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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Deal Dash Tips, Hints, Strategies: Holy IPad Batman! & Tip #6.

The iPad is still going....through the night and it is up to 139.39....
bfrsmedic20 - who is on watch list for big bid win is in that one, so of the other DealDashers should really have considered that...
Looks like Dahan is flexing his muscles (not like ProtoProtoss or anything) and using some of his bids...Newbies you have to watch who you are up against! The information is there to see who has won alot of bids. You really need to think about this.

Speaking of bfrsmedic20, is this the husband of bfrswife20? In the past i believe i mentioned that when i see this UserName, i always pronounce it as "beefer's wife."  Drummerboy and I shared a moment regarding this. So is Mr. Beefer a medic, and Mrs. Beefer is really proud of it. Maybe they have been married for 20 years. So adorable. I'm sure "bfrs" has some meaning but it is escaping me right now, so the Beefer Duo are going to remain Beefers. MR. Beefer says he "loves to play golf with his wife." So again, we have another clue that the Beefers are a couple. We whipped out our Magic 8 Ball and asked this same question. It answered "Signs Point To Yes."  So it must be true.

 So make a note: TIP# 6 These two players might be related! Consider that in your game play - they obviously are not going to bid against each other, but it is something you need to be aware of.



  1. HaHaHa... There are many married couples on DD you just don't see the names that much alike! Not only couples but live-in boyfriend/girlfriends too! How many can you spot or do you know is the question... Ahhhhhhhhha!

  2. I bet there are...and now i am going to try to figure out who they might be. I'm sure i will be completely wrong, but this will be fun...

  3. Ok the IpAd went for $187.72. That is pretty much ridiculous. I bet the owners of Deal Dash were cheering and placing orders for new cars while that one happened.

  4. ^ ROFLMAO @ placing orders for cars. smh. CrAzY!

  5. Sorry for no other posts night ran late. That is, game night with actual people sitting around you, not through the computer. i told you i was a nerd. At least i have friends who are nerds too.

  6. umm Placing orders for new cars??? Right ur so dumb thatso nly like $70 worth of bids Idiot hahahahhha