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Friday, July 8, 2011

Houston, we have a problem.....

Hopefully the brains at Deal Dash are running around like crazy NASA people trying to get the shuttle back on track...

"Deal Dash, we have a problem. The flux capacitor has exploded, severely damaging the electrical system. We believe Serpiente and damaged teflon insulation allowed the wires to short-circuit and ignite. The Bid Buddies are down. I repeat, the Bid Buddies are down. We must find a way get the carbon Dioxide out, keep the heat shield intact, and track auction wins,  or we won't make it. We don't want to look like Arnold and that chick in Final Recall when they land outside in space and there is no oxygen to breathe and their faces start looking funky. I believe we need 1.21 jigawatts to get the flux capacitor back on track and restart all major systems. Here is what we have to work with: A kitchen Aid 3 quart mixer, some ray ban sunglasses, a snow cone maker, three socks, and a Target Gift Card. Oh and typey graciously offered up his pack of AA Batteries.  Put those NASA brains together and figure out how we can use these items to get us to 88 mph. Wake up Drummerboy and get him here asap. We need his brain."
 p.s. Einstein says hi."


  1. Oh and don't worry. I think that is the actual quote. I got it off Wikipedia. And if it is on the internet, it must be true.

  2. Is anyone's Deal Dash working normally yet?

  3. You are tooo kind 411.
    sorry I could not help out, but DD had been removed from my bookmarks.

    It was an official/un-official retirement from the likes of DD! Too many NOOBS, wreaking riddiculous havoc on the site.

    Not saying that they are not still destroying my once favorite site...just calmed down a tad ;)