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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DealDash 411: Hints, tips, strategies and commentary - Well, Well, Well, What do we have here?

Some of you may have received this gem in your email inbox today:

today, DealDash will reveal groundbreaking news.
The event is rumoured to be:
“the best savings opportunity in Penny Auctions this year”.

To see what the buzz is all about, be alert and watch the
site today at 4PM Pacific time. When the timer on the front
page runs out, an unmatched offer will be made available
for a very limited time only.
The offer will run on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Only the fastest buyers will be able to take advantage of
the offer.

The offer will open at exactly:
4PM (Pacific Time)
5PM (Mountain Time)
6PM (Central Time)
7PM (Eastern Time)

Click here to see tonights upcoming auctions on DealDash.
Today’s special auction lineup includes Apple Macbook Pro,
iPad 2 with 3G, Kitchenaid Mixer, dozens of gift cards,
40-Inch HDTV, gaming systems, toys, household items and
overall more products auctioned off in one single evening
than ever before.

PS. Remember that DealDash offers free shipping on all items!

The DealDash Team

As we know, i typically focus on the minute, non-important aspects of things. That is just how my brain works. So here's what i thought right after i read their email.

1) I did have an in-appropriate tee hee hee (that was a giggle) at "groundbreaking news." So i only in-appropriately laughed because i am pretending that they chose "ground-breaking" because of the perfect timing of the east coast's lovely earthquake (tee hee hee). Calm down everyone, natural disasters are awful and people lose things and get hurt and sometimes die and it is a tragedy. Yes. But it is also awesome that there were tons of news reports about how the West Coasters are laughing saying "You ain't felt nothing yet" and all the east coasters were running into the streets and crying on their cell phones. And then every news station brought in their expert trying to explain how the earthquake in the east was the entire plate moving so lots and lots of people felt it all over the coast, and therefore west coasters should realized this was a "big" earthquake. While our empathy level is high for the situation, please stop trying to convince us with experts that this was different, scarier, and worse than a California earthquake, a Japan earthquake, etc. I don't care how many experts you bring on the news, you aren't going to convince anyone of this. So quit trying to justify everyone freaking out because it was "worse." It is just an earthquake, and you can be upset about having an earthquake, but don't try to prove it was some "groundbreaking" (hahaha) event. Seriously though, you have way bigger problems out there. They are called hurricanes and tornadoes. They destroy everything. You should be happy to have a little ground shaking instead of one of these storms. Now those are worse and scare the poopies out of me.
(FYI, a friend was a beach in jersey (i guess technically that is the jersey shore) and lots of girls were shrieking and running from the water yelling "there is going to be a tsunami!" Must i give a lesson in plate tectonics and tsunamis? I will if helps.

2) Love that DD is building suspense. So much fun! Everyone is wondering "what are they going to do? i must set am alarm at my the exact time to make sure i don't miss out of the greatest offer ever!" Good marketing ploy guys! Pat on the back for DD marketing team. Very creative and you know what, it will work.

3) I love the this is "rumoured" to be the best savings in all PAs this year. You know it is totally legit to say stuff like this. It probably is rumoured somewhere, maybe like the DD office. Just like it is rumoured that i have a million dollars, a yacht, and am a super cool person.  i noticed that they chose to say "rumoured" and not "rumored." yes, both are generally accepted as correct spelling, however, the American English version is "rumor." "Rumour" is preferred spelling among Canadians, Austrailans and Brits. So, the real question is, who is the canadian, brit or aussie over there at DD? i wish in emails, you could preface stuff with an accent call out. like (accent: Australian) and then you read the email with an australian voice in your head. Or the Accent: English so you know to say al - u - MIN -i- um instead of AL- uminum. oh well.

So we are all sitting at the edge of our chairs to see what glee and delight will befall us at the specified time. If it's an ipad someone get one for me! I'm thinking this could be a solution to just offering all those bid specials and that we all were bummed on.  maybe this is more exclusive, or just a new way to present it so it doesn't always look like they need to have a bid sale. If so, it's working. Here are my guesses:

First guess: Bid Special, limited to the first few. people (or hundred people, who really knows).
Second guess: Free Ipads for first 5 people (i call dibs!)
third guess: snoopy snow cone maker.
fourth guess: free tours of the deal dash headquarters.

Fyi I'm throwing out my "get out grammar" free card on this one. I had about two seconds to type this sucker and i know it's not pretty. Did i mention that as long as you call out that you know you are butchering the English language, then it is totally acceptable? Though later today i'll go back and fix it. nails on a chalkboard people. That's what it feels like to me. I know i have issues.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dealdash411 Tips, HInts, Strategies: The Penny Auction Ultimatum Part 2

For Part 2 of PAUs, we'll look into how to recognize a PAU and then how to handle the PAU.

How to recognize a PAU:
The words "or" and "and" are  key signifiers in a Penny Auction Ultimatum. There is a good chance these words will show up in your PAU.

Here is the "innocent question" version. That usually has the word "or."

The person is trying to give you a moment to do the right thing, and make the right decision. Both you and they know the appropriate response, but they are nicely giving you the option. They can be subtle -"Are you going to eat dinner at the table or in front of your computer?" It is presented politely as an option, but really, you are supposed to join the fam for family dinner.

