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Saturday, July 30, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: THE Penny Auction Dilemma

Here is your current update....people are overbidding.

Ok so now that your update is out of the way, I'm moving on.

Deal Dash and penny auction sites present the challenging questions. I am currently presented with one of these dilemmas. Here is the situation:

There is nothing worse (ya, i know there probably is, but let's go with it) than having to spend hard earned money on a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner! There is absolutely nothing cool, and exciting and fun about having to get a a new vacuum. In fact, all you really are doing, is willingly spending money on something that leads to something else we all dread. Actually vacuuming. I just don't like it. It is boring, smells funny, and I'm convinced it doesn't really do that much anyway except make pretty track marks. You know as long as the vacuum makes track marks, it seems to make everyone feel that it is doing its job.

So besides the fact that i have to spend hard earned money on a new vacuum cleaner, i have the classic PA dilemma: I actually NEED a vacuum cleaner, so should i wait for one to show up on DealDash? Now i know why people are all over those auctions. No one wants to spend money on a vacuum. So do i throw my hat in the ring and go for it using the Buy It Now Fallback Strategy for last resort?? On the surface this seems like a perfect opportunity for a penny auction. Worst case scenario is i buy a full price vacuum. So at first i feel like i could have a justified reason to play in a PA.

But really, vacuum cleaners are way more complicated than that. This is one of those items that you have to do some research, read some reviews, and really figure out the best way to maximize your dollar.
I could wait for a Roomba Auction to show up, but really, that thing is weird. i don't like it just roaming around the house doing stuff.  And it reminds me of that movie "Batteries Not Included." You know the one with the nice old Cocoon people and their building? Those little dudes were like little friends, and they had baby robots and everyone lived happily ever after. But those little guys were way cooler than a Roomba. A roomba is weirdly mindless but active.

So I could take the gamble in a penny auction, hope to get a good deal, and not be upset after i pay super high retail price for a vacuum that is going to break in 3 months. Don't they all??? And i read all this info and by the time i read the reviews i'm convinced that if i don't have the super duper HEPA filter Delux, then i might as well just toss dust up in the air and continuously breathe it in. But then those stinking HEPA replacement bags are like $50!
I would love the ferrari of vacuum cleaners- The Dyson. But that thing is so stinking expensive i have to take a 2nd mortgage out on my house to own one.
So when faced with the vacuum penny auction dilemma, though it seems like an opportune time to go for an item i NEED,  i think i am going to Target to get something in the $60 range. oh well.


Friday, July 29, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: BIG Terminology Change

I'm making an official terminology change in the world of Penny Auctions!!! (i guess official means the DD411 official world but whatever).

I see alot of the term "jumping" and "jumpers." This is the term alot of players use to describe the players who wait until the auction price is fairly high and two people are battling it out. They have already placed hundreds of bids on the item and then  someone joins in trying to win off just a few bids for a steal.

This seems to be the #1 Strategy of Newbies when they join Dealdash. The last week or so had been teeming with the players who like to jump in $10 into the auction, and want to throw 5 bids out and win. I know the more experienced players hate this. But, just in the last few months you can see the tables have turned, and the some-what civilized world of PAs is gone.  It is going to be one of those things that you say that makes no sense to anyone living in present times.
For example, try saying "when i was growing up, we didn't have cell phones. Or i did, but it was emergencies only and was the size of a thick wallet. And you had to pull the antenna up." (remember that little bit? pulling up your antenna? ah the old days...). You know you have said that to the 11 year old kid who has been playing games and texting for the last 20 minutes while in line for the movie.  And they usually look at you like you are some kind of alien, because it must have been some alien land if there were no cell phones. Or they are a bit more wise, and they politely smile, while inside they just feeling bad for you because your childhood must have been awful.
 I'm not that old, but old enough that internet, computers and cell phones were slowly getting better and better and more widely used. But they barely existed when i was kid. Well, the  PA world changing is just no different...this is the New School way of playing - this "jumping" strategy and crazy Newbie bidding.
The friendly small town that was the DealDash of the past, is long gone, with only your memories to keep it alive.  Newbies won't even believe you when you talk about PA etiquette,  and unspoken rules of respect.  They will just laugh, flip you the bird and drive off in their revved up Civic with that super loud exhaust pipe they put on it.

GOT CARRIED AWAY, YET AGAIN. My point here is, that i am going to also break any unspoken rules and terms. Because i don't think "jumper" really describes this type of player correctly. We need a more modern term to describe this type of player.

So i want to officially use the word "HOP-ON."  See -  you have to watch out for "hop-ons". If you know where this reference came from, i have no doubt you will agree this term better describes the people who let others do the legwork and then "hop on" at the end to try to get a free ride.
If you aren't sure where hop-ons came from, your one clue is the stair car.
 I want to start using a new term. It not only better describes the action but has an origin that can't be rivaled.

I will be using the term Hop-On alot in upcoming posts.  If you know this word, i love you. If you know the phrase "watch out for hop-ons" then you are my hero.  And again, for everyone else, it has to do with staircars and it would be of great benefit to you in general to find it's more recent source.

SEE COMMENTS FOR MORE UPDATES - most likely with alot of hop-on news.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: LADYK!

So I am calmly driving home from work earlier today, stuck in ridiculous traffic, bumper to bumper, listening to an audiobook on my long commute (trust me, it really helps to have something else to pay attention to besides traffic), when suddenly my phone rings. I pause my audiobook, check my phone screen and see it is a Deal Dash friend. So of course i answer and the news I get shocks me!!! The super awesome $900 camera just sold for $.30. Yep, I didn't believe it either. And while my friend goes on and on about how he missed the best camera deal of his life because he was at work and turned around for one minute and when he swiveled back around the auction was DONE. I try numerous times to interrupt his rant and rave about how one of his co-workers must be plotting against him because every time the guy comes over, the auction he was watching ends. I finally get a brief pause to say, "waiiiiitt. who won the auction anyway?" And he says, "LadyK." So I throw a small party in the car  and picture LadyK, wherever she is, staring at her computer saying "Congratulations" and wondering "did that really just happen?" Then maybe there were tears of joy and laughter and then immediate call into the local photography club where they offer classes on how to work a super nice camera.
I soothe my friend with the truth - "dude, if you were going against ladyK, you probably wouldn't have won it anyway."

I know I'm right.
Sweet DD score LadyK!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dealdash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: Don't Worry Everyone! I've Gotten Hold of the Master DD Holiday Special Calendar!

Don't worry, I've got it handled. Everyone is so sick of these specials and sales for DD bids that Deal Dash isn't becoming very fun any more. Well, I have gotten hold of the "offiicial" holidays in August list, because i think DD may try to celebrate as many of  these as possible, so they have reasons for more bid sales!

