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Saturday, July 2, 2011

DealDash 411 - Morning Recap - The Good News and The Bad News

Bad News - joeddot scooped up some nice items at a low auction price (that's bad news for us, good news for him). $.07 for 40 bids? It's a steal.
Good News - Joe hit his under $200 limit of 6, so hopefully he'll be enjoying the weekend. We'll see when he shows up again (approx), and see when his limit resets. (So, yes joe, you are right. This isn't good news for you. We'll catch you later).

Some usual names were on the win list:

BabyFidgette will be taking us all out to P.F. Chang's this weekend which is awesome because i haven't been there for awhile. Order me some Crab Wontons - I'll meet you there.
Cryleew would also come and video the wonderful dinner, but she already committed her camcorder to joeddot who wants to document his hedge trimming.

MyPreciouS showed up early a.m. to score a fondue set for Frodo and the guys

bidingaddict beat out 1happydog for a Home Depot Gift Card and 40 bids (i think if it had been a PETCO card, results may have been different..."hit the button! keep hitting the button!" Obviously a family is working the mouse for the dog. Dogs can't use a mouse, duh). BidingAddict, you won fair and square $.42...but i'm a sucker and i feel bad for 1happydog. Now he is 1saddog, and dogs aren't supposed to be sad. I'm sure he'll eat some poop and be 1happydog again. Maybe someone should have a UserName of supercutepuppy....then everyone says "Awwwwwwww" and thinks warm and happy thoughts of puppies and ice cream and you don't want to take down the super cute little DealDash puppy. Maybe Owen's Monkey would, but that's just the survival instinct.


  1. 1happydog is back and bidding! Don't worry all is now ok in the universe. The universe can't handle it when dogs aren't happy. It's just wrong.

  2. 1happydog just won 80 bids! Hope the math worked out on that one buddy. Now stop chasing your tail and focus on DealDash.

  3. So i go to eat some breakfast and come back to find that HowardRoth a newbie from TODAY scored one of those electric shavers for $.17. He may be overconfident for the rest of the day.
    And Roboat got some knives for $.09.
    Drummer boy I was going to ask you if you were going to go for that KitchenAid Mixer and hook your mom up again, but then i checked and you already won that one!
    Newbie HowardRoth pay attention here...the elite DealDashers WILL get what they don't get too comfortable with your game...

  4. And SORELOSER! Thanks again for the continued shout-outs! I appreciate it!!

  5. LOL.....Yep, momDB already got that one!
    After winning over 380 DD auctions, of course I remember the big ones....but the mixer auction, I remember that one like it was yesterday!
    Lets just say it involved my now Xgf and lets just say she was not very fond of my PA hobby, and that 1 sealed the "X" deal.... ; )

    By the way, one more $200+ win and I hit my limit for the week! YEEEE HAAAAA!!!

  6. drummerboy you are awesome! Oh my gosh i can't believe the mixer was such much more than just a mixer! it was a life moment! Great job on hitting your limit! you are a great player!

  7. BTW - Thanks 411!

    You know ur comments are always appreciated with DB!
    Yes, the mixer.... It was quite funny actually, as she bitched EVVVVV ERRRR RRRY (3 SYL AGAIN ;) I logged into any site!
    But then I told her I would win it for her. Well, I ended up trading it for amazon credit and the rest as they IS HISTORY!

    drummJERK ;)