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Thursday, July 7, 2011

DealDash 411 - July 7th

It is Thursday, so for those of us who work a M-F schedule, we've almost made it through another week.
In reality it seems like most of our Deal Dashers do not work a typical M-F 9 - 5 workday, since so many of you guys are up all night bidding, bidding all morning and bidding all day. Or if you do have a day job near a computer, maybe your company hasn't figured out that they need to block DealDash yet.
Like tandcelite - who is on watch list for 300 bid auction win last night.
So far it has been a typical morning, so on another note.....

A day or so ago, i saw a Newbie UserName TomandDiane,  who recently joined in July. You could have seen that User Name and said "Aww so cute - they are going to Dealdash together," or you could have said, isn't it supposed to be Jack and Diane? Tom just doesn't sound right....Where is Jack? Did Diane finally dump him? They were only 16,  two American kids growing up in the heartland. They were doing the best they can. Maybe his football star dream derailed? So she left? Or he got sick of Diane's debutante ways? Well, their friends Tommy and Gina seemed to have a much more solid foundation. They ended up on the coast. Tommy used to work on the docks, and Gina was at the diner all day. At least they stuck together to hold on ready or not. They lived for the fight because it's all that they got. They said it didn't make a difference if they made it or not - they had each other and that's a lot. So they took each other's hands and swore they would make it. I swear.


p.s. - if you read that last bit and think i am nuts, you just don't get the joke. It's funny. Or you did get it and you think it is dumb. Whatever.


  1. 22 hours left for the poll.....i wonder what the next poll question will be...maybe "Did you get the earlier post references? a) yes, so funny b)yes, so dumb c)not at all d) earth to DD411 - not the right audience...

  2. sephora gift card?? i would think 90% of girls would be after this. Boys, take the hint - get your girl the sephora gift card. Don't flip it...get it and give it her. Because you want her to think that you are always thinking about her. Even if you were really after the 50 bids.

  3. pshah2 and chambers20 are definitley ego-ing out..trying to be better than each other for a target gift card.

  4. chambers20 signed up 3/6/2009. that might be the oldest player i have ever seen. Chambers you've been playing for over 2 years...maybe find a new hobby? unless you sell all your winnings on ebay

  5. hey desertkim - you know you've spent close to $15 in bids trying to get an electric skillet, right? Check in my links below - you an get the same skillet for if you weren't planning on flipping it, you could just buy it somewhere else. I know. that's no fun. But it is true...maybe just let istylem23 win so she can hit her 6/6 limit and then we don't have to see her again for a few days.