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Thursday, July 28, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: LADYK!

So I am calmly driving home from work earlier today, stuck in ridiculous traffic, bumper to bumper, listening to an audiobook on my long commute (trust me, it really helps to have something else to pay attention to besides traffic), when suddenly my phone rings. I pause my audiobook, check my phone screen and see it is a Deal Dash friend. So of course i answer and the news I get shocks me!!! The super awesome $900 camera just sold for $.30. Yep, I didn't believe it either. And while my friend goes on and on about how he missed the best camera deal of his life because he was at work and turned around for one minute and when he swiveled back around the auction was DONE. I try numerous times to interrupt his rant and rave about how one of his co-workers must be plotting against him because every time the guy comes over, the auction he was watching ends. I finally get a brief pause to say, "waiiiiitt. who won the auction anyway?" And he says, "LadyK." So I throw a small party in the car  and picture LadyK, wherever she is, staring at her computer saying "Congratulations" and wondering "did that really just happen?" Then maybe there were tears of joy and laughter and then immediate call into the local photography club where they offer classes on how to work a super nice camera.
I soothe my friend with the truth - "dude, if you were going against ladyK, you probably wouldn't have won it anyway."

I know I'm right.
Sweet DD score LadyK!



  1. And by the way - anyone seen that site BIDHULA?? been doing research and i can't find info on whether this site is legit or not....

  2. LOL Thanks DD411... Yes you were correct about one thing... I had my attention on my other screen reading email after I had set my buddy up for the long haul and had a flash come from my left side and quickly looked at the other screen to see that, "Congratulations"...

    and YES -- I did say after a huge amount of laughter... Am I seeing that right?

    Then from another room, because my daughter was watching it too... She starts screaming because I told her that if I won the camera it was hers.

    She even gave me a play by play earlier during the day of: It starts in 4 hours mom, 2 hours mom, 30 mins mom... LOL

    She is the budding photographer in the family with OOOoooodles of classes in college and has tons of photo equipt. But she wanted this Nikon and Mom has to do what a Mom has to do to please the little ones... Even though my littlest one is 19...

    Needless to say it was a fabulous win and I'm very pleased that I didn't have to sit hours upon hours bidding on this great item... 8)

  3. Well your daughter is stoked! You are an awesome mom. Would you be my mom LadyK? I need stuff too.....

  4. Giggle... Sure no problem.. So what does my little DD411 want off of DealDash...? 8)

  5. Congrats LadyK! The kids will always be "little ones" LOL. Mine is 21 and I win a lot of stuff for him too :) CRAZY deal on the camera!!! Love to see the locals (as drummer would say) score like that!