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Monday, July 11, 2011

DealDash 411: OMG! Our Little Toaster is a Best Seller!

You've seen the Deal Dash Black & Decker Toaster've probably even bid on it. Maybe you actually won it and kept it! Feel very proud of your win...I just saw this on amazon. Our little Deal Dash Toaster is a bestseller on Amazon!

 I don't know how you can feel proud of a toaster, but somehow i do. It's like that old IKEA commercial...where the sad little lamp is in the street by the trash, and you just feel so bad for it because it was replaced with a newer lamp. And the the commercial says something like "Are you feeling bad for this lamp? It's a LAMP." And you kind of laugh because you actually were feeling bad for the lamp. Man those advertisers just have our emotions in their grip!
 That's how i feel about this toaster - oddly proud. Of a Toaster. I know. It doesn't make sense. But don't tell me you have never felt bad for the old mop or old cleaning supply that got replaced by a new Swiffer or something fancier...there is a reason they make commercials like that. To toy with us!

But yes it is a toaster. I've now talked myself out of being proud of a toaster. (should i really put "Toaster" as one of the labels for this post? too late. I'm doing it).

p.s. OMG in the title is being used in a sarcastic way. I do not use OMG as a serious part of my
 diction.   FYI.


  1. I didn't get ANY comments regarding that toaster post?? Nobody wants to say "that was so funny" or "you are crazy" or "you are not funny?"
    Oh....or you are waiting for me to say something worthwhile about Deal Dash...ok fine. Well timing seems to be pretty good for all you Flippers out there...alot of the smaller items are going low. Big items are still being hiked up in price though...

  2. janine719 has been busy all day...she's 4/6 in her limits...but she did win some bid packages, so just keep an eye out. And check to see if she is involved in more than one auction when she is almost hitting limit...may be an opportunity

  3. Nook Color for $.42?? Seriously, you just scored! well done. You are laughing right now...aren't you...

  4. josephj is another newbie joined many Newbies to watch and categorize...

  5. TRACKERPUPPY - you are bidding on too many things at joined are a newbie. Don't be so over excited...

  6. NEWBIE kohjw1 - I'm labelling this newbie as a BID on all the bid package auctions...