 Here is what we are in store for:

Chinese Valentine's Day/Daughter's Day - 7th day of 7th Lunar Month
DD411: really? now this is getting silly.
Friendship Day - First Sunday in August
International Forgiveness Day - First Sunday in August
Sisters Day - First Sunday in August
 DD411: i don't even want to KNOW why or how this came about. 
DD411 - PA players don't have time for books.
14/15 V-J Day 
22 National Tooth Fairy Day - and/or February 28

Good grief! We are just screwed in the month of august with so many things DD may celebrate! FYI, if i don't blog on August 28th, it is only because i had to take my mouse out to the races. He has been bugging me and bugging me for weeks now, so i have to let him race. 


DealDash411: Yet Another Sale and Mnkyluvr68 Makes College Ranking

Yep those are the headlines for today! congrats to Mnkyluvr68 for kicking butt.

And we have another it is "buy 1 get one free", meaning 160 bids for $48. Says max per person is 6,  so we're looking at the potential purchase of 960 bids may be similar to the last sale, where as the sale ends, you can't get all buy early if want full advantage. however, again we are going to see  more courageous DealDashers, now feeling like they can set up some Bid Buddies and really go for the ipad because they don't feel so bad about losing their bids. It's so great how people can justify things to themselves.

I just want to bring one thing to your attention: If you bought 2 - 500 bids for $159 during that sale, and you are going to max out on this sale, 160 bids for $48 and purchase 6 packs, you now have 1960 bids. And you have also now spent $606 purchasing bids, so you can try to get your Ipad at a bargain. JUST remember all you people looking for the just spent $606 of your own money and currently have nothing to show for it. If you get into an epic battle and use all your 1960 bids, that means the auction price must be up there. Let's say $200.00. So you use all your bids which equals $606 and then you pay $200 for your won ipad, + a few bucks for shipping and taxes. So you just OVERPAID for your ipad... in fact you might as well have just bought the stinking ipad at $499 instead of buying bids with that $$. But i know, everyone has dreams of grandeur where they furnish their entire home with computers, tvs, an apple gear, and it only cost them a few bucks......Newbies you must think about this stuff...just because you have 1000 bids now that you got on sale, doesn' t mean you will save money in the still have to play smart and not just set Bid Buddies....


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: Just before i sign off....

I'm sorry to abandon all you players who will be bidding all night. I'm thinking i need to post something very entertaining right before i crash so the nightcrawlers have some stuff to read....

Anyway, my last comment is about this new Bidwealth it had a great launch on monday as we know, and people like ProtoProtossPscored big wins. However i just checked the line up for tomorrow, and so far there are no high priced items on there like there were on either they wanted everyone to be dazzled by the bid items they were auctioning, and now they will be few and far between, or they realized they didn't make enough money on Monday to break even on all the high priced auctions, so they want people to battle for lower price items...I get it. They could be acting business savvy, but we'll have to see how tomorrow goes and then Friday...very intriguing.

Anyone have any thoughts? I am very curious to about this site. I know, i know this is the DealDash site. I will probably move my Bidwealth commentary to its own page...that will be a very serious kind of commentary. For a very serious PA.  I feel like when there are gold bars on the line most people's sense of humor disappears. We will find out.

Meanwhile, have great auctions tonight DealDashers...i really like that Android Tablet so if anyone wants to win that for me i'll be your best friend......


DealDash411: Mnkyluvr68, are you having a barbecue?

Are we all invited?? You scored those ginzu knives and then that barbecue set...sounds like summer barbecue time to me...And you can put your new internet viewer right next to the bbq so you can stay on top of all the world happenings or watch America's Funniest Home Videos. LadyK put in some good Dealdash time...

Hey Mnkuluvr68...maybe you need some pringles and some switch soda for the bbq.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Dealdash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: IF you build it, they will come

That's what this new Penny auction site must have used as their mantra while they set up this PA...I just watched and it is intense!! I have a link over in my links section. Feel free to throw me a bone and use me as a referral because i'm broke and you think i'm funny. Might as well throw it out there. Or you can just hate me for even asking you that. Or now that you know my lobster sob story you feel you can relate to me as a person just a little bit more.
Or use this link:

Go watch this debacle of gambling...this is true PA gambling! High Bid Prices, High Stakes wins. Saw our buddy ProtoProtoss over there and i think he just won enough for retirement in the last few hours. he is going to kill it on that site.  I can't say this site is for can easily lose big bucks and get nothing for it. This is like when you are in vegas, and you feel pretty good about playing the quarter slots, so you move up to the $1 slots, and throw in a $20. You do bid 3 because that's where the bigger wins are, and then 6 spins later, or 15 seconds later, you are out $20 bucks, didn't win and now are bummed. So if you go, proceed with caution. have fun at your own risk!  I will always be obsessed with dealDash, because they give you more info to really tell (guess) the story about people. But i may have to throw in a few comments about this site because it is genius and crazy at the same time. Let's make sure ProtoProtoss actually received what he won before doing anything else....

Some one dreamed this one up and heard a voice that said, "If you build it, they will come."

Oh yeah Deal Dash! My first love.  All i can say about to day is, remember back in the day when things went for a penny or two?? i think those days have passed....those kind of auctions don't really start corporate in high fives or doing the wave as they watch the bidding....
Can't you just see it? The Ipad auction goes up on the big screen down at the Deal Dash office, and everyone gets a soda and popcorn and finds a seat in the stadium seating theater to watch the auction.  then they cheer and watch their pockets fill with gold and high five, cheer, do the wave, whatever. And if it goes at a low price, they boo and throw popcorn at the screen and go back to work. I would love it if that's how it really was. Someone remind me to explain what a "Woo" Girl is. Nothing dirty or mean. I promise. I have a mom too. i am a nice person. 


Sunday, July 24, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: Lobsters

Ok I know DealDash has been going all day and very exciting things have probably happened every second, but i am too distracted right now to comment. On my last post, i talked about the Lobster Lab I used to have. I joke around a ton, but let me tell you, on this i am being completely serious, though it sounds ridiculous. I had a lobster lab. I think it was out for sale for maybe 2 seconds but i got one.
Here is the ONLY picture i could find of one, and no that is not me in the picture. That is some random girl in a random photo.

See it was REAL. That is the lobster condominium. They actually mailed you little baby blue lobsters in petri dishes to put in your condominium. There were 9 little compartments for your 9 baby lobsters. And you were supposed to name them, feed them and watch as they molt and grow and then mail them back to be released in the wild. I was just a sounded totally legit...

All was good until the condominium filter system leaked all over the place, and until the lobsters climbed over their little walls and ate each other. It was really traumatizing for a kid. And some escaped and i would find them dead after making a run for it...all in all, good try, but finally my parents took it away because it was just too upsetting for a kid. See i'm scarred for life. Now you know why i'm a little bit off. All it takes is that one moment when you are a kid....
Someone please tell me you had a lobster lab, heard of it, or had a friend that had one...

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: OVER IT

I'm officially retiring THE RANKINGS after 2 weeks. I've deliberated and come to the conclusion that no one probably cares that much, and if they did, they can go elsewhere to get more info. Am I right? i think i am right. So my time spent ratio to usage is not working out. It takes too long and strangely enough, i think my time can be spent doing something else more productive. So i know, shed a few tears if need be. I know two weeks is along time to be used to something and have it just suddenly disappear...

