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Sunday, July 3, 2011

DealDash411: So far DD411 IS Really Proud of the Parents

You know who you are...we all know who you are. My fav remysmom, baxtersdaddy, hotgrammy - It just makes me feel warm and fuzzy to see that you are NOT on DealDash nonstop during this holiday weekend! You are probably hanging with the kids (or dogs, cats, i mean do we really know?), and that is really special to them. You are such proud parents that you involve your kid in your UserName, and then hang out with them and have fun on holiday weekends. You can DealDash all day when they go back to school in the fall.  With all this great parental attention, you'll have a "honor student" bumper sticker in no time.
And remy's mom - I'm especially proud of you, because we know you won a  pen spy cam and you could easily set up the spy cam on remy, set a walkie-talkie down next to him, lay out in backyard and tell him to behave. And you chose not too. Well done.


  1. BobCat526 - what are you doing? After watching your battle for the Guitar Hero wii collection dd411 thinks you have serious Ego Problems. You got in an ego war with another player and then that player drops out so 2stupid2stop jumps in with a few votes and you bail? Why did you bother wasting all those bids if you were just going to bail? You made 2stupid2stop look smart! Trying to play that bid dominating game when you try to bid right after the other player is truly ego play if you don't go on to win! Then it was all about some weird pride thing! You don't even know who these people are! Not sure what your future plans are.

  2. mgoldstein1029 - thanks for the shout-outs once again!

  3. QueenEO is starting off by Strong Arming, trying to establish dominance on that $75 amazon card, Acer Android tablet...but we all know that never works. So she'll make a new plan soon.

  4. There are quite a few Newbies trying win right now...
    sitka joined today and after some larger items
    nijugfoi (we'll discuss this username at a later time) is 1/6 and possibly a little overconfident
    andrew347 joined today and hasn't won anything yet, but is bidding on a laptop and a few other big items...not always the best Newbie move...he could burn through his points.

  5. VOlk just one their first auction - newbie from 6/28 and he just loves the USA. He will be playing patriotic USA country songs all day long. And yet he put N/A as his state...claim it! Why aren't you proud of where you live? IT really doesn't matter if we know what time zone you are in....if you are proud of America, you should be proud of your home state too.

  6. DD411!! DealDash blocked my shout-outs to you! I'm not allowed to do shout-outs! That's so ridiculous! Was i really doing something that wrong? Sorry....i can't show my support any more.