Here is an example of a more direct PAU, but one that hasn't reached final explosion:

This is my PAU moment:  it was an annoyed comment from family members saying, "oh my gosh if you don't stop talking about deal dash and penny auctions and the players and everything they are doing ALL THE TIME we just can't hang out with you any more. Actually, why don't you start a blog and talk to people who might actually care." Don't you just love when siblings give it to you straight? That was my form of PAU. But that is how this blog was born and aren't we all so lucky!

The next level of disgruntlement in a PAU is the question that really contains the correct answer:

"Are you going stop playing PAs and get in the car so we won't be late for dinner?  Here you'll see "and" used because really this is a command. It sounds like a question but it isn't. You don't actually have a choice here. It is "stop playing" and "get in the car." There is no choice. You probably shouldn't make it choice.

The most obvious, blatant and serious is the "It's PAs or me!" PAU.

This is serious. This is a smack in the face. Do not take this one lightly. If you have gotten to this point, then you probably have already missed all the previous signs and mini-PAUs and you needed to really pay attention. It may sound like this is the first time your loved one is bringing up their frustration with PAs, but trust me, it is NOT the first time. You were too busy bidding to recognize the first clues to the  building frustration.

Please feel to contribute and share any PAUs you have experienced. I'm sure there are others.

Now, what do you do??

How to handle a PAU:
There really is only one way to handle a PAU: Don't choose the PA option!

Well, you can, but you'll probably regret it later. When confronted with a PAU, especially a major one, please choose human beings and human interactions over penny auctions. As much as i love DealDash and penny auctions, Dealdash is never going to love me back. Always choose people. Unless you really are really trying to ignore someone. I guess then you can choose PA. You never want to look back on your life and say "i lost the love of my life because of a penny auction." Or "I  missed the birth of my child because I hadn't won the video camera yet and couldn't record it." or, "I guess i shouldn't have used $50 worth on bids to win the $15 amazon gift card." Sometimes it is worth it to pay $499 for the exact same $699 ipad, and go hang out with the rest of the world.

The only exception i can think of, is something like this PAU: "Are you going to quit playing that PA and watch The Jersey Shore with me?? If this PAU happens, choose the penny auction. At least you will use your brain for a little for strategy. Watching that show actually can make you dumber (i read a very comprehensive study about this on the internet.  And.....what's that??....If it's on the internet then it must be true. You got it).

Share with us other exceptions so we can all make the right decisions.

Part 3 of PAUs coming next....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DealDash411: Tips, Hints, Strategies and General Commentary: The Penny Auction Ultimatum (Part 1)

The Penny Auction Ultimatum

That is definitely the topic of this week, ever since pennywiser announced his PAU (penny auction ultimatum) moment. I've added this to the TERMINOLOGY section because at some point, every penny auction player is going to experience some type of PAU.

A PAU is defined as any moment when you are give a choice between a PA and another event/thing/person.  They come in many forms and there are warning signs. ( you know, even Mr. and Mrs. beefer may get to this at some point, but probably not for a long time).

Part 1 covers some beginning  hints and signs that a PAU may be on the way:

Signs you are spending too much time playing PAs:

- you are pasty white because you never go outside.

- you have permanent neck trouble from staring at the computer and your butt constantly falls asleep. (Note: If  your chiropractor just bought a brand new car....might be an issue).

- your credit card company calls you with fraud alerts because of suspicious charges to random websites for 24 cents, or 1.47 (everyone should have gotten this call when you first started playing penny auctions. If not, you may need to find a better credit card company with better fraud alerts. Geez they were all over me when i first started. i appreciated it though).

- you have notifications set up on your phone and calendar for good auctions coming up. In fact you had to delete people's birthdays and appointment info because you needed more space for these on your calendar. This is a  problem.

- when you have sleep more at your computer than you do in your actual bed.
         Some signs to look for:
         - grumpy mood from being up all night
          - grumpy mood for bad night's sleep in a chair
         - the dark circles under the eyes
         - consistently late for work in the morning.
        - headaches, backaches and general irritation.

- When you no longer go the supermarket because all you eat are Pringles, Oreos, Slim Jims and that weird soda that you won on DealDash. Or because you only eat out in restaurants with gift cards.

- If can't purchase anything outside of a PA. If you can't exercise until you win some kind of exercise machine on a PA. You can't buy a new camcorder unless you win it on a PA. You can't buy new bar stools unless they are from a PA. You can't buy ANYTHING unless you find it on a PA.

Signs your loved ones think you spend too much time playing PAs:
- eye rolls - this is key!  When you mention a penny auction and you start getting eye rolls, this is a sign that PAs are getting annoying to someone. When you first start playing, you are usually met with some excitement or eagerness to see what you won. But when you start getting eye rolls....

 - eye rolls with the disgusted "ugh." That means it is getting worse. When audible and visual cues are being given, you need to know that with 2 senses  now involved,  things could start to go bad very quickly.

 - when the eye rolls and disgusted "ugh" is also accompanied by WORDS, you are on a slippery slope.
For example - "Honey, let's go, we're going to be late to the Jane's championship T-ball game!" And when your loved one comes all the way from the front door to the back office to see what you are doing, looks in and see you on a PA, you then get -:  big eye roll ---  very disgusted ugh noise followed by "Really?" or "Are you seriously still playing?" You are on thin ice.

Eye Roll + disgusted grunt + words = problem.

