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Monday, August 1, 2011

Dealdash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: I DON'T GET IT

This is what i don't understand. Why does anyone want a video camera that looks like Gucci or someone made it? Ladies, i don't know my brands. But is it cool to have a video camera that looks like a purse or something? Do you need a more feminine camcorder? I am asking in all seriousness. Is this a necessary update to camcorders? Or is it just a dumb idea?  Anyone going to go for the puffy camera and keep it? or just flip it for more bids? Does it keep showing up on the auction block because everyone flips it?
I guess it doesn't matter....i mean i don't also get why you need an Internet Weather Station, a giant stuffed dolphin or weird soda i've never heard of....



  1. AGREES...... Must be fillers for auctions and yes UGLY camcorder... but some people will bid on anything just for the win I guess..... LOL

  2. You must be out of town, no commentary for several days. Oh well -

  3. Hope everything is OK...