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Saturday, July 23, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: Really?

Bingosock and Scooter2, we have to talk.
 Ok you guys battled back and forth over the Ginzu knives, just a moment ago. Bingosock, at one point you put on your BidBuddy, and Scooter2 started Time Hoarding and using intimidation tactics, and you let him do his thing.  But then Scooter2 you were also in the midst of battling for the AMC movie theater card, so maybe you were just momentarily distracted, or maybe it is because you just joined yesterday so you are an Over-excited Newbie or I don't know! But you all let iwillwinn123 sneak in with one bid and win the whole auction! That kind of lucky moment for iwillwinn123 may plunge him into a continual strategy of Silent Stalking ...Anyway, i am disappointed. iwillwinn123 - the stars just aligned for you on that one. Enjoy having Ginzu knives. They have a lifetime guarantee. I wonder where the fine print is on that one...what is their definition of a "lifetime?" A human lifetime? so like 70-90 years? Or if you are 50, does it only mean you have 20-40 years of guarantee? Or can you pass to your kids and they get to have them for the rest of the 50-70 years? I'm not sure i can trust something as vague as a "lifetime." What if it is based on the lifetime of a goldfish? It could last 3 days  and the kids will be crying, or it could last 3 years (rest in peace, my little Asterik). [tangent! - if i had stuff to give away, i would totally send prizes to the people who get some of my unusual references. But i don't. Unless you want my ginzu knives after the lifetime guarantee runs out.  end tangent].
It's like the really great deal that you hear on the radio, and there is maybe one actual real person who fits all the little points they have after it. "Yeah everyone can win a free car! You just have to prove you had a fish named Asterik!" So i guess i would have won, but everyone else is just annoyed. People want a great deal. That's why they DealDash.

You know, maybe i will think of some type of reward for anyone who responds naming a reference in my blog and where it came from...I've had some good ones in the past. Those still count too. Someone take on this challenge. It will be great.



  1. Scooter2 has been added to "Where do you rank page"
    Jazz6 - added to watch list
    biranthewinner added to watch list

  2. Scooter2, now you are after the PlayStation...i think you need to pick and item and focus. Are you one of the people who bought 1500 bids in the sale? Don't make me worry about you.

  3. oh and i munkyluvr68 nice win on the 80 bids

  4. Scooter2, not the applebee's card too...focus!
    uh oh lailamar just showed up...

  5. Check you still are my number 1 fan. I hold a special place for you in my heart.

  6. Congrats JosephJ - i just graduated you from middle school newbie. 2LittleTime i was thinking about graduating you but you don't have enough time....