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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: Just before i sign off....

I'm sorry to abandon all you players who will be bidding all night. I'm thinking i need to post something very entertaining right before i crash so the nightcrawlers have some stuff to read....

Anyway, my last comment is about this new Bidwealth it had a great launch on monday as we know, and people like ProtoProtossPscored big wins. However i just checked the line up for tomorrow, and so far there are no high priced items on there like there were on either they wanted everyone to be dazzled by the bid items they were auctioning, and now they will be few and far between, or they realized they didn't make enough money on Monday to break even on all the high priced auctions, so they want people to battle for lower price items...I get it. They could be acting business savvy, but we'll have to see how tomorrow goes and then Friday...very intriguing.

Anyone have any thoughts? I am very curious to about this site. I know, i know this is the DealDash site. I will probably move my Bidwealth commentary to its own page...that will be a very serious kind of commentary. For a very serious PA.  I feel like when there are gold bars on the line most people's sense of humor disappears. We will find out.

Meanwhile, have great auctions tonight DealDashers...i really like that Android Tablet so if anyone wants to win that for me i'll be your best friend......



  1. They BWealth told everyone prior to opening that the OPENING DAY would have high priced items but it was just for the Grand Opening only.... So everyone was previously warned. Now we will just have to wait for Proto to come in here and tell us if it's legit when he receives his gold and silver!

  2. Can't wait to see if they (Bidwealth) ship the wins. I only won 1 oz. so I will see if it arrives before I put too much into the site. They say they will have tracking info avail.
    On a DealDash note...I just saw that I mad the DealDash Hall of Fame top 50 for Most Retail Value Won (all time) WooHoo...I'm #50 LMAO!!! It will will be short lived I'm sure ;)

  3. ladyk - you always know exactly what is going on...i thought i was uncovering secret dirt but really i just didn't know that. oh well. Yes we are all waiting in anticipation to see if the prizes arrive...
    MnkyLuvr68, i believe hitting top 50 automatically gets you a promotion! In fact they you are easily a college level player now, and all the schools were battling for you to pick their team...well done! Very cool.

  4. Well, the GOOD news is that I emailed them a few hours ago and they responded that all orders have been placed, and that they should all ship tomorrow. It still shows as (PAID)(Not Shipped) in my Won Auctions log, but if I receive any tracking numbers or changes I'll provide an update.