Tomorrow we will tackle Part 2:

How to recognize a PAU and how to handle a PAU

Followed by:

How to avoid a PAU

Feel free to add any of your personal experiences....


Monday, August 22, 2011

Dealdash411: Tips, Hints, Strategies and General Commentary: Just Another Manic Monday

You know, I secretly get really happy when i see the animal lovers Dealdashing. I guess if i am writing it here, I'm not doing anything secretly. So in that case, I get really happy when i see the animal lovers Dealdashing.  Like Kangaroou and WildlifeEd are bidding on a bid package. Throw KokotheMonkey, or mnklvr in there and then you can totally imagine the animal crews at their computers bidding on stuff.  I know I should know this word, but it is know when you give human attributes to non-human things? Is it anthropomorphism? I don't think i just made that up...i think i just pulled that out of the depths of my brain in the college section, right next to flip cup and beer pong. That was a long time ago.

Anyway, i'm seeing human-like animals playing penny auctions. Like a kangaroo and an actual monkey.  I know that is taking things too literally and to a ridiculous level (possibly creepy), but do that suspension of disbelief thing and then maybe it's funny.

I can't get these associations out of my head. It's killing me.  This is up for auction today:

So i know this is the game Grand Theft Auto. I'll reserve my comments on dumb video games for now. But GTA reminds me of something i wish i could purge from my brain: GTL. And those ridiculous Jersey Shore TV people. ugh. I see this game and see GTA and think GTL. And that abomination of a tv show suddenly surfaces in my brain. I can't stop it. How those ridiculous people are getting PAID to be morons is crazy dumb. (Or is it crazy smart? we'll debate later. Should i really be commending them because they get to be exactly their loser selves and they get paid? I guess i would want to get paid for writing this blog and being ME. So maybe they are the luckiest people that they live in a society ridiculous enough to like people like them...i guess i just debated that right now). 

 Because really, somehow they are doing something so wrong that it is right.  Check this out from

Abercrombie & Fitch does not want Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino to wear their clothing. Yes, the same company that markets thong underwear to pre-teen girls and padded bikini tops to 7-year-olds would prefer if the rapscallion Romeo of MTV's "Jersey Shore" stopped rocking their logo.
And if asking nicely isn't enough, they'll pay him to stop donning their duds.
The retailer put out a statement Tuesday titled "A Win-Win Situation," saying it has a "deep concern" over the connection between Sorrentino and the brand. A&F offered a "substantial payment" to the 29-year-old reality TV star "to wear an alternate brand."

Where do i sign up? I want to get paid to NOT wear certain brands? I can't think of anything easier....forget college and hardwork...if you act like a dingbat on TV, they will pay you for being a dingbat and people will pay you NOT to wear their clothes... So again, can we say really say that this is an awful idea? Well, yes it is, but our society allows it. So do our kids now need to stop applying to colleges and start applying full time to reality tv shows? It seems to be more profitable and you don't need to mortgage your gold tooth filling to pay for it...

I guess, in the end, because this is the world we live in, this is kind of a genius way to make money doing nothing. But I'm not going to credit anyone on the Jersey Shore with ANY kind of credit for having this kind of forethought. This was no plan they devised. But if a smart person were to build a persona for tv and plan it...that might be genius. Sad, but genius. 

Maybe one of the penny auctions will get one of these Jersey cats to be their spokesperson. How funny would that be? I don't think they would understand a penny auction concept. Unless it was a PA for alcohol and free tanning sessions....

I can't believe i spent that much space on them. But I did. The real people who suffer here are the NORMAL people in New Jersey. I'm really sorry New Jersey people. Your state will forever be tainted by these yay-hoos and it is not really fair to you. At least you still have Bon Jovi and Springsteen. Too bad younger kids will probably know the name "Pauly D" before they learn the name Springsteen. It's a travesty.

Go bid on GTA on Deal Dash and furnish your kitchen with all bamboo  gear. 


Saturday, August 20, 2011

DealDash 411 Strategies, Tips, Hints: What?

Screeeeeech! That is the noise i heard - a needle scratching across the record as the room went quite - when i read this:

Well there is change in the air for me. My penny auction days are over. I've spent way to much time on them and my wife said it's either penny auctions or her. I like penny auctions but I love my wife, so I must bid no more.

This is from non-other than our Peacemaker, pennywiser. Ok i am overflowing with questions and comments! I think there are people cheering and people crying everywhere over this. I am personally crying. Those cheering think now they can maybe win something without you in the mix, but really they just aren't that good. 

First, this is what we will now call a PAU. Penny Auction Ultimatum. That's when someone in your life asks you to choose PAs or them. My PAU was slightly different - it was family members telling me to stop talking to them about PAs or stop talking to them at all. Hence, the birth of this blog.

So pennywiser got a PAU, and by all means, made the CORRECT choice. Seriously everyone, don't even think twice when faced with a PAU. Choose REAL people over PAs every time please. If  you don't, then you need an Intervention.

Meanwhile, my questions for  you pennywiser:

1)are you going to still check my blog??? Was that banned too? (ok that was selfish of me).

2)Were you handing over all your winnings to the wife? That usually works for most people. Can you give us an idea of how long that works?

3) What on earth will you do with all  your free time?

4) Is the computer banned in general or just PAs? I ask because, as resident peace maker, i think you still need some involvement. You can be my co-host. It's minimal time compared to actually playing. If that is not possible, maybe you and the wife can game together. I have ideas, of course.