And i want to thank the person who voted on my poll for "you aren't THAT entertaining." I truly love honesty and the fact that you took the extra second out of your day to give me your opinion is cool. Most people in this world don't find me that funny. This is nothing new.

Meanwhile, my new favorite User Name is a Newbie who signed up yesterday...Loveslobsters....
On the honesty note of this morning, i truly love that this guy shared his love of lobsters with the world of DealDash.

Side note - did anyone ever have that thing called "The Lobster Lab" when you were growing up??? You have to tell me if you did....someone else must have tried to raise baby lobsters in the lobster condominium besides me....anyone??


Saturday, July 23, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: Really?

Bingosock and Scooter2, we have to talk.
 Ok you guys battled back and forth over the Ginzu knives, just a moment ago. Bingosock, at one point you put on your BidBuddy, and Scooter2 started Time Hoarding and using intimidation tactics, and you let him do his thing.  But then Scooter2 you were also in the midst of battling for the AMC movie theater card, so maybe you were just momentarily distracted, or maybe it is because you just joined yesterday so you are an Over-excited Newbie or I don't know! But you all let iwillwinn123 sneak in with one bid and win the whole auction! That kind of lucky moment for iwillwinn123 may plunge him into a continual strategy of Silent Stalking ...Anyway, i am disappointed. iwillwinn123 - the stars just aligned for you on that one. Enjoy having Ginzu knives. They have a lifetime guarantee. I wonder where the fine print is on that one...what is their definition of a "lifetime?" A human lifetime? so like 70-90 years? Or if you are 50, does it only mean you have 20-40 years of guarantee? Or can you pass to your kids and they get to have them for the rest of the 50-70 years? I'm not sure i can trust something as vague as a "lifetime." What if it is based on the lifetime of a goldfish? It could last 3 days  and the kids will be crying, or it could last 3 years (rest in peace, my little Asterik). [tangent! - if i had stuff to give away, i would totally send prizes to the people who get some of my unusual references. But i don't. Unless you want my ginzu knives after the lifetime guarantee runs out.  end tangent].
It's like the really great deal that you hear on the radio, and there is maybe one actual real person who fits all the little points they have after it. "Yeah everyone can win a free car! You just have to prove you had a fish named Asterik!" So i guess i would have won, but everyone else is just annoyed. People want a great deal. That's why they DealDash.

You know, maybe i will think of some type of reward for anyone who responds naming a reference in my blog and where it came from...I've had some good ones in the past. Those still count too. Someone take on this challenge. It will be great.


Friday, July 22, 2011

DealDash 411 Strategies, Tips, Hints: Added For Your Enjoyment...

As always, i try to provide entertainment while you sit there watching your BidBuddy tick off bids. I can't play DealDash because i have no patience. i was the one who would get up for 2 seconds to go do something or look at something and lose the auction. So many times. So now i just talk about it.
And i seriously can't stay up all night any more. Maybe in my youth. BUT, I'm going to post a poll to see if  my next idea is any good.

But first let's recap the wonders that are DD411:
The Watch List - not only informative but a quick guide to bid winners.
Strategies, Patterns, Tips - No one can tell you how to win while gambling...but they can give you ways to increase your odds.

BUT, I've added a few things other things that you may not have seen yet:

The DEALDASHERS - is my new and improved players list. Not everyone is on there, but you have to earn a spot on there. The REAL addition is my Pronunciation Log. Some of these User Names are not so brain friendly and so we all create nicknames (can you say "Beefer?"). If you have any Usernames that you need to know how to pronounce, please allow me to provide the answer.

I've also added the "Where Do You Rank" list, outlining my new concept of DealDashers vs Sport team levels. I will be adding and changing that as we go, so you have to check back every once in awhile. That is also where you will find Newbie Graduation information.

I have THE RANKINGS which is a ginormous (i think this word will soon be in Webster' case you  just got lost it is "giant" and "enormous" grouped together. Meaning of the word is something that is giant and enormous. Sentence example: That person's head is girnormous.) pain in the behind but i can't believe how much retail $$ people win.

What I am toying with next, is my dream goal...Real-Time Commentary. I mean yes, i update throughout the day, but I'm thinking I pick one day, or one chunk of time to comment as everyone is you have this blog window open next to your dealdash window and you get my updates and laugh while watching it happen. Like a live feed. It may have to be a twitter type set up, though i am completely against Twitter by principle - ask me how i think twitter is ruining the world and i'll tell you then - maybe i will make one exception for something like this. Or i'm sure someone internet savvy knows how to set it up (tell me pls).

But folks I'm not going to sugarcoat it - I'm not staying up all night or doing this if no one is going be looking at it.  So i am putting up a POLL - if anyone thinks they would follow it, maybe i will pick a day and a time to "Go Live." And if everything thinks that is a dumb idea then i won't waste the time. I already waste enough time watching DealDash.  I'm getting pale again and the only thing worse than a nerd is a pale nerd. I pride myself on being a tanned nerd.  And i am starting to fade...oh the sacrifices i make to provide entertainment....


DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: The IPAD Dilemma - When do you say when?

Yesterday we had an Ipad up for auction and....
[tangent beginning - see 1st comment below for the tangent. If you are over it, keep reading].

ItsMINEnow won the Ipad auction at $229.83.  Let's do the math:

We are going to make alot of assumptions - i warn you in advance.

Assumption #1 - ItsMINEnow's bids are worth .31 because he bought them from sales.
Assumption #2 - He put 3% of the 22,983 bids into the auction (max he could have put is 11,491, and minimum is 1 bid but no rational person would ever put that many bids in.  So we will just say he put in 689 bids.

689 x $.31 = $213.59 worth of bids
$213.59 + $229.83 = $443.42 for the Ipad

$699 - $443.42  = $255.58 savings.

So,  either
1) he wanted an ipad at a discount no matter what it took, and he saved $255.58, so he walks away happy, because he had fun staying up all night gambling for his win.
2) If he wanted to continue playing on DealDash, he could have done Buy It Now, paid the extra few hundred but got back 689 bids to go get something else at a bigger deal, AND he would also  had to accept (don't even get me started on "accept" vs "except") the fact that he would be paying Inflated Retail prices, but again, he had fun playing DealDash and still has an Ipad. And chance to get back in the game. Hence, The Buy It Now Fallback Strategy.

We don't know ItsMINEnow's game plan so we can't judge.  I tried to get into his brain and knocked, but no one was home. But we can learn.

LESSON #1 - For those who really just want an Ipad, and are hesitant to gamble on getting one, just GO  to the stinking Apple Store and buy the same one at $499 and get their AppleCare Protection Plan just in case your dog pees on your Ipad (note they probably don't cover this). Or get  more for your buck with the 64GB at the $699 price.

It is still a can take your chances and throw the dice hoping auction doesn't end up at $200+, but be prepared for the consequence. Or you may luck out and pay $18 bucks for it with minimal bids.  Or you may end up saving just a little, or bailing and going Buy In Now to overpay but minimize DealDash account damage.

