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Friday, July 1, 2011

DealDash 411 - Evening update - The Holiday Weekend Begins

So is everyone in their cars off on some vacation for the holiday weekend? It is hit and miss with prices out there on DealDash.
For people like ProtoProToss, he'll just take his 2 buck ipad on the road with him and play all weekend.

There doesn't seem to be that many players bidding right now, unless they are all Silent Stalking to make sure we don't have another ProtoProToss debacle (for everyone else it was a debacle).

I'm still having trouble with some of the chosen UserNames. tufntiny1 is bidding on the Floor Steamer right now and I'm trying to assess what her chosen UserName says about her. We're on the web, so we can be any persona we want to be. So do  you want to be tough and tiny? or would  you rather be tough and ripped like ProtoProToss? Or should you be tough as nails? I'm not against the name - maybe it is better to come across "smaller." i just want to know if that is just a name or a strategic name.

Then i see GATORNY11.  I kept reading this as one word...gatorny. So i'm thinking is this an attorney? An attorney from Georgia? Some people put their profession in their username, so i went that route.  But then I looked again and maybe it is "gator" as in "alligator", and NY is New York? 11 is 2011? Is this a school mascot? Is this a sports team?  Or they live in NY and just really like alligators?

queenEO - i secretly wish this was some kind of reference to Disneyland/Disney World's ancient attraction with Michael Jackson - Captain EO. Remember how cool that was? That was really high tech 3D stuff at the time. But most likely EO are initials or something boring like that....But if anyone asks, queen EO, you should say you were inspired by Captain EO.

Don't tell me you don't wonder some of these things while  you are watching the Bid Buddies flickering like fireflies...



  1. pennywiser is making a strong appearance...dominating two auctions
    tufntiny1 and Cruzer77 are both battling for the Surface Floor Steamer and the $25 Target gift card (i'm assuming so they can go to Target and buy some cleaner for their Floor Steamer).
    Buckaroo and drummerboy are on it for 80 bids

  2. OK DD411, I am officially HOOKED!
    I love your blog, and have added it to my favorites.
    You can count on me checking up on your blog, a minimum of 5 times a day.

    Keep up the good job on the (VERY) entertaining news!

    As well, thanks for the kind words!


  3. Thanks!! That's the best news I've heard all day! I'm a nerd (if you read past posts and comments I'm actually a hot and soon to be tan nerd). So it's nice to hear that someone else is entertained. I'll never be a crazy DealDash player, but the site is like a car crash just have to look and want to know what is going on!
    drummerboy you are awesome!

  4. pennywiser you got your redemption!! Acer Laptop for $6.16? You nailed it! Congrats on that

  5. So drummerboy you are busy scoring a sewing machine...and you are battling against bfrswife20. Everytime i see that user name I pronounce it "beefer's wife" in my head. Do you?? I mean what else could it be?

  6. SRGM525 is on the scene right now. Since this evening I seem to be stuck on UserNames, when i see SRGM525, i pronounce it "sorgum" which is actually after that stuff called "sorghum straw" and don't EVEN ask me why i know what that is. But i do, so i think "sorgum" when i see SRGM525. It's not like you can talk about certain players and continually say "S-R-G-M-5-2-5" - that's ridiculous! (i know, sorghum straw is also ridiculous but i'm just trying to make a point.
    So my apologies, SRGM525 if you don't like my perceived pronunciation of your User Name....

  7. Wildlife Ed wants a tent to go camping...GO FIGURE.
    joeddot is going commando over The Social Network...i mean the movie was good, but Justin Timberlake will be in other movies....(you're probably just flipping it...i know).

  8. "pennywiser you got your redemption!! Acer Laptop for $6.16? You nailed it! Congrats on that"

    Thanks! It's tough out there right now.

  9. lol....actually, whenever I see "beefer's wife", the song "Jump" by Van Halen pops in my head.
    I dont think I need to elaborate on that thought process any ;)

    My mom now has her new sewing machine!


  10. Your mom is going to be stoked! It's nice when people DealDash with others in mind...

  11. joeddot, our movie fan, winner of The Social Network, is going to go all "edward scissorhands" on us if he wins that Dual Action Hedge Trimmer...

  12. drummerboy so who's the NOOK Color for? Mom? Dad? Aunt? Uncle? You're just such a nice, I could use a portable hard drive, an Ipad, a new camera. Or i'll be fine with a Home Depot Gift Card...i need some supplies to patch up the wall my dog busted through.

  13. LOL....all that talk I was reading about the "hat trick", I figured I toss a few bids in and see what happens.

    Actually have won a dozen of these on another site. They make GREAT x-mas gifts : )
    HO HO HO.....

    BTW - you keep this up all this free publicity and promoting of Deal Dash and they might just throw one of these readers/tablets your way. Hey, it doesnt hurt to dream and just never know!!

    Oh well, time to "dash"!