5) hmmm...i'm liking this co-host idea. Your wife can be another co-host. We'll be like The View.

6) Is this going to be one of those things where you announce your retirement and then come back and play and retire 17 more times? You know the retiree-addicts. 

7) is this a genius ploy where you retire and then secretly come back under a different UserName? Like nickelwiser? or pennywiser2? or maybe bfrsuncle? That would be awesome.

8)And, sorry, but can't stop focusing on myself....are you still going to check my blog? If you don't then i'll be down to LadyK and the Anon guy who check my blog. 3 was such a magic number...what if i suddenly have more questions for  you? What if i feel lost not seeing your name pop up on DD? This is hard for you, but it is hard for me too. 

i have to stop typing. My tears are going to short-circuit my keyboard (that would be a keyboard for a desktop computer, because i could never win myself a laptop, netbook, ipad, tablet or whatever). 

I can't promise there will be more commentary today...i just don't know if i can do it...

Friday, August 19, 2011

DealDash 411 Strategies, Tips, Hints: Here is one new change

Looks like we now have 300 bid and 600 bid auctions WITHOUT one-per-users on them...interesting. So i'm pretty much thinking this is DD's way of dealing with the uproar about too many bid sales...not bad, not bad...we need to see what people start going back to win another 600...this should be telling...The Watch List may be back!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

DealDash 411 Tips, Hints, Strategies, and General Commentary: The Wind of Change?

(Whistling...................(if you haven't already gotten it, you probably won't)............)

Are we feeling the wind of change? Are we feeling a slight breeze of fresh air? I ask, because last night, a few people were taken to the magic of a moment, on a glory night, where the children of tomorrow dream away in the wind of change (if you aren't smiling you still don't get it. that's ok). Here is one of those people:

 he got my tablet for $0.29!!!! You know i've been going through a PA Bitter Phase. That is when you see these deals and actually get bummed because you didn't get it. This is that phase where you say things like you are 6 years old again. "It's not fair!" "Why can't I win it?" "Nothing good ever happens to me!"
Normally I am very happy for the people who get the ultimate deal but lately the lucky ones like Jayboy - right place at the right time - have been making me Bitter. Maybe because i never got the ultimate deal during my PA playing days. So I immediately have to throw myself a pity party.

I'm thinking it is because there have been such outrageous auction prices and such epic battles that winning something great is now like an honor.  LIke GOODKARMA
At least there was a fight for this one. So when something goes for $.29, it just sucks. Not for jayboy. But for poor poor me..Ok I'm out of the Bitter phase moment. You know you have all had that moment where you get bitter...don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about...

Anyway, the wind of change. I say this because last night, there were quite a few wins for just pennies. We haven't seen that in weeks! We have seen the random one here and there, but last night there was ALMOST some consistency...I don't want to claim that things are settling down, but this is a good sign. Unless there is going to be another sale tomorrow.

In other news, Ms. Lailamar won something - weird.  (that was sarcastic). She'll be sneaking her popcorn into the movie theaters now...AMC - keep an eye out...I'm sure she has one of your gift cards. She may be smuggling in popcorn (which we all understand because somewhere someone decided you should overpay for everything at the movies).

Pennywiser - someone's got your number. You put out the call and they have answered...this one's for you!! We'll need our Peacekeeper up and alert. No falling asleep at the computer...

Is there change in the air? Let's keep watching....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DealDash411 Hints, Tips, Strategies, and General Commentary: Come on!

This is why people play penny auctions.  This is why people jump on the bandwagon with no idea what they are doing. Granted, i am quite tired this morning, but i just couldn't help but be annoyed and give a "Really??" when i saw this one first thing this morning...

You know, I try not to let deals like this sway me. I mean we all cheered when LadyK scored her ultra rad camera for pennies. But the irony of the $15 gift card and the DVDs getting up to 20+ dollars, while the Ipad goes for $.35 makes us all completely jealous of you, survivorman1. I think you are player of the week. Or month.  I say that because you are not a Newbie, and i fully believe that you have been running a stealth operation over there in Virginia (langley maybe??). I think you have had these ipads under surveillance for some time...waiting and watching...with the patience of a saint for that perfect moment to go for the iPad...and you found it. I am impressed and i am jealous. In my times i sacrificed many a bid for an ipad on various sites, and here i am still typing on my desktop computer.

Or you just got ridiculously lucky. That works too. Bottom line - you scored every PA players dream - the best deal EVER. I'm even sure that DD employees are feeling really happy for you...i know normally i like to think of them as cheering on the hop - ons, but i think even they gave you a slow clap..(you know the one that starts with one person clapping slowly, and then another joins, and another until the room is thundering. The slow clap is fantastic thing. i was going to say "fantastic invention" but not sure that really qualifies. I don't think someone sat there and came up with the slow clap. It probably evolved (or spontaneously appeared for those who don't believe in evolution. [I know someone out there just decided to hate me. I try to avoid this controversial topic. It's just a joke people.....some crowds would have given me a slow clap for that one...)].
Anyway, the DD employees gave the slow clap for you while you were in tears over your amazing win, namely because the other ipad went for $184 buckaroos, and we had that $200+ ipad that already covered their payroll for the next 2 months.

