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Friday, July 1, 2011

DealDash 411 - The Newbie's List

I've mentioned a few of the Out of Control Newbies who have popped up for this holiday weekend. Does anyone know if the 50% off deal was offered to everyone? that's what i assume, so we have Out of Control Newbies with double the bids they normally have. Bad combination.
We've seen
I'm not going to give the MATH FOR NEWBIES lesson right now, but i hope 7/1 joiner IDONTQUIT66 has done some math..he's been involved in some battles, including the Apply TV right now. He's battling another 6/27 4 day old Newbie 2stupid2stop. You know our poll talks about how the UserName affects game play. I can't tell if 2stupid2stop is a genius name or an accurate name. I see that UserName and i do think he probably is 2stupid2stop

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