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Sunday, July 24, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: Lobsters

Ok I know DealDash has been going all day and very exciting things have probably happened every second, but i am too distracted right now to comment. On my last post, i talked about the Lobster Lab I used to have. I joke around a ton, but let me tell you, on this i am being completely serious, though it sounds ridiculous. I had a lobster lab. I think it was out for sale for maybe 2 seconds but i got one.
Here is the ONLY picture i could find of one, and no that is not me in the picture. That is some random girl in a random photo.

See it was REAL. That is the lobster condominium. They actually mailed you little baby blue lobsters in petri dishes to put in your condominium. There were 9 little compartments for your 9 baby lobsters. And you were supposed to name them, feed them and watch as they molt and grow and then mail them back to be released in the wild. I was just a sounded totally legit...

All was good until the condominium filter system leaked all over the place, and until the lobsters climbed over their little walls and ate each other. It was really traumatizing for a kid. And some escaped and i would find them dead after making a run for it...all in all, good try, but finally my parents took it away because it was just too upsetting for a kid. See i'm scarred for life. Now you know why i'm a little bit off. All it takes is that one moment when you are a kid....
Someone please tell me you had a lobster lab, heard of it, or had a friend that had one...


  1. Nicole/BabyFidgetteJuly 25, 2011 at 2:28 AM

    You are so damn funny! I have never heard of this nor have seen tiny lobsters. Now, if you actually got to set them free could they turn into juicy lobsters you could eat? I did, though, have Seamonkies. Those things are freaky looking. I was always paranoid I was going to spill the container and they would like get me or something. who is the crazy one at 05:24 talking about Seamonkies? I'm right there up on the crazy list with ya!

  2. Hi nicole/babyfidgette....where have you been? I've not seen your name in days! Thanks for acknowledging this painful moment of my past. Besides the fact that their little house was called a lobster condominium, which might be one of the funniest things ever, they clearly didn't have the plan figured out. They said blue lobsters were becoming scarce and it was because momma lobster would have tons of babies and the babies would get eaten up and maybe 1-2 would survive. So you were supposed to take care of them unitl they were just a bit bigger and had more of a fighting chance to live, and then send them back. We'll set aside the fact that lobsters were being mailed places. It sounded legit enough...and you got to learn about them and watch them grow, until they devour each other and only carcasses are left. I guess the condominium hadn't been lobster tested.
    So far me, and apparently the girl in the photo are the only two people who have seen a lobster lab! It's like they tried to erase all evidence that it even existed. Conspiracy.
    btw, i always wanted Seamonkies because i thought it was sooooo cool but what do you do with Seamonkies? Do they just keep living? I've never really heard what happens to those little guys.
    One day, remind me tell you the childhood trauma that was my little fish aquarium.
    thanks nicole!