ON another note:

Excellent Choice! House is an amazing show! Yes medical mysteries get wrapped up neatly in the 1 hour show, but that House is a card, and he shouldn't be dealt with. That show is up there on my top rated list, though it is not my favorite. i'm still waiting for someone to figure that one out. Hugh Laurie is kind of a dude though....admit it, you think he is grungy-hot. Men and women can call out other good looking people, man or woman. Anyway, mostly i'm impressed with his ability to lose the English accent...that is always quite a talent. I admit now he is type-cast for me...when he shows up in the movie Sense and Sensibility (yes, i've seen it....), it always catches me off guard and i'm always like, 
what is Dr. House doing in this movie? And then he talks with the accent it really messes with me. Dr. House should be solving a medical mystery, not standing around in a giant top hat.

Got to get my hot beverage and hit the road....

More updates in comments

So it just occurred to me that survivorman1 might be making a statement with his user name. At first i just thought he was survivorman 1 as opposed to survivorman2 and survivorman47.  But now that he scored, i read it as "survivorman won."  I may be a little slow getting to the party but this was truly a revelation for me...1 as "won." Duh.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DealDash 411: Hints, tips, strategies and commentary - Words for Tuesday

My only words for Tuesday are to go back and read the weekend posts and yesterdays posts. yes, you did miss something awesome.  I want to give it one more day of attention until i go back to discussing my push button orchestra and why it is such a genius idea.  i may need to have another "let me set the scene for you" moment regarding what could potentially be named "Orchestra Hero" or "Rad Orchestra.."
and if you really feel as though i not providing enough entertainment for the day, go see the World Bar Globe Post over on The Penny Auction Forecast Blog I was an awesome awesome kid.

back at ya later!

And please also note, The Sportsmanship Award goes to....Pennywiser! It's official. Pennywiser, can I call you next time i need a peacemaker? Or will you be too busy negotiating world peace? If you're busy, i totally understand. Now,  what we all really want to know is - do you have your celebratory beverages before or after your negotiating?

[TANGENT: You know how sometimes after an evening where you may have comsumed a few alcoholic beverages (only if you are over 21, obviously), you wake up and don't feel so hot? An ice cold fountain beverage really does wonders. And, for those who are just dying to know, i prefer to call things "beverages." It's a cool word. Like when i am snowboarding, i prefer a hot beverage. On a sunny hot day, i prefer to have a cold beverage. Beverage is a seriously underrated  word. end tangent]

Monday, August 15, 2011

DealDash411: Hints, Tips, and Commentary: No Apologies Necessary! I love all the comments!

Whew! Well let me just say i thoroughly enjoyed all the friendly banter that happened on MY blog! I was so enthralled that i didn't even want to intervene at all! I think i may have experienced the same range of emotions that many of you did reading all the  comments. While i completely respect all the arguments and details presented by all involved, I like to bring things back to me....So here is the roller coaster of emotions i went through while reading all the posts...(don't you like it how i can bring everything back to me?)

here is a general recap and the emotions i felt:

First, Anon calls out specific players - ladyK, hartharlez, bidingaddict, BidRabbit95, Cats1965.  So Anon kind of sets the scene like one of those elementary school behind the school fights - with the "Yeah I'm talking to you!"  I saw that and was like "woah,  is this the start of an after school special? Someone just got called out big time."  I could just envision the  circle of kids starting to gather around Anon and ladyk....

Next, LadyK hits it right back at Anon. [small tangent: i would be interested to also hear what the other called out players would have responded with. But they must not check my site, so i don't care for them much anyway. But i knew LadyK wouldn't let this one slide!]
So when i saw LadyK bust out with the  "POO on you" moment i laughed and clapped and was filled with this warm sense of love for ladyK...not just because she is turning into my DD Mom, but because she was "mom" enough to watch the language. Just made me so happy inside. LadyK has a good heart.

Then LadyK keeps getting all amped up, starting throwing in some capital letters and then a "sweetie." Whew, I could just imagine LadyK typing furiously (I bet you took typing classes or something because no one who hunts and pecks would write as much as you do), and Mr. LadyK standing behind his wife yelling "go honey go! You tell him!"

Then Anon, responded with a cool head and began presenting facts. I must say i was impressed with the level-headed response, and truly wanted to hear what in fact his facts were (sorry if you are a woman Anon, i seem to be referring to you as a dude).  And then at the end, you could almost hear the sarcasm dripping off the word "Hon..." I started Oohing like in  that moment in Billy Madison where he is in third grade and the kid gets caught passing the note and everyone goes "ooooooooohhhh" in that "you got in trouble voice." I admit i was getting fired up....the sarcastic "hon" can really push some buttons!
I was like, " the gloves are off! And in this corner, with an Ipad and a super rad camera, we have LadyK...and in this corner we have ANON who we know is upset but that's all we really know! ladies and gentleman, let's get reaady to rumble!" (is that what they say?).

I think pennywiser also realized the significance of this moment, because penny jumps in trying to break the tension with a little comedy about drinking and bidding. There's nothing like alcohol to loosen up a room. it was a brave attempt penny, but I think they were too far gone...good effort.

Penny jumped in one more time as the Peacekeeper...the ref in the middle of the ring...

