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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DealDash411: Yet Another Sale and Mnkyluvr68 Makes College Ranking

Yep those are the headlines for today! congrats to Mnkyluvr68 for kicking butt.

And we have another it is "buy 1 get one free", meaning 160 bids for $48. Says max per person is 6,  so we're looking at the potential purchase of 960 bids may be similar to the last sale, where as the sale ends, you can't get all buy early if want full advantage. however, again we are going to see  more courageous DealDashers, now feeling like they can set up some Bid Buddies and really go for the ipad because they don't feel so bad about losing their bids. It's so great how people can justify things to themselves.

I just want to bring one thing to your attention: If you bought 2 - 500 bids for $159 during that sale, and you are going to max out on this sale, 160 bids for $48 and purchase 6 packs, you now have 1960 bids. And you have also now spent $606 purchasing bids, so you can try to get your Ipad at a bargain. JUST remember all you people looking for the just spent $606 of your own money and currently have nothing to show for it. If you get into an epic battle and use all your 1960 bids, that means the auction price must be up there. Let's say $200.00. So you use all your bids which equals $606 and then you pay $200 for your won ipad, + a few bucks for shipping and taxes. So you just OVERPAID for your ipad... in fact you might as well have just bought the stinking ipad at $499 instead of buying bids with that $$. But i know, everyone has dreams of grandeur where they furnish their entire home with computers, tvs, an apple gear, and it only cost them a few bucks......Newbies you must think about this stuff...just because you have 1000 bids now that you got on sale, doesn' t mean you will save money in the still have to play smart and not just set Bid Buddies....



  1. So tried of seeing all of these specials... with that said unfortunately, I will have to wait this wave out too... between FATHER'S Day, July 4th and now this special, I will wait it out. Prices will be high for the item and you are right cost will end up being more than not. So maybe August will be a better month to spend all of my bids I paid FULL PRICE for. URGH!

  2. I hear ya! It really sucks for those who actually have bids that are worth something...What holiday's are there in August? I better investigate...