For more info on The Buy It Now Fallback Strategy, see past post on 6/24.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

DealDash411: Tips, Hints, Strategies - Yeah, is still coming...

I know the awesome post i promised is not up yet but it is in can't rush perfection. Although now i feel like i completely built it up so no matter what the post is it will never live up to your expectations. So maybe i should cancel it.  I'm considering.

Meanwhile, can we say the chaos has started? So many people with buffed up confidence now that they have their 500-1500 bids....they head into those auctions like top dog and then the Ipad goes for over $200.  So some Newbies have popped up , but really, it is mostly some usuals out there....seems to be the recently graduated Newbies and JV team who bought those 1500 bids that are going a little bit cra-zy right now. No patience. Patient strategic players are letting the frenzy slow down a bit...DD411 is considering a new category for players....something to encompass the Sale Bid -Out of Control Player...Here is what i thinking. Let's see if it sticks.

Newbies are like the middle school football team - everyone makes it. Or it is like the fun leagues where everyone gets a trophy even if they rode the pine.

So, Graduated Newbies are like the JV team - They made the first real they think they they are soooo cool.  They are a bit cocky, a bit showy and think they know everything.
    Some current examples of this :

The Players who have developed strategies are like the Varsity Team. They have a reason to feel confident because their abilities speak for themselves.
       Examples:  istylem23
The consistent winners who have played Deal dash for a long time and win a lot of cool things are like the high school stars that went on to play in College.
       Examples: remysmom

And then the elite of the elite go to the NFL, MLB NHL and rule. Or like the PPP - ProPennyPlayer.
      Like:    The Beefers (i always have so much to say about the Beefers...i'll save it for later).

Yeah i could see myself calling people out as JV team or maybe even intramural team....


DealDash411: Tips, Hints, Strategies - Congratulations DuchellaBella - You've graduated!

DD411 is formally graduating duchellabella from newbie to regular player...she has proven that she is not crazy and out of control, and has won some great prizes along the way. And, i like her About Me (ok normally right here i would say there was a spelling error in the About Me...but i like duchellabella so i was going to let it slide so i am not super annoying, but i guess i just said it).

I have a great post coming down the line today regarding the sale and nonsense from the sale DD had yesterday, but I have to go handle please check back. it's gonna be good!

(also, recall when i said that i purposely make incorrect grammar and spelling lowercase "i" and using the word "gonna." i was trying to get an emotion across through email, which we know can be difficult. So don't call me a grammar hypocrite. or actually you can do want you want).


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dealdash 411 Tips, hints, strategies: Here We Go Again

No not the whitesnake song. that is here "I" go again. This is a collective group. Meaning all DealDashers...incoming Newbie alert....

max is quantity of 3, so we are looking at people with 1500 bids!! I have to give it to Deal Dash....they are in this to make some big bucks. But now we have to wade through the Newbie craziness and let things settle. Oh it will be fun though! Plenty for me to say! So, i think on that note, I will formally begin my Newbie Graduation Program. This is where i allow Out Of Control Newbies to redeem themselves and potentially graduate them to normal player status with strategy. But all Newbies off this next sale are starting as Over-Confident or Out of Control Newbies unless I say otherwise!

Lastly, you all have to help me out here....check this out on SaveBig....Am i missing something??? Am i the moron here??? Please look at this and let me know what i am missing. it is just too ridiculous.
 Check out the newest post here: The Penny Auction Forecast.
Please. I need someone else to weigh in on this....


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DealDash 411 Strategies, Tips, Hints: About ME section

The new ABOUT ME section. So as you know, the shout-out days are over and they have been replaced with the ABout Me statement. Everyone seems to be using this in ways reflective of their personalities, or what they want us to think about their personalities.

We have the "honest, likeable,  just want to connect with people" person.
      These are the people who really are retired, or a nurse, or love to travel and are not creating an internet persona. They are really describing a little bit about themselves. They are nice and innocent. You just want to give them a an "aw" and hope they don't go broke trying to get a bean bag chair.

We have the "intimidation tactics" person
      These are the people who have to say some thing like "i never stop bidding," "you should just give up" blah blah blah. I would love if one of the key intimidators was this sweet little grandma like Charlotte, handing out Deal Dash Oreos and milk to the grandkids and then getting on DealDash and StrongArming everyone with an About Me that says "I will annihilate you with my 1 billion bids."
I can hear it now...
"Bed time kids! Finish your ice cream and Presto Flipside Belgian Waffles! I'll be in to play Super Mario (Collector's Edition) Yahtzee game,  and then turn on your Twilight Turtle Night Light.... right after i kick some Newbie butt and get this Cracker Barrel Gift Card for your grandpa."

We have the Proud family people
      So and so's mom, brother, wife, grandma, newphew, step child, brother, uncle, neighbor, colleague, friend, life coach, .....It's nice that people are so proud of their families. You know, like my favorites Mr. and Mrs. Beefer and remysmom. 

The About Me is now a tool for some people in their Intimidation Tactics games, or their innocence game...psychologists could probably come up with full personality profiles based on the Usernames and About Me. But they won't. So i'll continue to handle it.

Now get back to the games, and don't fall asleep before the Fondue Set comes up.

DealDash 411 Strategies, Tips, Hints: Out of Control Newbie Alert!

I'm putting brand new Player Jazz6 on the Out of Control Newbie List...this player is throwing bids down on 3-4 running auctions, some of which have some big time players involved, like LadyK, Pennywiser, faeryranger. Didn't your mom and dad teach you that bids don't grow on trees? Jazz6 is going to have to burn out soon..if not, he may burn out his credit card really soon.
let us watch.


DealDash411 Tips, Hints and Strategies: UH OH...they are"Checking" things again...

Well, currently the Roku XD Streaming Player is in "Checking" mode....and not changing. This happened about a week or so ago, where multiple auctions got stuck in this "checking" mode. And, i'll tell you, they ended up canceling all those don't bother bidding. They refunded the bids, but it still sucked.

So if "checking" starts coming up on all the auction...proceed with caution. They will cancel any auction they feel was "unfair."

Let's see what happens

Well auction started back up again after a minute...
and now it is back to 

Monday, July 18, 2011

DealDash 411 Strategies, Tips, Hints: IluvmyMorkie added to watch list

IluvmyMorkie - 600 bid win early this morning, has been added to watch list....

Meanwhile, the iPad is being tossed back and forth by CharlotteC, the caring Grandma, tbileh now pronounced "t - bleh"), the army dude, ikkijune and some random other players. tbileh, from the U.S. Army says he has been watching this "acution" for hours. He has a semi- threatening About Me, trying to discourage others from bidding. I don't care, really, nor do i think people really care, but i do think if you are going to have a bold About Me statement, you should probably spell the word "auction" correctly.

starx99, Cballer3 and even Mr. Beefer have thrown in some bids...