LadyK is having none of it and she says some words. here is what stuck out for me in this section:
The word FROGS was used. I believe i made a announcement that we should call these people HOP-ONs. I guess it didn't stick. I mean who am I to dictate a change like that? But I am still going to push it. Hop - ons. LadyK graciously shoots me an apology but that was unnecessary. But thanks. lastly, because she was in the heat of the moment, ladyk accidentally used the word "sole" instead of "soul." I know it was an accident. Grammar doesn't count when you are in a typing argument.(fyi). I have plenty of errors in my comments because you can't go fix them (or can you??).

Continuing on, Anon gets pissy and uses a dashed word sentence. You know where-everything-is-seperated-by-a-dash-to make-a-point, and he gets in a nice jab with those dashed words...i think i said, "ouch!!" after reading that one.

Then Pennywiser tries again to calm the waters and tells us about good sportsmanship and has an award- winning post of peace...and tells us how vendettas on blogs should not and will not appear in on the playing field...ugh, tear, tear, such a moving speech. it's like i was watching Hoosiers or some sports feel good movie.  .so good and convincing that both Anon and Ladyk come back to their normal selves and each apologize, with Anon giving LadyK the benefit of the doubt, and Ladyk apologizing for fiercely feeling the need to defend herself.

And that's when we all cheered and laughed and cried and hugged it out. Right? And pennywiser bought everyone a beer.

I couldn't have orchestrated a blog comment fight any better....(that was a mini shout-out to myself about my Orchestra Video Game concept, because since this battle followed my brilliant words about a a push button orchestra, i thought maybe they were duking it out about who got to play the fake viola, or piccolo. Oh well. I can dream).  The drama slowly escalated and built like a movie, peaked out and resolved itself. What a great read guys.

Can I really beat that with regular commentary today? maybe...but i doubt it...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

DealDash411: Tips, hints, Strategies - Another All Nighter I PAD

Still going...we have another IPAD that ran through the night...I see pennywiser in there...pennywiser were you up all night battling? I can 't believe you don't have an I pad yet! Well good luck.

And MORETOCOME just joined in against the some of these 8/13 Newbies who think they can win an ipad on their first day of DealDash. Actually it looks like mostly seasoned players are in there...who is going to win this thing? I'm on the edge of my chair with excitement.

So the line up of auctions today looks fairly typical...nothing too incredibly noteworthy EXCEPT for this!
please say it comes with a shoulder strap, please say it comes with a shoulder strap. Then it would be full 80s style and it would be awesome.  You know rock band could continue to add instruments. Or wait, I got it....they are going to come out with "Classic Orchestra." So then they can have flutes and violins with colored buttons and you and your friends can play classical wonders. Trumpets too? How about a harp with push buttons? ooh ooh the giant bass. It can come with a height adjustment for short and tall people, so everyone can reach the buttons. Then they can split each tv screen into 20 sections with musical parts and it won't be confusing at all. Don't you want to call your friends to come over and play Classic Orchestra? I bet this one will be a real bit hit with the young kids..."Jimmy! My parents just bought me Classic Orchestra! You have to come over today so we can play some Mozart! I call dibs on the French Horn!"  Definitely another genius idea.  Wow. I just had to reach back to my 3rd grade music class to pull out some orchestral instruments.  Like timpani. You know back when they still could teach kids about music in school? I played the xylophone. Really well i might add.


Friday, August 12, 2011

DealDash411: Hints Tips and Commentary: THE BACKLASH


Ok. So far The Bid Loungers are waaaay too serious. I learned my lesson. I truly don't really care, but people are too serious about stuff in this world. If one voice can alter that many opinion with one blog post, then there is a bigger problem in this world.  They obviously didn't understand I was traumatized as a young child by a Lobster Condominium.

It is all in good fun. Entertainment value. Duh.

As for DealDash, I'm sitting in Starbucks and it won't let me pull up the site! I am missing the good stuff! I'll have to stuff this chocolate croissant  down my throat and get back to my house where i am free to browse PAs...

so more updates to come!

I'm still thinking of listing some of the players who were the tipping point on me not playing in PAs any more. See this wouldn't be MEAN. In a way, this is a compliment, or some kind of badge of honor....ya see? definitely won't tell the Bid Loungers about that....geez....

In fact, I'm intrigued by one comment made by a SUPER SERIOUS player.  Read on:

( and now i can't even figure out how to make this not be in boxes now. On my own blog. I am no formatting genius. You can laugh. It is really funny!)

Yeah, I read this this morning (fail for double this?) and apparently the new factor for the legitimacy of a site is grammer?  I have NEVER met anyone (including English PhD's) who never made the occasional grammatical faux pas.  Particularly in the case of a web site where often times it's what the programmer puts in, as opposed to the site owner. 

So now it is me talking....
Two things: Someone needs to tell me what "fail for double this" means. I admit i am not cool and so maybe i just don't get it. *****

NOW the real question is.....PhD to me....aren't you super busy with super smart things? If i had a Phd i obviously wouldn't have time to blog about PAs. Either that, or you are so super smart that you calculated the best odds and best strategic game play and are kicking butt. 

****OH I JUST GOT IT!!!!  He's asking if it is incorrect grammar to write "this this." According to the MLA handbook, that is acceptable. so i didn't go check it in an MLA Handbook....but whatever. See how slow I can be??? I didn't even get what he was saying....see - I admit my own ridiculousness too.  But, fyi, you did spell "grammar" wrong in your comment and i didn't even make a comment!!! I am truly a gem.

