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Thursday, July 7, 2011

DealDash 411 - Something's afoot.....

Something fishy is going on again....we saw it once with Cryleew, but cryleew straightened herself out and managed to win a few things. Rigs had taken over the crazy honors, but rigs has kept his head down and has been watching and learning. But now I am concerned now about deepsea71.
Deepsea71 just joined on 7/4, and i can't tell if something is fishy, or deepsea71 is just a full Out of Control Newbie. 
Or possibly an Overconfident Newbie, high off the $10 gift card wins.
Or possibly 71 and grandson johnny set him up on dealdash to kill some time.
Or possibly a Time Hoarder.
Or possibly just a Sore Loser
It is just not clear. Here is why:

I just watched the last 60 bid auction, and tallied the # of bids people used. I did this a) thinking it would be a shorter auction  b) to see if my Newbie Math Moment was justified.

deepsea1 started from the beginning of the auction and Strong-Armed all people bidding against him. he ousted a good 10 people and then settled into a battle against bept9987's bid buddy. Then thisisveryeasy waited a bit and set a bid buddy against deepsea71.

here is where the world turns upside down -
bept9987 used approx. 48 bids before she bailed (which worked out well, because she scored the 80 bid auction minutes later using only 10 bids).
thisisveryeasy  used approx. 56 bids before bailing out. (i use approx. for these numbers because though i was tallying, when the rapid fire moments come it is hard to catch them all).
gbdavis ended up winning by Silent Stalking and setting his bid buddy late in the auction, using only 14 bids to win.
BUT deepsea71 USED A TOTAL OF 118 BIDS TRYING TO WIN THE 60!! At first it seems like maybe he lost count, or really was just a Sore Loser. but almost doubling his loss? That just seemed way out of was painful to watch. Especially because  in the middle of it, he started in on the P.F. Chang's gift card auction, and lost that one too.

See, i knew someone out there needed to read my Newbie Math Moment. I thought that math lesson was easily realized, but maybe it's not....maybe we'll see you around deepsea71 if you stock up on more bids to burn.

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