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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DealDash 411 - Math Lesson for Newbies

Newbies - I'm going to start with the simplest math you need to know before going nutso on DealDash! This one is as basic as it gets.

let me set the scene:
         You've just discovered DealDash and realize that the world has plotted to keep you away from this amazing site. So you are anxious to get going and win cool stuff like toaster ovens and cameras for pennies. You buy the intro package - $60 for 200 bids. You are thinking this is too good to be true right? You are either at home with your spouse/friend/kid, or at work with co-workers crowding around you going, "It must be a scam! There is no way this is real! They probably never ship the items. You are a moron!" But you still believe. You watch the auctions and you see a $10 gift card come up for auction. You think this is a perfect item to possibly bid on. You watch the clock count down to zero and auction ends without ANYONE bidding. You can't believe it! Then another $10 gift card comes up to auction so you throw down a penny bid. And you actually win! While you hug your spouse, kid, pet, or co-workers jumping up and down in a locked embrace screaming and crying with joy that you have finally found a way to REALLY get stuff for pennies, you lock your eyes on the ipad auction coming up...You need the ipad! What better way to boost your ego and feel like you outsmarted the rest of the world by getting an Ipad for $1.00.
           The room goes quiet as everyone else sees what you have locked your eyes on. And then you all see the Wii package, and the ridiculously cool Nikon camera and a LAPTOP...Oh my gosh they have great stuff on DealDash...But those auctions are being won at higher prices than a $1. Then your brilliant idea comes to you: If you just win a bunch of those 40, 80, 150 bid auctions, you can build up enough bids to go for the big items.
Then you proceed to  spend 50 bids trying to win a 40 bid auction.

Math Lesson #1:  If you go for a bid auction, you take a higher risk because there is no Buy It Now. So realize once you have bid 40 times, you are now not "winning" anything. I've seen Newbies bid more bids than the # of bids they can win. Yes, I counted. I know who you are.  I am just hoping you were trying to win to minimize the damage. Or you were so excited that you didn't realize what you were really doing. But if you really didn't think about how many bids you used, then you need to take a step back from DealDash. And tell your co-worker, the one who is egging you on and saying "don't let that player keep trying to outbid you, you're weak if you let him win" to keep quiet. You know he is the one with the big voice but he's too scared to go on DealDash himself.

I know - long story for the most obvious lesson ever. But you know someone out there just read this and went "ohhhhhhhh. oops" even if it wasn't you.

Keep count of your bids, especially on auctions with bid packages. Or don't. We're ok with it if you burn yourself out too.



  1. fyi - this morning has not been a great time to DealDash...there are some characters out there bidding the items up fairly high. toertchen1, our 600 bid winner seriously wants their Ginsu knives. Careful if you decide to battle her...

  2. Let's count of bobcat526 putting in a starting bid on most of the auctions. he just scored an external hard drive for $.01 and is laughing...

  3. oh joined TODAY...don't try the Big Style doesn't work, especially when you are a Newbie. You think that is an original strategy? It's old news.

  4. Did I miss the memo? Is today Battle of the Newbies day??
    we have asmandel -Big Style Indimidator
    justonce - seems to be a Time Hoarder
    Adamostate & gsasils - can't stand to let anyone else get a great deal. Sore Loser status.
    realtorann - was in there but then had to go show a house.
    cmbrinton - is in every auction
    typeurnamehere - keeps popping in and out.
    All 7/5 - 7/6 Newbies

  5. Hey dd411!

    Actually I joined a bit earlier, but I'm only on dealdash for the fun of it now. Trying not to waste too much money as I'm just a humble college kid! Love your site, I've been checking it since I joined...keep up the great work!


  6. Hey Thank typeurnamehere! I was admiring your's a classic. Good luck out there and make sure you don't spend your beer money! Thanks for the comment!

  7. Newbie to watch for : Spider23.. joined 7/4 and almost hit the weekly limit...but as you know these could have been But It Now wins we need to keep an eye out to see if this is a really good player, or really good at Buy It Now.

    Meanwhile, drlholland - make up your mind! Do you want the tent, the HP mini or the Apple TV? You're invested...but as a doc you may have the cash to back up this power move of yours.

    SolidC has been on all day, and wojcik keeps showing up in all the auctions.

    Jessica Fletcher (aka Pigsurfer) wants a know the rule if you see Jessica fletcher in a tent near you, run, because someone always ends up dead around her....

  8. There are just too many Deal Dashers out there tonigh. DD411 says play at your own risk. Maybe you can sneak a great bid in there, but everyone seems to be on summer break...