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Friday, July 22, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: The IPAD Dilemma - When do you say when?

Yesterday we had an Ipad up for auction and....
[tangent beginning - see 1st comment below for the tangent. If you are over it, keep reading].

ItsMINEnow won the Ipad auction at $229.83.  Let's do the math:

We are going to make alot of assumptions - i warn you in advance.

Assumption #1 - ItsMINEnow's bids are worth .31 because he bought them from sales.
Assumption #2 - He put 3% of the 22,983 bids into the auction (max he could have put is 11,491, and minimum is 1 bid but no rational person would ever put that many bids in.  So we will just say he put in 689 bids.

689 x $.31 = $213.59 worth of bids
$213.59 + $229.83 = $443.42 for the Ipad

$699 - $443.42  = $255.58 savings.

So,  either
1) he wanted an ipad at a discount no matter what it took, and he saved $255.58, so he walks away happy, because he had fun staying up all night gambling for his win.
2) If he wanted to continue playing on DealDash, he could have done Buy It Now, paid the extra few hundred but got back 689 bids to go get something else at a bigger deal, AND he would also  had to accept (don't even get me started on "accept" vs "except") the fact that he would be paying Inflated Retail prices, but again, he had fun playing DealDash and still has an Ipad. And chance to get back in the game. Hence, The Buy It Now Fallback Strategy.

We don't know ItsMINEnow's game plan so we can't judge.  I tried to get into his brain and knocked, but no one was home. But we can learn.

LESSON #1 - For those who really just want an Ipad, and are hesitant to gamble on getting one, just GO  to the stinking Apple Store and buy the same one at $499 and get their AppleCare Protection Plan just in case your dog pees on your Ipad (note they probably don't cover this). Or get  more for your buck with the 64GB at the $699 price.

It is still a can take your chances and throw the dice hoping auction doesn't end up at $200+, but be prepared for the consequence. Or you may luck out and pay $18 bucks for it with minimal bids.  Or you may end up saving just a little, or bailing and going Buy In Now to overpay but minimize DealDash account damage.

For more info on The Buy It Now Fallback Strategy, see past post on 6/24.



  1. THe TANGENT -
    i just said "we" as if i had something to do with it. Look at me, implying i was a part of it. See the power of one word? That was a Nerd Alert. Sorry. i can't control them. Uh oh...[Tangent within a tangent!] You know what else i can't control? Whenever i hear applianes, electronics, machines make a noise as they do something, I automatically start making the sound too. For example, back in the day of VCRs, when they would rewind (because Blockbuster used to get sooo bent out of shape if you didn't rewind it - at one point they started to charge for rewind. Can you say desperate?) they would make that whirring sound that continuosly climbed in pitch as it went. Without realizing it, i'd be there making whirring sounds with it. It's just plain weird. [end tangent].

  2. And TANGENT is one of those words that the more you say it, the less it sounds like a real word.

  3. IMN placed at least 3924 bids on it, that's how many were tracked but some bids occasionally get missed. She's also a she not a he.

  4. And that's why you are pennywiser the Pro...because you know know that stuff. I know you can get all kinds of info off APA and other sites, but that is beyond my reach for now. i think it is weird that you can get such intimate information on that site...If DealDash wanted you to see that stuff, why don't they just put it on their website? or link to it? or anything else?
    My example was more of the "public service" type. i don't know how to be serious about stuff.
    love hearing from you pennywiser and thanks for the correct on the he/she - you know i just take guess and make it up as i go along...

  5. You know i just realized i missed the biggest point in pennywiser's comment. I skipped right past without evening thinking...ItsMINEnow had 3924 bids to even place on that auction! That is alot of sitting in the dealdash bank! Do you see everyone why you have to know what you are doing?
    pat on the back there ItsMINEnow...who is a she.

  6. Her avatar with the scary monster on DD makes most people think "he".Keep up the good work, very entertaining!

  7. WAIT HOLD THE PHONE! Mr. Beefer is going for the Ipad...he doesn't have one yet? I am shocked! careful everyone.

  8. Well I call this type of bidding an out of mind experience and just plain ole temporary insanity! My hubby tells me to call him so he can stop me when I get in that bid mode. Nothing works because I forget the phone is there and my finger and mind are stuck on the mouse and watching the clock countdown. Last night a perfect example. Now granted it was on another site but still the same "Don't talk to me -- do what you want because I'm bidding" speech I give anyone that approaches me... Today I feel like crap about it but just have to chock it up as a bidding stuper... I lost my auction at least she won hers! I was going after something not even needed - a $900 metal detector... Just could not shake these two fellas then one drops and I stay up till 5 am going nutz to win and just ran my account to zero... Sometimes something just takes over and it is a no return point. Sad thing on this site vs DealDash is the BIN is only 30% of the retail value so after I was in so deep it was Win or Lose no BIN option... So my $1500 in bids went bye bye while the other guy spent almost as much but got the prize... It's hard to tell yourself to get out when you are in the moment!


  9. Oppps I am still in my bidding hangover... the above post was mine... ~ LadyK

  10. Thank LadyK - love hearing from of the reasons i stopped playing all the penny auctions was exactly what you were saying...sometimes you can't break out of the zone and it doesn't work out well in the end....ah the highs and lows of penny auctions....