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Monday, July 25, 2011

Dealdash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: IF you build it, they will come

That's what this new Penny auction site must have used as their mantra while they set up this PA...I just watched and it is intense!! I have a link over in my links section. Feel free to throw me a bone and use me as a referral because i'm broke and you think i'm funny. Might as well throw it out there. Or you can just hate me for even asking you that. Or now that you know my lobster sob story you feel you can relate to me as a person just a little bit more.
Or use this link:

Go watch this debacle of gambling...this is true PA gambling! High Bid Prices, High Stakes wins. Saw our buddy ProtoProtoss over there and i think he just won enough for retirement in the last few hours. he is going to kill it on that site.  I can't say this site is for can easily lose big bucks and get nothing for it. This is like when you are in vegas, and you feel pretty good about playing the quarter slots, so you move up to the $1 slots, and throw in a $20. You do bid 3 because that's where the bigger wins are, and then 6 spins later, or 15 seconds later, you are out $20 bucks, didn't win and now are bummed. So if you go, proceed with caution. have fun at your own risk!  I will always be obsessed with dealDash, because they give you more info to really tell (guess) the story about people. But i may have to throw in a few comments about this site because it is genius and crazy at the same time. Let's make sure ProtoProtoss actually received what he won before doing anything else....

Some one dreamed this one up and heard a voice that said, "If you build it, they will come."

Oh yeah Deal Dash! My first love.  All i can say about to day is, remember back in the day when things went for a penny or two?? i think those days have passed....those kind of auctions don't really start corporate in high fives or doing the wave as they watch the bidding....
Can't you just see it? The Ipad auction goes up on the big screen down at the Deal Dash office, and everyone gets a soda and popcorn and finds a seat in the stadium seating theater to watch the auction.  then they cheer and watch their pockets fill with gold and high five, cheer, do the wave, whatever. And if it goes at a low price, they boo and throw popcorn at the screen and go back to work. I would love it if that's how it really was. Someone remind me to explain what a "Woo" Girl is. Nothing dirty or mean. I promise. I have a mom too. i am a nice person. 



  1. Tina4656!!! You just joined today!! You don't have it all figured out. Out of control Newbie alert for sure. Middle School ranking with chance of staying back another year....
    you can't bid in every single auction Tina4656. Winning $10 gift cards doesn't mean you are really good at DealDash. I only say these things because i care.

  2. Love the idea of this site! I won a 1 oz. Silver Eagle for .25 and about $8 in bids, good return with silver at $40 an oz. I prefer sites with BIN but might have to make an exception here LOL.

  3. Did i miss any Watch LIst people over the weekend??

  4. Proto sure did clean up today on Bidwealth! 3 10 oz bars HOLY COW!!! Plus a few other items...WAY TO GO PROTO!

  5. Tina Tina are in on the Ipad, the phone, the Fish eyes rod & reel with underwater video camera, the 300 bids..this is dangerous play...hopefully you won't burn through all the bids you bought today...

  6. and why is a dehumidifier a MUST HAVE? Why do i only hear people talk about humidifiers, but not dehumidifiers? Is this a Florida thing or something? Excuse my ignorance. Does it actually work?

  7. Hey mnkyluvr68 - you got a nice deal there!
    And i agree anonymous - way to go Proto....

  8. I look away for one second and OKKAMS wins the IPad and Tina4656 disappears...see why i can't play dealdash any more? I can't pay attention to anything long enough. It takes alot of patience and self-discipline.

  9. Thank you all for the congrats! I had a great night for the first 3 bars, but that last one kinda ticked me off. Went a little over 2x retail on a $500+ piece of gold (but I'm still up a good bit on the house). I should have had a decent win, but then some NEW guy decides to jump the auction and throw over 1000+ bids at me after I've already been fighting for it the entire time. Hope he/she learned something about being RUDE and picking conceited sounding names.

  10. ProtoProtoss i saw that battle...and didn't wait around to see the end. But i saw your name in there and i knew you were going to make someone pay...hopefully a lesson was learned! Glad you still came out on top! Give us a shout when you receive your prizes, just to make sure everything is rule!