Notice also that CharlotteC, the nice little grandma and court appointed advocate for kids (very noble) also uses a man's is CharlotteC pulling our leg? not the cute little grandma? Or trying to use her avatar as a tool, thinking a man's avatar is more intimidating that a female one? But then you freely admit you are a something is not adding up here...
The only other explanation is that nice grandma doesn't know what an avatar is, but if she is bidding on an Ipad, that is hard to believe.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

DealDash411: Tips, Hints, Strategy: THE RANKINGS 7/10-7/16

Mr. Beefer wins the battle this week....Mrs. Beefer is so stoked

1. bfrsmedic20 - $1634.75, 5 items
2. seawolf- $1229.7, 2 items
3.CATS1965 - $1191.7,  3 items
4. ProtoProtoss  - $1064.49,   3 items
5.godshot - $1029.98,  2 items
6. Alwaysbiding - $939, 2 items
7. muffy10 - $899,  1 item
8. inittowinit77  $768.99,  2 items
9. Cballer3  $765.75,  2 items
10.FULLDAMAGE - $736.75

And there you have it....

DealDash 411: The Primates Dominated Last Night

KoKoTheMonkey was up all night winning stuff....5 items in the last several hours.

 KokoTheMonkey also cracks me up with their About Me: "I enjoy paying double for everything i own." DD411 loves it!!
 It's simple, not over the top mean or intimidating like some people say. Very matter of fact. (here is where i go off on a nerd-tangent: The use of the period instead of an exclamation mark is really what makes the biggest difference in this whole statement. If Koko had thrown in an exclamation mark, i would have lost some respect for him. If it were "I enjoy paying double for everything i own!" with exclamation mark, it gets a little bit more sassy and in-your-face and i don't take it seriously any more. When it ends with a period in a simplified sentence, it sky rockets in value, in my opinion. Now it just tells it like it is. KoKo, if you really put all that thought into your punctuation, i commend you.  Koko if you took a 50/50 shot on how to end your About Me, then you got lucky. Give yourself a pat on the back).

Meanwhile, mnkyluvr68 was also scoring a few things, including the HP Netbook for a low price and an android tablet.
So i think there may be a love triangle between KokoTheMonkey, owensmonkey and mnkyluvr68.   I guess we will have to see who she takes to Applebees with her new gift card.

Added to Watch List: QueenEO, scoring 600 bid win late last night (still crossing my fingers that her UserName is a tribute to CaptainEO) so she'll be out there bidding like mad.

Dalcindo - 300 bid win added to watch list.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

DealDash411: Tips, Hints, Strategy: Why Must They Mess With Us.

Deal Dash likes to mess with us.
 In little ways.
Like every time you come back to the home page with the auctions, it reorganizes them and lines them up in a different order. So if you are trying to pay attention to certain auctions, you lose an extra second wondering where the heck it just got placed.
Must they really do that? I understand removing the Winning Auctions. But the quick reorganization of auctions? Are they just messing with everyone? I can't see a reason for it...not by time, not by amount, i think they just have a secret "scatter" button to keep everyone on their toes. i guess you have to have fun somehow.

fyi. Coming soon - Analysis of the new "About Me" Deal Dash option.

oh yeah...our anniversary romeo freefortyfree missed out on the dvd Lord of The Rings to go with his The Ring dvd gift. Too bad.

billpayer53 walked away with the DVD Inception, but i'm not surprised because i had planted that in his head.

Saw djexcessive going for the adjustable air lift stools - of course, because country djs need chairs too and these are kind of high tech.  (MUST i remind you he won the 3 disc Country Music Album? So now i am making him a country music dj. And they prefer to sit).


Friday, July 15, 2011

Deal Dash 411 Tips, Hints, Strategies & General Commentary: Drummerboy Got His IPad

Drummerboy! I didn't realize you hadn't won an IPad yet...and now you have one to DealDash on the go! You must have spotted a good opportunity because that price went over $100, and i would think you would normally wait for a lower price auction. But who am I to question the well experienced drummerboy! You know what you are doing.

Meanwhile - added to WATCH LIST:

felixthecat - 300 bid win

supersonicsfan - 600 bid win
(*quick note. I am fairly sure this person just loves the Seattle Supersonics, thus, supersonicsfan. But you know, there is a small chance that this person really is a "super" fan of the chain Sonic, America's Drive In. We would not be fair to say it is all about sports. Maybe it is all about food. You know Sonic, the genius business model where you make your customers eat in their own cars and make their own mess so you don't have to clean it. I understand the nostalgia part (sort of). After you order your cherry limeade, a slushie, a corndog and a Ring Leader Loaded Burger, it would probably benefit you to get out of the car and attempt to burn off a calorie or two walking in and out of a restaurant instead of hanging in the car. I'm surprised that the USA hasn't outlawed Sonic as part of the "Obesity Problem in America." Because there is no exercise involved at all. You may say "uh, drive thru is the same," but at least you have to move your foot back and forth from gas pedal to brakes, control the steering wheel and focus a bit. At least there is 1/4 of a calorie burned.
In conclusion, this could be a Super (as in #1) Sonics (the restaurant) fan. Let's not judge too quickly.

Also added to Watch List:
 djexcessive. We should be worried because DJ Excessive now has his hands on the 3 Disc Country I'm worried. Too bad he missed out on the Patriotic Music CD. He could have done alot with that.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

DealDash 411 Strategies, Tips, Hints: istylem23 Pretty Much Ruled Yesterday

Istylem23 not only had a hat trick  yesterday for but won 4 total auctions yesterday.  Istylem23 is now 5/6 on her under $200 quota. Let's see when she resets.
Meanwhile, Mr. Beefer (bfrsmedic20) just landed a 3 cd box of country hits for him and Mrs. Beefer to enjoy.
We have some 7/13 Newbies like themuscler....this guy plays alot of internet poker so he may just set some Bid Biddies and see how the cards fall (see what i did there?). This should be an interesting player to watch.

Meanwhile, Newbie freefortyfree says he is "Looking for an anniversary gift" and he brought down the movie The Ring for 1 penny. Oh that's gonna make for a romantic evening...I mean it is called "The Ring" so maybe things will work out for him. I'm going put that down as a bad anniversary gift. Maybe the Egg and Muffin Toaster & Egg Poacher would be worse....

ok freefortyfree, i know you probably aren't giving the movie The Ring to your wife for the anniversary, but with an "About Me" saying are just setting yourself up for me....


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Deal Dash 411 Strategies, Hints, Tips - Bid Hoarder alert & Tip #4

I'm categorizing justonce as a Bid Hoarder....justonce has been doing well and has been loading up on points. Justonce previously won 600 bid auction and has been jumping into some high priced auctions. Last night, justonce won 150 auction bid. This may be a continued strategy for this player...but we know he is racking up the bids, so everyone pay attention!

So this is a perfect time to showcase Tip #4:

They will also be on DealDash411 WATCHLIST, because someone who just won 300 or 600 bids, will most likely win whatever item they go for. If they start in on the IPAD you want, you need to cut your losses and bail. They have 300-600 bids to play with. Odds significantly lower for you to win. Or prepare a counter strategy with this in mind.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Deal Dash Tips, Hints, Strategies: Holy IPad Batman! & Tip #6.

