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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DealDash 411 Strategies, Tips, Hints: About ME section

The new ABOUT ME section. So as you know, the shout-out days are over and they have been replaced with the ABout Me statement. Everyone seems to be using this in ways reflective of their personalities, or what they want us to think about their personalities.

We have the "honest, likeable,  just want to connect with people" person.
      These are the people who really are retired, or a nurse, or love to travel and are not creating an internet persona. They are really describing a little bit about themselves. They are nice and innocent. You just want to give them a an "aw" and hope they don't go broke trying to get a bean bag chair.

We have the "intimidation tactics" person
      These are the people who have to say some thing like "i never stop bidding," "you should just give up" blah blah blah. I would love if one of the key intimidators was this sweet little grandma like Charlotte, handing out Deal Dash Oreos and milk to the grandkids and then getting on DealDash and StrongArming everyone with an About Me that says "I will annihilate you with my 1 billion bids."
I can hear it now...
"Bed time kids! Finish your ice cream and Presto Flipside Belgian Waffles! I'll be in to play Super Mario (Collector's Edition) Yahtzee game,  and then turn on your Twilight Turtle Night Light.... right after i kick some Newbie butt and get this Cracker Barrel Gift Card for your grandpa."

We have the Proud family people
      So and so's mom, brother, wife, grandma, newphew, step child, brother, uncle, neighbor, colleague, friend, life coach, .....It's nice that people are so proud of their families. You know, like my favorites Mr. and Mrs. Beefer and remysmom. 

The About Me is now a tool for some people in their Intimidation Tactics games, or their innocence game...psychologists could probably come up with full personality profiles based on the Usernames and About Me. But they won't. So i'll continue to handle it.

Now get back to the games, and don't fall asleep before the Fondue Set comes up.

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