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Sunday, July 17, 2011

DealDash 411: The Primates Dominated Last Night

KoKoTheMonkey was up all night winning stuff....5 items in the last several hours.

 KokoTheMonkey also cracks me up with their About Me: "I enjoy paying double for everything i own." DD411 loves it!!
 It's simple, not over the top mean or intimidating like some people say. Very matter of fact. (here is where i go off on a nerd-tangent: The use of the period instead of an exclamation mark is really what makes the biggest difference in this whole statement. If Koko had thrown in an exclamation mark, i would have lost some respect for him. If it were "I enjoy paying double for everything i own!" with exclamation mark, it gets a little bit more sassy and in-your-face and i don't take it seriously any more. When it ends with a period in a simplified sentence, it sky rockets in value, in my opinion. Now it just tells it like it is. KoKo, if you really put all that thought into your punctuation, i commend you.  Koko if you took a 50/50 shot on how to end your About Me, then you got lucky. Give yourself a pat on the back).

Meanwhile, mnkyluvr68 was also scoring a few things, including the HP Netbook for a low price and an android tablet.
So i think there may be a love triangle between KokoTheMonkey, owensmonkey and mnkyluvr68.   I guess we will have to see who she takes to Applebees with her new gift card.

Added to Watch List: QueenEO, scoring 600 bid win late last night (still crossing my fingers that her UserName is a tribute to CaptainEO) so she'll be out there bidding like mad.

Dalcindo - 300 bid win added to watch list.



  1. While i'm on the subject of monkeys, remember Virgil, the smart little monkey from Project X? Don't you just get all emotional at the end where Matthew Broderick and Helen Hunt tell Virgil in sign language that he is free. "You - Free." I just gave myself the chills.

  2. Anyone else see the irony in Godshot's win at $6.66?

  3. Well...maybe I'll take you to Applebee's! Haha, thanks for the laughs and yes, I almost teared up thinking about Virgil going free!!!

  4. Alright!! Order me some sliders and i'll meet ya there!