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Thursday, July 21, 2011

DealDash411: Tips, Hints, Strategies - Yeah, is still coming...

I know the awesome post i promised is not up yet but it is in can't rush perfection. Although now i feel like i completely built it up so no matter what the post is it will never live up to your expectations. So maybe i should cancel it.  I'm considering.

Meanwhile, can we say the chaos has started? So many people with buffed up confidence now that they have their 500-1500 bids....they head into those auctions like top dog and then the Ipad goes for over $200.  So some Newbies have popped up , but really, it is mostly some usuals out there....seems to be the recently graduated Newbies and JV team who bought those 1500 bids that are going a little bit cra-zy right now. No patience. Patient strategic players are letting the frenzy slow down a bit...DD411 is considering a new category for players....something to encompass the Sale Bid -Out of Control Player...Here is what i thinking. Let's see if it sticks.

Newbies are like the middle school football team - everyone makes it. Or it is like the fun leagues where everyone gets a trophy even if they rode the pine.

So, Graduated Newbies are like the JV team - They made the first real they think they they are soooo cool.  They are a bit cocky, a bit showy and think they know everything.
    Some current examples of this :

The Players who have developed strategies are like the Varsity Team. They have a reason to feel confident because their abilities speak for themselves.
       Examples:  istylem23
The consistent winners who have played Deal dash for a long time and win a lot of cool things are like the high school stars that went on to play in College.
       Examples: remysmom

And then the elite of the elite go to the NFL, MLB NHL and rule. Or like the PPP - ProPennyPlayer.
      Like:    The Beefers (i always have so much to say about the Beefers...i'll save it for later).

Yeah i could see myself calling people out as JV team or maybe even intramural team....



  1. Ok. i have another issue. This time it is with TVB78. HIs About Me is a sob story about having lost their job and need help to survive. I have full sympathy for people struggling out there in the world - I know what it is like to lose a job (you are probably thinking - obviously, how do you hold a job if you watch deal dash all day).....but when i'm hurting for cash, the LAST place you will find me is spending money on DEALDASH!! Let alone bidding on the"chic Black/White Woven SHoulder Bag!" I guess if it were a target gift card or something, but come on....when i live paycheck to paycheck (yes sometimes i get one) i'm not bidding on Xboxes and Panini Makers.

    If you are truly in dire straights, good luck to you TVB78. But get off DealDash then!! Or you are caught and we can see right through you....

  2. How bummed to you think ItsMINEnow is that bidingaddict got her ipad for 17.23 and he had to wait all day and pay $229.83? Just wondering

  3. Not sure, but if I were him I would've waited until it looked like I was going to win then just bought out. 2k+ bids + 230.00 on TOP of it? Nope... not me sir.

  4. Bummer...I didn't even make the JV team LOL! Good luck everyone and thanks DD411 for the much needed distraction ;)

  5. Mnkyluv68 - You are for sure not in middle school. Those were just some examples...At this point I would think you are a senior in high school on Varsity, and you just Aced the SATs (do they even still have SATs anymore? did they change the scoring system again? So hard to keep track of).

  6. Hey ProtoProtoss - I some point on that ipad you've got to make the tough call to bail and buy or suck it up...I'm following this ridiculous Ipad auction on SaveBig and it is at $314....Though that website is ridiculous so I guess i am not surprised.