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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

This one is for LadyK....the only person in the world who misses me...

So i'm conducting an interview with myself to give an update about what is going on....

You can probably figure out the question by my's like one of those deduction tests or something.

1) Yes, i am alive.
2) Yes, i am still a nut about grammar.
3) Yes, the "i" does still not count in my rules.
4) No, I don't still play Dealdash. In fact i haven't even looked at the site, watched it, or analyzed it.
5) Yes, you can consider it some type of Dealdash rehab situation. No more penny auctions. No more spending my time watching Dealdash and commenting. I did love it. And i do miss it.
6) Well, i had to quit because i had to focus on some real life things. Like money, jobs, and mortgages. As in - i needed money, therefore needed to work, so i could pay my interest-only mortgage (we won't talk about that right now).
7) No i can't seem to make any kind of living as a writer even though that is what i would like to do. Only Lady K and my parents would by my book.
8)Well, the only way i think i will come back to blogging is through my other site...wikiwikiworld...i have to get that up and running again. It is based more on life beyond dealdash. Like real life things and stories. Which i tended to end up writing about on Dealdash, but maybe on a regular site more people would check me out.
9)Yes, there are still only a select few people who think i'm entertaining. Do my dogs count?
10) I actually do have a real life. I think i explained at one point that i am a "hot nerd." That pretty much still sums it up.
11) No, i haven't had any more crashes on my mountain bike. 
12) No, I can't actually believe that i still get hits on this website. It makes me warm and fuzzy inside.
13) No, i have never gone back to IHOP for breakfast. But i did go to a Denny's and didn't order anything off the healthy menu. I believe I got some type of egg. I realized at these places you have to order a biscuit and gravy. No one can really mess up gravy. Then you poor the gravy over the eggs and everything tastes like gravy.
14) I actually do have alot to say on the subject of "gravy." I don't know how many people really give gravy props, but i have alot of thoughts about gravy. Mental note - blog about gravy.
15) So yes, i am actually at work right now, so i should probably end my self interview.

Until we meet again....