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Saturday, July 16, 2011

DealDash411: Tips, Hints, Strategy: Why Must They Mess With Us.

Deal Dash likes to mess with us.
 In little ways.
Like every time you come back to the home page with the auctions, it reorganizes them and lines them up in a different order. So if you are trying to pay attention to certain auctions, you lose an extra second wondering where the heck it just got placed.
Must they really do that? I understand removing the Winning Auctions. But the quick reorganization of auctions? Are they just messing with everyone? I can't see a reason for it...not by time, not by amount, i think they just have a secret "scatter" button to keep everyone on their toes. i guess you have to have fun somehow.

fyi. Coming soon - Analysis of the new "About Me" Deal Dash option.

oh yeah...our anniversary romeo freefortyfree missed out on the dvd Lord of The Rings to go with his The Ring dvd gift. Too bad.

billpayer53 walked away with the DVD Inception, but i'm not surprised because i had planted that in his head.

Saw djexcessive going for the adjustable air lift stools - of course, because country djs need chairs too and these are kind of high tech.  (MUST i remind you he won the 3 disc Country Music Album? So now i am making him a country music dj. And they prefer to sit).



  1. So auction prices seem to be reasonable right now...usually weekends are like the public golf courses: too crowded and too many shenanigans...but there seems to be a nice window now but it may not last.

  2. Well we have a DealDash situation - 9 auctions currently running and it is all pretty good stuff! Mostly 1 per user items. We have laptops, DVs, 600 bid auction, an Ipad and more...

    we almost lost the 14 piece deluxe grill set but no, instead we lost the 6 cup stovetop espresso maker to TuliRN. I'm calling nurse on this one.

  3. Hi DD411! I noticed a couple of people in their About me sections have said negative things regarding jumpers. Are they referring to those who don't start bidding until later in an auction? If so, then they need to understand that this is the way these auctions are and it may not be the best strategy to set your bid buddy to 500 at the beginning and hope to win. The goal of a penny auction, after all, is to get a good deal.

  4. Wait until you have placed over 1,000 bids and some newbie comes in just as you are about to win...and they win with 20 bids...come back and tell us how happy you are for that newbie LOL! Everyone has their own strategy but I promise you won't like it when it happens to you. There is such a thing as "penny auction etiquette"

  5. I am the author of the first anonymous post, and believe me, I've placed hundreds of bids and not won the item many times. Do I like when it happens? Of course not. When I first started bidding in penny auctions, I hated late bidders more than anything. But just because someone doesn't bid until late doesn't mean that they haven't been watching the auction and waiting for the best moment to bid. I've watched many auctions as they started to see how things went. To me, it doesn't make sense to use bid buddy when five other people are doing the same (unless you are not able to oberve the auction, and maybe then, you whould wait on another rather than bidding on this one). Also, it should not be assumed that there is etiquette involved. We are bidding against nameless, faceless people who are trying to get good deals, not make friends.

  6. I think this might be the start of the Oldies vs Newbies war...i DO think there was a PA etiquette in the past, but with so many Newbies joining there is no way they know what that is....people are more ruthless now -i think they get satisfaction out of winning an item with 20 bids after someone has spent 100s...human nature.....ooh i sense a new blog topic...
    BTW, i call those people Silent Stalkers. They are extremely frustrating.

    And maybe you guys need to start naming yourselves Anonymous1 and Anonymous 2 so i can keep track of you!!

    Thanks for the comments - love hearing from you all. now next time tell me i said something funny or entertaining....I'm very sensitive.