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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DealDash 411 Strategies, Tips, Hints: Out of Control Newbie Alert!

I'm putting brand new Player Jazz6 on the Out of Control Newbie List...this player is throwing bids down on 3-4 running auctions, some of which have some big time players involved, like LadyK, Pennywiser, faeryranger. Didn't your mom and dad teach you that bids don't grow on trees? Jazz6 is going to have to burn out soon..if not, he may burn out his credit card really soon.
let us watch.



  1. DD411 is NOT surprised to see LadyK win the tablet and Pennywiser to win the shouldn't be surprised either....

  2. First off let me say I love reading your commentary on DD.. WTG!!! Next obviously I was really bored today because it was raining and I had nothing better to do... LOL I just wanted some playtime as I have been sitting on the bench waiting for all the fix's to get done... Faery I guess really wanted that $359 laptop so bad that I decided that $40 was a good round number to stop and let her have it for. BIN and getting those bids back will just let me win it later CHEAPER.... anyone who does not like that I'm just playin around can just put their big girl panties on and deal with it...LOL I love DD and when I'm "IN-PLAY" it's because I do want the item up for grabs! If I am being run too hard - I'll just go for a round number and then back out and come back another day letting the one who THINKS they have pants on is gonna make me scatter.... AhahahahahAhahahaha! Little do they know!!!! What a fun afternoon this was... Enjoyied myself... Until the next day that I get bored... Keep up the good work 411 I enjoy reading you on a daily basis! ~ Lady

  3. Hey Lady - Thanks for checking the blog. You clearly rule out there on DealDash and I love how you toy with people! It's so good!