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Friday, July 22, 2011

DealDash 411 Strategies, Tips, Hints: Added For Your Enjoyment...

As always, i try to provide entertainment while you sit there watching your BidBuddy tick off bids. I can't play DealDash because i have no patience. i was the one who would get up for 2 seconds to go do something or look at something and lose the auction. So many times. So now i just talk about it.
And i seriously can't stay up all night any more. Maybe in my youth. BUT, I'm going to post a poll to see if  my next idea is any good.

But first let's recap the wonders that are DD411:
The Watch List - not only informative but a quick guide to bid winners.
Strategies, Patterns, Tips - No one can tell you how to win while gambling...but they can give you ways to increase your odds.

BUT, I've added a few things other things that you may not have seen yet:

The DEALDASHERS - is my new and improved players list. Not everyone is on there, but you have to earn a spot on there. The REAL addition is my Pronunciation Log. Some of these User Names are not so brain friendly and so we all create nicknames (can you say "Beefer?"). If you have any Usernames that you need to know how to pronounce, please allow me to provide the answer.

I've also added the "Where Do You Rank" list, outlining my new concept of DealDashers vs Sport team levels. I will be adding and changing that as we go, so you have to check back every once in awhile. That is also where you will find Newbie Graduation information.

I have THE RANKINGS which is a ginormous (i think this word will soon be in Webster' case you  just got lost it is "giant" and "enormous" grouped together. Meaning of the word is something that is giant and enormous. Sentence example: That person's head is girnormous.) pain in the behind but i can't believe how much retail $$ people win.

What I am toying with next, is my dream goal...Real-Time Commentary. I mean yes, i update throughout the day, but I'm thinking I pick one day, or one chunk of time to comment as everyone is you have this blog window open next to your dealdash window and you get my updates and laugh while watching it happen. Like a live feed. It may have to be a twitter type set up, though i am completely against Twitter by principle - ask me how i think twitter is ruining the world and i'll tell you then - maybe i will make one exception for something like this. Or i'm sure someone internet savvy knows how to set it up (tell me pls).

But folks I'm not going to sugarcoat it - I'm not staying up all night or doing this if no one is going be looking at it.  So i am putting up a POLL - if anyone thinks they would follow it, maybe i will pick a day and a time to "Go Live." And if everything thinks that is a dumb idea then i won't waste the time. I already waste enough time watching DealDash.  I'm getting pale again and the only thing worse than a nerd is a pale nerd. I pride myself on being a tanned nerd.  And i am starting to fade...oh the sacrifices i make to provide entertainment....



  1. Hi, how do we send you a note? I have been on DealDash for a long time. I can add to your rankings list. I know many PPP. I don't prefer to post my note here. Thanks.

  2. Hello Anonymous - you can reach me anytime at