reminds me of that movie "Batteries Not Included." You know the one with the nice old Cocoon people and their building? Those little dudes were like little friends, and they had baby robots and everyone lived happily ever after. But those little guys were way cooler than a Roomba. A roomba is weirdly mindless but active.

So I could take the gamble in a penny auction, hope to get a good deal, and not be upset after i pay super high retail price for a vacuum that is going to break in 3 months. Don't they all??? And i read all this info and by the time i read the reviews i'm convinced that if i don't have the super duper HEPA filter Delux, then i might as well just toss dust up in the air and continuously breathe it in. But then those stinking HEPA replacement bags are like $50!
I would love the ferrari of vacuum cleaners- The Dyson. But that thing is so stinking expensive i have to take a 2nd mortgage out on my house to own one.
So when faced with the vacuum penny auction dilemma, though it seems like an opportune time to go for an item i NEED,  i think i am going to Target to get something in the $60 range. oh well.



  1. That's cute... LOL
    Here is what I think in this situation with something you need or are seriously thinking of getting out and going shopping for.

    If you NEED the item and will be BUYING one in your local town soon anyway... Why not look on the PA sites for one you will be satisfied with. If you find one... and there is a BIN feature then why not just take the chance that you MAY get the item at a great discount?

    If you lose and don't get your great deal and there was a BIN.... BIN as you were seriously thinking of getting out in the car and going to get one anyway..... Where is the harm in trying to get a discount on something you NEEDED and were going to BUY anyway!!!!!!

    The problem is that most don't need a Vac at the time one comes up... and they bid on it anyway! However, maybe they have a family member that needs a new one or they want to give it as a weird wedding gift. Ya just never know ....


  2. Eureka! Lady K! You have great advice! See you are like my second mom. If you want to gift me a vacuum i'm totally fine with it.

    Now i did just really want to say Eureka because it is a vacuum brand name. And i just couldn't help myself. I am on the lookout for an auction with a good vacuum that actually will do what i need it to do. Work.

    We will see what happens.