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Thursday, July 21, 2011

DealDash411: Tips, Hints, Strategies - Congratulations DuchellaBella - You've graduated!

DD411 is formally graduating duchellabella from newbie to regular player...she has proven that she is not crazy and out of control, and has won some great prizes along the way. And, i like her About Me (ok normally right here i would say there was a spelling error in the About Me...but i like duchellabella so i was going to let it slide so i am not super annoying, but i guess i just said it).

I have a great post coming down the line today regarding the sale and nonsense from the sale DD had yesterday, but I have to go handle please check back. it's gonna be good!

(also, recall when i said that i purposely make incorrect grammar and spelling lowercase "i" and using the word "gonna." i was trying to get an emotion across through email, which we know can be difficult. So don't call me a grammar hypocrite. or actually you can do want you want).



  1. And please don't forget i need someone to read that Save Big blog i posted at It is driving me crazy.

  2. You know...WildlifeEd is now one of my favorites. I just think he is awesome.

  3. So you think Ipad 1 will still be going when Ipad #2 comes up for auction? They sure stacked those right up....