The iPad is still going....through the night and it is up to 139.39....
bfrsmedic20 - who is on watch list for big bid win is in that one, so of the other DealDashers should really have considered that...
Looks like Dahan is flexing his muscles (not like ProtoProtoss or anything) and using some of his bids...Newbies you have to watch who you are up against! The information is there to see who has won alot of bids. You really need to think about this.

Speaking of bfrsmedic20, is this the husband of bfrswife20? In the past i believe i mentioned that when i see this UserName, i always pronounce it as "beefer's wife."  Drummerboy and I shared a moment regarding this. So is Mr. Beefer a medic, and Mrs. Beefer is really proud of it. Maybe they have been married for 20 years. So adorable. I'm sure "bfrs" has some meaning but it is escaping me right now, so the Beefer Duo are going to remain Beefers. MR. Beefer says he "loves to play golf with his wife." So again, we have another clue that the Beefers are a couple. We whipped out our Magic 8 Ball and asked this same question. It answered "Signs Point To Yes."  So it must be true.

 So make a note: TIP# 6 These two players might be related! Consider that in your game play - they obviously are not going to bid against each other, but it is something you need to be aware of.


Monday, July 11, 2011

DealDash 411: OMG! Our Little Toaster is a Best Seller!

You've seen the Deal Dash Black & Decker Toaster've probably even bid on it. Maybe you actually won it and kept it! Feel very proud of your win...I just saw this on amazon. Our little Deal Dash Toaster is a bestseller on Amazon!

 I don't know how you can feel proud of a toaster, but somehow i do. It's like that old IKEA commercial...where the sad little lamp is in the street by the trash, and you just feel so bad for it because it was replaced with a newer lamp. And the the commercial says something like "Are you feeling bad for this lamp? It's a LAMP." And you kind of laugh because you actually were feeling bad for the lamp. Man those advertisers just have our emotions in their grip!
 That's how i feel about this toaster - oddly proud. Of a Toaster. I know. It doesn't make sense. But don't tell me you have never felt bad for the old mop or old cleaning supply that got replaced by a new Swiffer or something fancier...there is a reason they make commercials like that. To toy with us!

But yes it is a toaster. I've now talked myself out of being proud of a toaster. (should i really put "Toaster" as one of the labels for this post? too late. I'm doing it).

p.s. OMG in the title is being used in a sarcastic way. I do not use OMG as a serious part of my
 diction.   FYI.

DD411 - The Newbies have Invaded

Does it feel like one of those movies? Like Independence Day? War of the Worlds? You know when all kinds of alien creatures come down to Earth and wreak havoc? The Newbies are swarming Deal Dash and pushing prices waaaaay up...i'm hoping this is the backlash from the 50% bid sale, and everyone must have their IPad right now. Amongst the Newbies, there are some Elite Gamers popping in on wins:
manzanita, pennywiser, ProtoProtoss, our pal punxsy (do  you like how i decided i know punxsyphil well enough to call him punxsy?). i'm guessing the Elite Gamers are used to the influx of Newbies.

The Newbie names i see popping in the most and WINNING:
tandcelite (no surprise - they won a big bid package - ok and now it is honesty time. I'm really sorry but every time i see this name i see the word "cellulite." I'm really sorry i'm not trying to be offensive. But I just think it every time i see this UserName pop up).
grerob5 - I like grerob5 because she has a Super Dog!

I have nothing against Newbies, but they are usually the most entertaining to watch! But there are some Newbies slowly graduating onto to different categories of players....i'll let you know when someone graduates. If you think you know a Newbie who is no longer a Newbie, let me know and i'll watch for that player and make an assessment. We'll have a monthly graduation! It will be fun.

queenEO - go back and find my comments/blog about queen EO.Just for nostalgia sake.
James0908 - he's been winning. but note on the Nook, it says he won but then the actual auction shows queen EO will be reading on that nook instead...who actually won?


Sunday, July 10, 2011


I don't think the 7/8 bidding fiasco has been completely figured out yet, but based on the Winners List Deal Dash currently has posted, here are this weeks rankings by total retail $. Again, many auctions were repeated on the list, so please let me know if  you spot anything fishy.

WEEKLY TOP WINNER:  bfrswife20 - 2 wins    $1179.95.  Mr. bfrs must be so proud.

2) wontneverquit -  2 auctions  -  $1004
3)  justonce - 3 auctions  - $960
4)  Serpiente - 2 auctions - $861.75
5)  QueenEO - 2 auctions - $885
6) UglyDuck  - 3 auctions - $839.90
7) pshah2 - 4 auctions - $824.93
8)  jenna68 - 3 auctions - $782.70
9)  pennywiser - 2 auctions  - $774.75
10)  toertchen1 - 2 auctions - $709.99

This week it looks like pshah2 and James0908 each won 4 auctions  for highest # of auctions won per week.

Watch List has also been updated...


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Deal Dash 411: So yesterday's auctions apparently don't exist

At least for now....they are all off the screens, but there is no 7/8 win list, no bids returned. I would like to think that Deal Dash is just sorting it all out, and nobody lost auctions they thought they won, or bids they thought they were actually playing with...of course they put up no blog comments explaining what was going on, so i'm guessing the number of customer service emails and calls is huge. Let's see how they handle this situation....

Friday, July 8, 2011

Houston, we have a problem.....

Hopefully the brains at Deal Dash are running around like crazy NASA people trying to get the shuttle back on track...

"Deal Dash, we have a problem. The flux capacitor has exploded, severely damaging the electrical system. We believe Serpiente and damaged teflon insulation allowed the wires to short-circuit and ignite. The Bid Buddies are down. I repeat, the Bid Buddies are down. We must find a way get the carbon Dioxide out, keep the heat shield intact, and track auction wins,  or we won't make it. We don't want to look like Arnold and that chick in Final Recall when they land outside in space and there is no oxygen to breathe and their faces start looking funky. I believe we need 1.21 jigawatts to get the flux capacitor back on track and restart all major systems. Here is what we have to work with: A kitchen Aid 3 quart mixer, some ray ban sunglasses, a snow cone maker, three socks, and a Target Gift Card. Oh and typey graciously offered up his pack of AA Batteries.  Put those NASA brains together and figure out how we can use these items to get us to 88 mph. Wake up Drummerboy and get him here asap. We need his brain."
 p.s. Einstein says hi."

DD411 - Strategy #2 - Time Hoarding

Have you realized yet that there is a clock at the bottom of your screen, counting the number of seconds that you have been the highest bidder?As you climb the Levels, you start to claim 40 + bids that you can use to start stockpiling bids. If you are picking smaller items to flip, you could rack up some highest bidder time, and it may be worth it to get yourself to the next level and claim those bids. You can use a faux-intimidation strategy and immediately bid after someone to keep yourself as the highest bidder. That way you are maximizing each bid you use. Use this to your advantage.