Love you all

Thursday, August 11, 2011

DealDash 411: Hints, tips, strategies and commentary - Violation

I posted on The Penny Auction Forecast blog what i consider a major violation. If you have followed my blog, you may be able to guess it. I don't even want to re-type the words here. So click this link to see what travesty has occured....

The Violation

DealDash411: My Genius Idea

Ok, I think i struck gold with this one. Best Idea Ever. (or newest best idea ever). Everyone is getting a little bored and frustrated with Deal Dash, now that everyone and their mother (literally. Their grandmothers too) has a ba-zillion Deal Dash bids because they were offering a special because it was a Deal Dash employee's goldfish's birthday.  Deal Dash is losing a little bit of the charm they first had. So it might be the perfect time to introduce the BEST PENNY AUCTION IDEA EVER. This will be your newest, coolest penny auction site - with the best items, the best of the best of the best, and then I can make me some money (intentional bad grammar).

ugh it is just so good.....


this one is going to be my biggest success story ever....

wait for it......

drummerboy - drum roll please........ it's called....

ProtoProToss's CLOSET

Right? Best idea ever? We know ProtoProtoss must have a closet full of the best brand new gear - computers, cameras, ipads, Cracker Barrel cards, Vacuum cleaners and more. You name it and I bet he has won it somewhere...It will be the elite of the elite penny auction sites! Win ProtoProtoss's stuff!
(so ProtoProtoss, maybe at this point you should give me a call...i know you may be learning this genius idea with everyone else, but BEST PA SITE EVER!! And we could put some barbells on there, and make the shipping so expensive that it pays for the item. Oh wait, sorry, Save Big already cornered that market...)

So while ProtoProtoss and I work out the details, everyone just sit tight and think about how awesome this site would be.

Catch ya later on my  yacht, while i hang out with other PA success stories!
Or not.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dealdash411: TIME OUT!!!

Ok, so i see regular players bidding on a $10 gift card...which of course is not on the main screen, and yet i see big names in there like is popping up on the right side when you go into other auctions..did they glitch? I have yet to see the $10 gift card since back in the day when i signed up....does anyone else still get these from time to time? Those are the Newbie Luring cards!

in bidding on that card is a player named cemetarygates. I've seen cemetarygates over at and he battles...if he is joining DealDash now, or coming back to play if he already has joined, it will be interesting to see what strategies he uses. Haven't seen his member date yet.

Meanwhile, krisoma and catlabbs22, are you guys really battling over a $10 gift card? Remember, i think you still pay shipping on those so really you end up with like $5 gift card, minus all your bids. Help me understand.

[tangent: So the player name cemetarygates initially intrigued me, because i thought this was chosen in reference to the Pantera song,  "Cemetary Gates." Which i think is really cool. But now i'm thinking it is just a name...cemetarygates maybe you should say it's from Pantera. That is hard-core cool. [end tangent]

Dealdash411: Wicket The Ewok Board Game

You're thinking, "this is a DealDash site. Why on Earth are  you going to talk about Ewoks?" Here is how: Deal Dash has Super Mario Bros. Monopoly Game. I think it was genius of Monopoly to continually update their theme so the same game sells over and over again. Why re-invent the wheel? So genius. That's why some people are rich and some people are not. So then I was remembering the Star Wars Monopoly. There were all kinds of versions including this brilliant specimen:

So cool. Then I thought about Star Wars, and Return of the Jedi. And Ewoks, and finally the Wicket the Ewok Game which was one of my favorites.

Seriously best game ever.

To recap: DealDash Super Mario Bros Monopoly - Monopoly - Star Wars Monopoly - Return of the Jedi - Ewoks - Wicket the Ewok Board Game. See it does have something to do with Deal Dash.  Duh.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DealDash411: Good Morning Deal Dashers

So we all probably saw OKKAMS going for that laptop yesterday. I started watching and I was wondering who was going to use up all their bids against OKKAMS. None of us were shocked to see OKKAMS with the win - obviously the favorite here. (pronunciation of OKKAMS is "oak - ums." Not O-K kams or something like that).

Drummerboy popped up with some nice wins last night! Trip to Target and clean floors. Hey Drummerboy - you let me know how that mini-vac works out for you. I still haven't solved my vacuum cleaner issue. Mine still works....if you consider letting it sit for 5 minutes to get it to work for about 1 minute....I guess I'm thinking it will magically start working again because i really don't want to buy a vacuum cleaner. Don't ask me why i can get over this, but i clearly can't. I don't want to buy a new vacuum. And if you are thinking, "why are you so upset about buying a vacuum! At least  you have something to vacuum. There are kids in Africa who don't have anything to vacuum," then you are right. I am being ridiculous. One of these days I will come to terms and get a new vacuum. But i can't promise it will be soon.

we have a new family member joining us: bjbsuncle.  Don't you just love the proud family members? (pronunciation on this one is straightforward. Say each letter. B-J-Bees Uncle). Speaking of pronunciations, anyone seen that cat on BidWealth named relephant? Ok that's not how he spells it but all i see is Elephant with an R. Relephant. He had a rough day yesterday. Not that this is relephant to Deal Dash (ahahahah. Sorry, had to do it. I always take the bait).


Monday, August 8, 2011

DealDash 411 - So DealDash has a few new Auction Items...

