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Monday, July 18, 2011

DealDash 411 Strategies, Tips, Hints: IluvmyMorkie added to watch list

IluvmyMorkie - 600 bid win early this morning, has been added to watch list....

Meanwhile, the iPad is being tossed back and forth by CharlotteC, the caring Grandma, tbileh now pronounced "t - bleh"), the army dude, ikkijune and some random other players. tbileh, from the U.S. Army says he has been watching this "acution" for hours. He has a semi- threatening About Me, trying to discourage others from bidding. I don't care, really, nor do i think people really care, but i do think if you are going to have a bold About Me statement, you should probably spell the word "auction" correctly.

starx99, Cballer3 and even Mr. Beefer have thrown in some bids...

Notice also that CharlotteC, the nice little grandma and court appointed advocate for kids (very noble) also uses a man's is CharlotteC pulling our leg? not the cute little grandma? Or trying to use her avatar as a tool, thinking a man's avatar is more intimidating that a female one? But then you freely admit you are a something is not adding up here...
The only other explanation is that nice grandma doesn't know what an avatar is, but if she is bidding on an Ipad, that is hard to believe.



  1. The iPad is STILL crazy. But our original battlers this morning have bailed...or maybe they are Silent Stalking. See this is where alot of people like to jump in on the bidding action...they don't care how many bids another player has put in on the item...Newbies don't play by the "rules." They are ruthless. But they have every right to be i sense for 50% off bids offer coming again soon? hopefully not too soon.

  2. Aww...Mr. Beefer is getting some perfume for Mrs. Beefer. i love the Beefers.

  3. So in total...122 people have been in the auction for the Ipad...yes, i counted avatars. i know i am a genius.

  4. It's finally over....the Ipad went for $138.32 to RaZor...this was a tough one because alot of newbies joined the battle with over confidence, probably not realizing they were going up against some members of our watch list, like QueenEO and raZor. That was the real battle...these players each had a 600 bid win not long they had the ammo.