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Sunday, July 24, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: OVER IT

I'm officially retiring THE RANKINGS after 2 weeks. I've deliberated and come to the conclusion that no one probably cares that much, and if they did, they can go elsewhere to get more info. Am I right? i think i am right. So my time spent ratio to usage is not working out. It takes too long and strangely enough, i think my time can be spent doing something else more productive. So i know, shed a few tears if need be. I know two weeks is along time to be used to something and have it just suddenly disappear...

And i want to thank the person who voted on my poll for "you aren't THAT entertaining." I truly love honesty and the fact that you took the extra second out of your day to give me your opinion is cool. Most people in this world don't find me that funny. This is nothing new.

Meanwhile, my new favorite User Name is a Newbie who signed up yesterday...Loveslobsters....
On the honesty note of this morning, i truly love that this guy shared his love of lobsters with the world of DealDash.

Side note - did anyone ever have that thing called "The Lobster Lab" when you were growing up??? You have to tell me if you did....someone else must have tried to raise baby lobsters in the lobster condominium besides me....anyone??


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