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Friday, July 29, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: BIG Terminology Change

I'm making an official terminology change in the world of Penny Auctions!!! (i guess official means the DD411 official world but whatever).

I see alot of the term "jumping" and "jumpers." This is the term alot of players use to describe the players who wait until the auction price is fairly high and two people are battling it out. They have already placed hundreds of bids on the item and then  someone joins in trying to win off just a few bids for a steal.

This seems to be the #1 Strategy of Newbies when they join Dealdash. The last week or so had been teeming with the players who like to jump in $10 into the auction, and want to throw 5 bids out and win. I know the more experienced players hate this. But, just in the last few months you can see the tables have turned, and the some-what civilized world of PAs is gone.  It is going to be one of those things that you say that makes no sense to anyone living in present times.
For example, try saying "when i was growing up, we didn't have cell phones. Or i did, but it was emergencies only and was the size of a thick wallet. And you had to pull the antenna up." (remember that little bit? pulling up your antenna? ah the old days...). You know you have said that to the 11 year old kid who has been playing games and texting for the last 20 minutes while in line for the movie.  And they usually look at you like you are some kind of alien, because it must have been some alien land if there were no cell phones. Or they are a bit more wise, and they politely smile, while inside they just feeling bad for you because your childhood must have been awful.
 I'm not that old, but old enough that internet, computers and cell phones were slowly getting better and better and more widely used. But they barely existed when i was kid. Well, the  PA world changing is just no different...this is the New School way of playing - this "jumping" strategy and crazy Newbie bidding.
The friendly small town that was the DealDash of the past, is long gone, with only your memories to keep it alive.  Newbies won't even believe you when you talk about PA etiquette,  and unspoken rules of respect.  They will just laugh, flip you the bird and drive off in their revved up Civic with that super loud exhaust pipe they put on it.

GOT CARRIED AWAY, YET AGAIN. My point here is, that i am going to also break any unspoken rules and terms. Because i don't think "jumper" really describes this type of player correctly. We need a more modern term to describe this type of player.

So i want to officially use the word "HOP-ON."  See -  you have to watch out for "hop-ons". If you know where this reference came from, i have no doubt you will agree this term better describes the people who let others do the legwork and then "hop on" at the end to try to get a free ride.
If you aren't sure where hop-ons came from, your one clue is the stair car.
 I want to start using a new term. It not only better describes the action but has an origin that can't be rivaled.

I will be using the term Hop-On alot in upcoming posts.  If you know this word, i love you. If you know the phrase "watch out for hop-ons" then you are my hero.  And again, for everyone else, it has to do with staircars and it would be of great benefit to you in general to find it's more recent source.

SEE COMMENTS FOR MORE UPDATES - most likely with alot of hop-on news.

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  1. Who is the PAIDtorunYOUup nonsense person? I almost believe them because they have put in waaaay over 40 bids on the 40 bids they really are just messing around or they just don't get it