BUT, also watch people are using the TIME-HOARDING strategy too. If you find that you are playing the Slow and Steady Game or using Bid Buddy, and GAMERx, immediately bids after your bid buddy kicks in, he is getting the 20-30 second countdown added to his highest bidder clock. Your Bid Buddy kicks in at 4 seconds. You've now spent a bid - to maximize this bid, you want to try to at least get 20 - 30 seconds added to your highest bidder clock. If you only get 1 second, you aren't maximizing each bid. In this situation, really consider how invested you are and how important the item is to you. You don't necessarily need to abandon. Just be aware. Turn off the bid-buddy and see if you can get some other players to jump in to the auction and save your Bids.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

DealDash 411 - Something's afoot.....

Something fishy is going on again....we saw it once with Cryleew, but cryleew straightened herself out and managed to win a few things. Rigs had taken over the crazy honors, but rigs has kept his head down and has been watching and learning. But now I am concerned now about deepsea71.
Deepsea71 just joined on 7/4, and i can't tell if something is fishy, or deepsea71 is just a full Out of Control Newbie. 
Or possibly an Overconfident Newbie, high off the $10 gift card wins.
Or possibly 71 and grandson johnny set him up on dealdash to kill some time.
Or possibly a Time Hoarder.
Or possibly just a Sore Loser
It is just not clear. Here is why:

I just watched the last 60 bid auction, and tallied the # of bids people used. I did this a) thinking it would be a shorter auction  b) to see if my Newbie Math Moment was justified.

deepsea1 started from the beginning of the auction and Strong-Armed all people bidding against him. he ousted a good 10 people and then settled into a battle against bept9987's bid buddy. Then thisisveryeasy waited a bit and set a bid buddy against deepsea71.

here is where the world turns upside down -
bept9987 used approx. 48 bids before she bailed (which worked out well, because she scored the 80 bid auction minutes later using only 10 bids).
thisisveryeasy  used approx. 56 bids before bailing out. (i use approx. for these numbers because though i was tallying, when the rapid fire moments come it is hard to catch them all).
gbdavis ended up winning by Silent Stalking and setting his bid buddy late in the auction, using only 14 bids to win.
BUT deepsea71 USED A TOTAL OF 118 BIDS TRYING TO WIN THE 60!! At first it seems like maybe he lost count, or really was just a Sore Loser. but almost doubling his loss? That just seemed way out of was painful to watch. Especially because  in the middle of it, he started in on the P.F. Chang's gift card auction, and lost that one too.

See, i knew someone out there needed to read my Newbie Math Moment. I thought that math lesson was easily realized, but maybe it's not....maybe we'll see you around deepsea71 if you stock up on more bids to burn.

DealDash 411 - July 7th

It is Thursday, so for those of us who work a M-F schedule, we've almost made it through another week.
In reality it seems like most of our Deal Dashers do not work a typical M-F 9 - 5 workday, since so many of you guys are up all night bidding, bidding all morning and bidding all day. Or if you do have a day job near a computer, maybe your company hasn't figured out that they need to block DealDash yet.
Like tandcelite - who is on watch list for 300 bid auction win last night.
So far it has been a typical morning, so on another note.....

A day or so ago, i saw a Newbie UserName TomandDiane,  who recently joined in July. You could have seen that User Name and said "Aww so cute - they are going to Dealdash together," or you could have said, isn't it supposed to be Jack and Diane? Tom just doesn't sound right....Where is Jack? Did Diane finally dump him? They were only 16,  two American kids growing up in the heartland. They were doing the best they can. Maybe his football star dream derailed? So she left? Or he got sick of Diane's debutante ways? Well, their friends Tommy and Gina seemed to have a much more solid foundation. They ended up on the coast. Tommy used to work on the docks, and Gina was at the diner all day. At least they stuck together to hold on ready or not. They lived for the fight because it's all that they got. They said it didn't make a difference if they made it or not - they had each other and that's a lot. So they took each other's hands and swore they would make it. I swear.


p.s. - if you read that last bit and think i am nuts, you just don't get the joke. It's funny. Or you did get it and you think it is dumb. Whatever.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DealDash 411 - Math Lesson for Newbies

Newbies - I'm going to start with the simplest math you need to know before going nutso on DealDash! This one is as basic as it gets.

let me set the scene:
         You've just discovered DealDash and realize that the world has plotted to keep you away from this amazing site. So you are anxious to get going and win cool stuff like toaster ovens and cameras for pennies. You buy the intro package - $60 for 200 bids. You are thinking this is too good to be true right? You are either at home with your spouse/friend/kid, or at work with co-workers crowding around you going, "It must be a scam! There is no way this is real! They probably never ship the items. You are a moron!" But you still believe. You watch the auctions and you see a $10 gift card come up for auction. You think this is a perfect item to possibly bid on. You watch the clock count down to zero and auction ends without ANYONE bidding. You can't believe it! Then another $10 gift card comes up to auction so you throw down a penny bid. And you actually win! While you hug your spouse, kid, pet, or co-workers jumping up and down in a locked embrace screaming and crying with joy that you have finally found a way to REALLY get stuff for pennies, you lock your eyes on the ipad auction coming up...You need the ipad! What better way to boost your ego and feel like you outsmarted the rest of the world by getting an Ipad for $1.00.
           The room goes quiet as everyone else sees what you have locked your eyes on. And then you all see the Wii package, and the ridiculously cool Nikon camera and a LAPTOP...Oh my gosh they have great stuff on DealDash...But those auctions are being won at higher prices than a $1. Then your brilliant idea comes to you: If you just win a bunch of those 40, 80, 150 bid auctions, you can build up enough bids to go for the big items.
Then you proceed to  spend 50 bids trying to win a 40 bid auction.

Math Lesson #1:  If you go for a bid auction, you take a higher risk because there is no Buy It Now. So realize once you have bid 40 times, you are now not "winning" anything. I've seen Newbies bid more bids than the # of bids they can win. Yes, I counted. I know who you are.  I am just hoping you were trying to win to minimize the damage. Or you were so excited that you didn't realize what you were really doing. But if you really didn't think about how many bids you used, then you need to take a step back from DealDash. And tell your co-worker, the one who is egging you on and saying "don't let that player keep trying to outbid you, you're weak if you let him win" to keep quiet. You know he is the one with the big voice but he's too scared to go on DealDash himself.

I know - long story for the most obvious lesson ever. But you know someone out there just read this and went "ohhhhhhhh. oops" even if it wasn't you.

Keep count of your bids, especially on auctions with bid packages. Or don't. We're ok with it if you burn yourself out too.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

DealDash 411 - Good Morning Deal Dashers

Hopefully everyone had a safe 4th of July, without illegal fireworks (if they are illegal in your area) landing in your backyard, DUI's or any drunk bikini beach cruiser bike crashes. Alot of Newbies showed up yesterday and through the weekend and the usual suspects cleaned up at the DealDash auctions in that last few late nights. I think pshah2 scored the best win at $.02 they got some diamond earrings. Can't beat that! Dahan scored an Xbox Kinect thing, but no surprise there - Dahan won the 600 bid auction not long ago, so of course he's going to hang in there.

I'm on the lookout for the new NAME OF THE WEEK - if you have any suggestions please comment. I also have to get some thoughts out about some of the Newbie UserNames and strategies. I've seen all kinds of nonsense this weekend that must be discussed.


