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Monday, July 11, 2011

DD411 - The Newbies have Invaded

Does it feel like one of those movies? Like Independence Day? War of the Worlds? You know when all kinds of alien creatures come down to Earth and wreak havoc? The Newbies are swarming Deal Dash and pushing prices waaaaay up...i'm hoping this is the backlash from the 50% bid sale, and everyone must have their IPad right now. Amongst the Newbies, there are some Elite Gamers popping in on wins:
manzanita, pennywiser, ProtoProtoss, our pal punxsy (do  you like how i decided i know punxsyphil well enough to call him punxsy?). i'm guessing the Elite Gamers are used to the influx of Newbies.

The Newbie names i see popping in the most and WINNING:
tandcelite (no surprise - they won a big bid package - ok and now it is honesty time. I'm really sorry but every time i see this name i see the word "cellulite." I'm really sorry i'm not trying to be offensive. But I just think it every time i see this UserName pop up).
grerob5 - I like grerob5 because she has a Super Dog!

I have nothing against Newbies, but they are usually the most entertaining to watch! But there are some Newbies slowly graduating onto to different categories of players....i'll let you know when someone graduates. If you think you know a Newbie who is no longer a Newbie, let me know and i'll watch for that player and make an assessment. We'll have a monthly graduation! It will be fun.

queenEO - go back and find my comments/blog about queen EO.Just for nostalgia sake.
James0908 - he's been winning. but note on the Nook, it says he won but then the actual auction shows queen EO will be reading on that nook instead...who actually won?


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