Well, I hope you all will come back and still check in on DD411...We've turned over a new leaf in the month of August, and there are things to discuss!

First, Deal Dash finally put up some new items for if you are sick of eating at Applebee's and Cracker Barrel, or shopping at Target (who am i kidding, shopping at Target will never get old), you can now go for DJ Hero and a Hamilton Beach Carve n' Set Electric.

[ Tangent Alert!]: Why do people make adult products with "n' " abbreviation? To me, using the n' immediately brings me back to childhood toys and games, like Fisher Price "Lift n' Load." That n' is used appropriately. Which anyone had the Lift n' Load, knows exactly what i am talking about in the coolness factor...Lift n' Load was like the coolest ever, and they came up with a kid friendly fun name. Would I like it as much if it were called "Lift and Load?" maybe when i was 5, but i would hate it now if it had "and" because it is a kid's toy. It is a kid thing!! Like every other Fisher Price Toy: play n' go, stand n' play, jump n' ride, tow n' pull, rumble n' blast....the list is endless because kid's toys have to describe what you are supposed to do with the toy, and still in a fun way. I mean if you tried to sit while playing with the "stand n' play" you are in big trouble. You better read the directions if you want to have fun.

You know i am surprised some crazy parent hasn't sued over something as dumb as know- they make all those laws  to protect kids with flame-retardant pajamas (by law). So now your kid sleeps every night in some chemically altered fabric which can't be so healthy for them either. I get it, in the case of a house fire. But the suing started over a kid touch a candle or something. But why do you have a candle ANYWHERE in reach of a small child? They should never catch on fire because you should be watching them and not having open flames around your house. No one get mad at me - i feel really bad for whomever this happened to but come all our kids have to sleep in chemically sprayed fire- retardant pj's?? Is that healthy? sorry i went off again....back the point, or at least the point of the tangent - is some parent going to sue over this "carve n' set" knife, because we have trained kids to recognize the  "n'" as a word/letter in KIDS TOYS. You know it's for kids because you see the n'. Kids don't know stuff. Remember, kid's touch fire and light sockets. So i'm waiting for the lawsuit where the kid gets cut playing with the knife that seems like it should be a kid's toy because of the n' in it, as opposed to the fact that the parent left the darn thing in reach of a kid. Geez our society is ridiculous. Now run and tell your small child to stop sucking on their chemical-laden pjs.   [end tangent]

So if you need a carving knife, just remember if you act fast, you'll get not 1 but 17 carving knives for the price of 1! You can give out at Christmas! And if you get it right now, you'll also get  12 free meaningless cookbooks, a revolutionary spaghetti strainer and  5 sham-wows free.

Or let's take a moment to all envision the grannies on Deal Dash battling for the DJ Hero for little Susie and Johnny....or for granny - which would be so awesome if granny and gramps battled it out scratching. Love it!!


Wait not so fast: tangent addendum: For anyone who wasn't sure, Guns n' Roses is not a kid friendly band. They can get away with using the n' because they are cool. There is always an exception to the rule.

Ooh, and don't forget, today is 8th:  Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day . Google it. I didn't make this up. And remember, if it is on the Internet, then it must be true. Deal Dash may have a bid special to celebrate. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

DealDash 411: Where on Earth Did I Go?

Thanks for the comments wondering about my whereabouts. It makes me feel special. Whew, what a week, i'll tell you that. Here is what happened:

So i was on my yacht, the Immaculata, and we were cruising up the Pacific Coast, and late one night i went out on deck, lost my balance and fell Overboard into the ocean. When they found me, i had amnesia and i had no idea what had happened.  This carpenter who had remodeled my closet (poorly, i  might add. Everyone knows a good closet is made from cedar!) recognized me and i went to live with him and his family and learned not to be a horrific snob. Then my memory came back and i went home a better person and realized life on my yacht wasn't as great as being with the sweaty carpenter. So i turned the yacht around and he came to find me and we both jumped into the ocean, swam to meet each other in this brilliant moment and i lived happily ever after. 

Do i even need to explain what i was just talking about? I hope not....

I just checked out DealDash and geez has it changed in just a little time! I recognize none of these Newbies, snow cone makers are going at high prices and hop-ons are everywhere. (Remember hop-ons? i'm not kidding - this is the new term).  I was feeling lost - where were the Beefers? RemysMom? Any name i recognized?  Then i saw lailamar  jump in on an auction and felt grounded once again. And then I saw manzanita and everything was once again ok in the DealDash world. Though I won't truly feel like I am home until a Beefer shows up....

I'm back on the DealDash watch, but you all have to tell me if anything ridiculous happened while i was gone...any newbie names that need pronunciation or analyzing, or anything else. I already have my list going....


Monday, August 1, 2011

Dealdash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: I DON'T GET IT

This is what i don't understand. Why does anyone want a video camera that looks like Gucci or someone made it? Ladies, i don't know my brands. But is it cool to have a video camera that looks like a purse or something? Do you need a more feminine camcorder? I am asking in all seriousness. Is this a necessary update to camcorders? Or is it just a dumb idea?  Anyone going to go for the puffy camera and keep it? or just flip it for more bids? Does it keep showing up on the auction block because everyone flips it?
I guess it doesn't matter....i mean i don't also get why you need an Internet Weather Station, a giant stuffed dolphin or weird soda i've never heard of....