Monday, July 4, 2011

DD411 - Please don't give me shout outs any more.

It is against the rules.
But thanks for the support.

"Anarchy!" "I don't even know what that means but I love it!" - Walker Bobby & Texas Ranger Bobby,  Talladega Nights.

(so the movie was on last night and it is so funny and those kids are hilarious, and so that quote just popped into my head. Disclaimer for those who need it: No, i don't actually mean Anarchy...i'm just throwing in a movie quote because it is funny. I am not supporting anarchy).


Sunday, July 3, 2011

DealDash411: So far DD411 IS Really Proud of the Parents

You know who you are...we all know who you are. My fav remysmom, baxtersdaddy, hotgrammy - It just makes me feel warm and fuzzy to see that you are NOT on DealDash nonstop during this holiday weekend! You are probably hanging with the kids (or dogs, cats, i mean do we really know?), and that is really special to them. You are such proud parents that you involve your kid in your UserName, and then hang out with them and have fun on holiday weekends. You can DealDash all day when they go back to school in the fall.  With all this great parental attention, you'll have a "honor student" bumper sticker in no time.
And remy's mom - I'm especially proud of you, because we know you won a  pen spy cam and you could easily set up the spy cam on remy, set a walkie-talkie down next to him, lay out in backyard and tell him to behave. And you chose not too. Well done.

DEALDASH 411 - Morning Recap and THE RANKINGS

Sometimes things come up and i can't check out Deal Dash. Obviously that happened  yesterday and looks like i missed a very productive evening. I think everyone was out partying so there were some great low price auction wins. Hartharlez is the new ProtoProToss, getting an amazing price on an ipad and now we are all jealous of Hartharlez. We're still jealous of ProtoProToss because the first cut is the deepest.

As Promised, here are THE RANKINGS - Sunday 6/26 - Sat 7/2:

2)  OKKAMS - 2 items 1196.95
3)  faeryranger -  3 items 1124.75
4)  MORETOCOME - 5 items  $1089.6
5)  Sandbagger -  4 items - $1066.70
6)  ProtoProToss - 2 items - $1058.95
7)  GRANDMAGIN - 1 item - $999.75
8)  kelleyinthesky - 1 item  $899
9)  unlimitedbids5 - 3 items - $886.89
10)  ForMe2Win -  5 items - 824.97

Player with the most auction wins this week:
 iwillnotquit with 8 auction wins, followed by manzanita with 7 auction wins.

**if you think your total winnings is not accurate, please let me know asap. As you may know, sometimes DealDash had repeat items and i think i picked those out, but please let me know***


Saturday, July 2, 2011

DealDash 411 - Morning Recap - The Good News and The Bad News

Bad News - joeddot scooped up some nice items at a low auction price (that's bad news for us, good news for him). $.07 for 40 bids? It's a steal.
Good News - Joe hit his under $200 limit of 6, so hopefully he'll be enjoying the weekend. We'll see when he shows up again (approx), and see when his limit resets. (So, yes joe, you are right. This isn't good news for you. We'll catch you later).

Some usual names were on the win list:

BabyFidgette will be taking us all out to P.F. Chang's this weekend which is awesome because i haven't been there for awhile. Order me some Crab Wontons - I'll meet you there.
Cryleew would also come and video the wonderful dinner, but she already committed her camcorder to joeddot who wants to document his hedge trimming.

MyPreciouS showed up early a.m. to score a fondue set for Frodo and the guys

bidingaddict beat out 1happydog for a Home Depot Gift Card and 40 bids (i think if it had been a PETCO card, results may have been different..."hit the button! keep hitting the button!" Obviously a family is working the mouse for the dog. Dogs can't use a mouse, duh). BidingAddict, you won fair and square $.42...but i'm a sucker and i feel bad for 1happydog. Now he is 1saddog, and dogs aren't supposed to be sad. I'm sure he'll eat some poop and be 1happydog again. Maybe someone should have a UserName of supercutepuppy....then everyone says "Awwwwwwww" and thinks warm and happy thoughts of puppies and ice cream and you don't want to take down the super cute little DealDash puppy. Maybe Owen's Monkey would, but that's just the survival instinct.

Friday, July 1, 2011

DealDash 411 - Evening update - The Holiday Weekend Begins

So is everyone in their cars off on some vacation for the holiday weekend? It is hit and miss with prices out there on DealDash.
For people like ProtoProToss, he'll just take his 2 buck ipad on the road with him and play all weekend.

There doesn't seem to be that many players bidding right now, unless they are all Silent Stalking to make sure we don't have another ProtoProToss debacle (for everyone else it was a debacle).

I'm still having trouble with some of the chosen UserNames. tufntiny1 is bidding on the Floor Steamer right now and I'm trying to assess what her chosen UserName says about her. We're on the web, so we can be any persona we want to be. So do  you want to be tough and tiny? or would  you rather be tough and ripped like ProtoProToss? Or should you be tough as nails? I'm not against the name - maybe it is better to come across "smaller." i just want to know if that is just a name or a strategic name.

Then i see GATORNY11.  I kept reading this as one word...gatorny. So i'm thinking is this an attorney? An attorney from Georgia? Some people put their profession in their username, so i went that route.  But then I looked again and maybe it is "gator" as in "alligator", and NY is New York? 11 is 2011? Is this a school mascot? Is this a sports team?  Or they live in NY and just really like alligators?

queenEO - i secretly wish this was some kind of reference to Disneyland/Disney World's ancient attraction with Michael Jackson - Captain EO. Remember how cool that was? That was really high tech 3D stuff at the time. But most likely EO are initials or something boring like that....But if anyone asks, queen EO, you should say you were inspired by Captain EO.

Don't tell me you don't wonder some of these things while  you are watching the Bid Buddies flickering like fireflies...


DealDash 411 - The Newbie's List

I've mentioned a few of the Out of Control Newbies who have popped up for this holiday weekend. Does anyone know if the 50% off deal was offered to everyone? that's what i assume, so we have Out of Control Newbies with double the bids they normally have. Bad combination.
We've seen
I'm not going to give the MATH FOR NEWBIES lesson right now, but i hope 7/1 joiner IDONTQUIT66 has done some math..he's been involved in some battles, including the Apply TV right now. He's battling another 6/27 4 day old Newbie 2stupid2stop. You know our poll talks about how the UserName affects game play. I can't tell if 2stupid2stop is a genius name or an accurate name. I see that UserName and i do think he probably is 2stupid2stop

DEALDASH411 - Morning Recap

You know what i am going to say- the camera! i knew that would be a battle but this one could set records. Dawnof1 is in it like a champion fending off the attacks on her throne. I saw rigs involved...rigs did you think about how to play a smarter DealDash game? Or did you just buy more bids? We'll keep an eye on you, but for now your status is not going to change.
i kind of back Dawnof1 in this auction. i normally like the underdog, but Dawnof1 is clearly working hard for this camera and deserves it!

I'm thinking a future post might be MATH FOR NEWBIES.