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Friday, July 15, 2011

Deal Dash 411 Tips, Hints, Strategies & General Commentary: Drummerboy Got His IPad

Drummerboy! I didn't realize you hadn't won an IPad yet...and now you have one to DealDash on the go! You must have spotted a good opportunity because that price went over $100, and i would think you would normally wait for a lower price auction. But who am I to question the well experienced drummerboy! You know what you are doing.

Meanwhile - added to WATCH LIST:

felixthecat - 300 bid win

supersonicsfan - 600 bid win
(*quick note. I am fairly sure this person just loves the Seattle Supersonics, thus, supersonicsfan. But you know, there is a small chance that this person really is a "super" fan of the chain Sonic, America's Drive In. We would not be fair to say it is all about sports. Maybe it is all about food. You know Sonic, the genius business model where you make your customers eat in their own cars and make their own mess so you don't have to clean it. I understand the nostalgia part (sort of). After you order your cherry limeade, a slushie, a corndog and a Ring Leader Loaded Burger, it would probably benefit you to get out of the car and attempt to burn off a calorie or two walking in and out of a restaurant instead of hanging in the car. I'm surprised that the USA hasn't outlawed Sonic as part of the "Obesity Problem in America." Because there is no exercise involved at all. You may say "uh, drive thru is the same," but at least you have to move your foot back and forth from gas pedal to brakes, control the steering wheel and focus a bit. At least there is 1/4 of a calorie burned.
In conclusion, this could be a Super (as in #1) Sonics (the restaurant) fan. Let's not judge too quickly.

Also added to Watch List:
 djexcessive. We should be worried because DJ Excessive now has his hands on the 3 Disc Country I'm worried. Too bad he missed out on the Patriotic Music CD. He could have done alot with that.



  1. remysmom is back! I love remysmom.

  2. Remy, your mom is going after super thin CoolPix camera...she's going to document your whole life in photographs. You may not like it now, but later you'll be so happy you have all these photos. Your mom rules.

  3. We should all take a moment to pat ProtoProtoss on the back for an awesome "About me." That's my kind of humor and i like it! There is this category of humor that i call "Duck Humor" which is slightly off base and almost not in a way it makes it really funny. i'll warn you in advance - most people do not think Duck Humor is funny. There's the one about crossing a White Chicken with a Brown Cow....and the two cows worried about getting Mad Cow's disease...long live Duck Humor.

  4. felixthecat wants the Kindle people...he just won 300 bids....remember that

  5. Lets just say that was a B R U T A L auction!
    That was one of those I bid on early, then came back to later.
    I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo completely sick of buying Ipads, just to get a bunch of crappy bids back.
    I finally dug my heels in and said #$@$ it!

    Oh well, we all those terrible days, once in awhile!