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Friday, July 8, 2011

DD411 - Strategy #2 - Time Hoarding

Have you realized yet that there is a clock at the bottom of your screen, counting the number of seconds that you have been the highest bidder?As you climb the Levels, you start to claim 40 + bids that you can use to start stockpiling bids. If you are picking smaller items to flip, you could rack up some highest bidder time, and it may be worth it to get yourself to the next level and claim those bids. You can use a faux-intimidation strategy and immediately bid after someone to keep yourself as the highest bidder. That way you are maximizing each bid you use. Use this to your advantage.

BUT, also watch people are using the TIME-HOARDING strategy too. If you find that you are playing the Slow and Steady Game or using Bid Buddy, and GAMERx, immediately bids after your bid buddy kicks in, he is getting the 20-30 second countdown added to his highest bidder clock. Your Bid Buddy kicks in at 4 seconds. You've now spent a bid - to maximize this bid, you want to try to at least get 20 - 30 seconds added to your highest bidder clock. If you only get 1 second, you aren't maximizing each bid. In this situation, really consider how invested you are and how important the item is to you. You don't necessarily need to abandon. Just be aware. Turn off the bid-buddy and see if you can get some other players to jump in to the auction and save your Bids.



  1. survivorman1 and serpiente pretty much cleaned up last night while we all got our beauty sleep. They scored great items at low auction prices. WE were happy to see that typeurnamehere, our college student Deal Dasher scored some batteries. Start small!

    I remember back in the day when having extra batteries around the house was a matter of life and death. Your walkman? God forbid that runs out of batteries. Your Discman? That thing would eat 4 AA Batteries like they were nothing. Your G.I. Joe walkie- talkies needed those square batteries to work. RC cars, RC boats - the cheaper ones needed a grip of batteries in the remote control and car just to get it going for 10 minutes. Maybe your Weebles didn't need batteries but your flipping dog sure did. You don't remember running through the house throwing open drawers yelling "mom, dad do we have any AA batteries? I can't live without my walkman!"

    For those super young people, a walkman is this nifty little thing we had before cds, discmans, and ipods. You put this thing called a cassette tape in it and you could hear music. It was genius.

  2. DD411,

    Batteries are amazingly useful in college! Thanks for the shoutout...APA isn't showing it, but I won some Amazon gift cards and bid packages a while back too (beginner's luck I suppose!)

    Walkmans were good stuff. I used to steal it from my brother all the time!


  3. typey keep up with the wins...get yourself a sweet computer for next year. I'll dig through my house and find my old walkman and send it to you. Mine was really modern and had the "auto-reverse" function. hahaha...thanks for reading!!

  4. Is Deal Dash half frozen for everyone else? Are they "checking"on 1/2 the auctions?

  5. Seems like it's frozen...BidBuddies are apparently not working for some people either. Still not fixed!


  6. Looks like the 2nd page is working.