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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints and Strategies: UH OH...they are"Checking" things again...

Well, currently the Roku XD Streaming Player is in "Checking" mode....and not changing. This happened about a week or so ago, where multiple auctions got stuck in this "checking" mode. And, i'll tell you, they ended up canceling all those don't bother bidding. They refunded the bids, but it still sucked.

So if "checking" starts coming up on all the auction...proceed with caution. They will cancel any auction they feel was "unfair."

Let's see what happens

Well auction started back up again after a minute...
and now it is back to 


  1. well i guess they figured it out and item was still in auction. It went much higher to someone else. They has said any techinical problems would mean automatic cancellations, but who knows....

    Watch LIst add: Lucyjune - 300 bid win for .17