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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dealdash 411 Tips, hints, strategies: Here We Go Again

No not the whitesnake song. that is here "I" go again. This is a collective group. Meaning all DealDashers...incoming Newbie alert....

max is quantity of 3, so we are looking at people with 1500 bids!! I have to give it to Deal Dash....they are in this to make some big bucks. But now we have to wade through the Newbie craziness and let things settle. Oh it will be fun though! Plenty for me to say! So, i think on that note, I will formally begin my Newbie Graduation Program. This is where i allow Out Of Control Newbies to redeem themselves and potentially graduate them to normal player status with strategy. But all Newbies off this next sale are starting as Over-Confident or Out of Control Newbies unless I say otherwise!

Lastly, you all have to help me out here....check this out on SaveBig....Am i missing something??? Am i the moron here??? Please look at this and let me know what i am missing. it is just too ridiculous.
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Please. I need someone else to weigh in on this....



  1. nancygold! i'm really worried about you and this 40 bid auction! Please just've already used over 40 bids...just let it is ok....

  2. CharlotteC, our granny is trying to get the ice cream maker for the grandkids...that is so nice.

  3. trophyhunter = TIME HOARDER

  4. FYI: The most one can purchase is now 2. I just check to see and it would not allow 3 sets of 500 bids. This only means tons of users has purchased the special. YIKES!

  5. I can't decide if that makes me happy or horrified! it is going to be mayhem! thanks for the update!!

  6. Nope wrong again.... Only ONE can be purchased now... Just did it... alot of other DDashers are having the same issue... according to forum posts so ONE 500 bid pack is what is allowed at the 4 hours remaining mark.... 8( They should have put the clock countdown for 3 packs and then continued with countdown for 2 packs and then the remaining 1 pack on the board.... that would have made everyone rush to get the 3 early! BOOOOOOOOOO !!!!1

  7. Yeah DD blew it! They could have maximized if they had clock they just pissed everyone off if they didn't get 2 or 3 bid packs......