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Saturday, October 22, 2011

So how cool would it be if DealDash embraced the 3D movement? (by the way, what on earth is 4D? should i go look it up?)

I think dealdash should let  you put on 3d glasses and then if you win the auction, the item gets thrown at you. hahaha. so awesome.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

DD411: Bean Bags

You want to know what else i think? (don't actually answer that)

These should be One per User. Because seriously, no one should ever have more than 1 bean bag chair. Unless you are 5.  It's really more of a  good will gesture to not allow people to have more than one.

And this thing I admit is kind of cool...right out of that Hammacher Schlammacher catalog. I know that isn't the exact name of the company but it is much more memorable when it rhymes. i can't ever remember the second word. This is like a perfect christmas gift for that someone you don't really know that aren't sure about their interests and tastes, but you don't want to get them a sweater or gift card. They are kind of new in your life so it would be polite to get them a gift of some sort....that is when you buy the "cool object" gift. I think this qualifies as a "cool object" gift. Or get something awesome from  
You your daughter's new boyfriend....he's coming over for christmas so he should have a gift to open, but you really don't know him that well. Or your kid's college friend who lived too far away to go home for Christmas and is coming to your house. The new neighbor coming to your is really fits nicely into the cool object category.
 I can see this as a gift in the office "gift pool" or secret santa...because you don't always know what your co-worker would want...unless they are pale and you can get them the self-tanner. 
And I like Hannukah too, so you can always gift it at your Hannukah party. It is not CHristmas specific. FYI.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DealDash411: Really?

So yeah....really?? Why on earth is this on the site? Hmm...maybe because PA players spend too much time at their computers so they are super pale, and they may want to pretend to be tan! ok. That must be it. 

maybe it is time to start compiling a list of the most random items you've come across in any away people. I'll have to think back on some....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Drummerboy vs hsimpson...

hsimpson, a newbie is going head on against drummerboy....hsimpson you really shouldn't be doing that. drummerboy is going to win and is just toying with you...

DealDash411: Tips, Hints, Strategies, Commentary

Kilroy? Who are you?? You commented! You check out my blog! I'm so happy. Sometimes i think LadyK and drummerboy just check my blog alot so that i feel like i have alot of visitors. Thanks guys.

Alright, I have no more excuses for why i can't watch dealdash all the time right now...oh wait yes i do....

- that thing we don't like called work,
- mountain bike crash
- new season of Survivor started (Ozzie and Coach are back. I love to hate the dragon slayer).
-  i got sick (i'm not funny when i'm sick). Maybe that's why i was so bitter for a few days. I was getting sick. But i kind of like it when i'm bitter. I enjoyed those posts. Anyway, back to my excuses:

- I am still getting bitter when i see things go for a few pennies. What can i say.
- IT showed up back again and I had to click off quickly so i wouldn't ruin my day.
- Dry Cleaning bill was so much that i had to get a second job to pay the bill.
- Suddenly i've heard this thing i say all the time (in the way i say it) on the radio and on tv, so now everyone is going to think i do it because i heard it on tv and not know that i've done it for minimum 10 years. It's a drawn out "what?" which sounds more like "watt" but with lots of aaaa. Waaaaaaaaaatttt. "W" is a lower tone and aaaaatttt is a high pitch finish. So hard to explain on blogs. It sounds like it is annoying but it really isn't. But now everyone is going to think i got it from tv and i'm bummed. I created it. I promise you. The glory is all mine. And now i will probably have to abandon it. I'm really really upset about it.  Heartbroken and angry, actually.
- the Stop n' Go by my house kept running out of coffee, so i had to boycott and picket them for the 15 minutes they needed to brew more.
 - my email still gets a bazillion copy of each email i receive and i just can't bring myself to call the help line and sit on hold again so they can NOT fix it. I think today i'll surpass 7000 emails in my inbox. GO ME.
- Every time i see that IHOP card on Dealdash that super 80's Cyndi Lauper (spelling on that? not sure. too lazy to go find out) She-Bop comes into my head. You know it? I-bop, you-bop, they-bop or something like that, but now i lead in with IHOP instead of I-bop. It is driving me crazy.
- my friend mgoldstein totally biffed it on the math during that last frenzy and is not happy with the win. I had to console my moronic friend.
- hmmmm does that about cover it? I can't be sure.

And i would just like to say, I wouldn't call this item something for "all size dogs."  All i have to say is a great quote from a great movie, "You obviously don't know my dog." Really, it is something for "well behaved" dogs of any size. My two monsters would work all day to bust this thing open. It would have to be a metal safe of some sort to keep those two out.  Even if i recorded a harsh "No"  they wouldn't care. I've seen the determination they have to get into that locking trashcan i have in the kitchen. It is impressive. You know i kind of want to get this so i can see how long it takes them to ruin it...maybe if i can win it for just a few pennies.....i would totally record it and post a video. And send it into DealDash to see if they will post it on that top bar with other winners.

Monday, October 10, 2011

DealDash411: Tips Hints Strategies and Commentary: ON HOLD

So i'm on hold on the phone right now waiting for a human being to answer the tech support line and help me stop getting 10,000 copies of every email i receive. Though it makes me feel super popular when i think i have 7000 new messages, even when they are all the same junk emails repeatedly coming in. I can't stand being on hold. i just can't. but i'll suck it up and wait

So i take the opportunity to check in on dealdash and see what's what. I noticed that they still have that darn Boogie Board thing on there. That thing is so bogus. I totally fell for it. Writing tablet? It makes you think you can take notes and save them or do something useless with it. But guess what? You can't. you can write on it (in good lighting only) and then erase it and write more. So it is pretty much good for list making and nothing else. But not if you need to look back at the list later. It is gone when you hit the magic button. So i guess it is like a portable notepad but you have to throw out the notes. So i really don't find it useful at all. Worst of all, at the top in big dumb letters it says "Boogie Board." So as if it weren't already lame enough to have this tablet thing around, it says Boogie Board on it which brings only ridicule when someone sees it (trust me, I know). I finally got a sharpie and colored it in so at least i looked like i had a semi - legit item. It's pretty much a kid's toy i think. i kept thinking it was something way cooler. But it's not. And it says Boogie Board on it. Just know that it is pretty much like carrying a chalkboard around with you.

FYI i just searched "boogie board" on google and the lovely lcd tablet shows up right next to awesome shark boogie board (for riding waves at the beach). Don't know if your search will do that. But maybe they should have named it something less ridiculous. Like "LCD Writing Tablet." Or "Portable Chalkboard" or "Just Use a Sticky Note" or "Don't write anything on here you don't want to forget."

So don't overbid on this gem. For a few cents give it to the kids or doodle on it. And black out the name of it on the top to prevent ridicule.

This is just some friendly advice. Now i am going to continue to wait on hold.

Have a lovely Monday

Thursday, October 6, 2011

DealDash411: Get All Your Bids Back

So what's going on now is really not considered a penny auction. There is not really timing, skill and prowess in play  here. Really we are in a contest for who has the most bids.  Which is cool. Ok no worries. It just means most people aren't going to win a thing. No problem.  I see some good names out there - LadyK strutting her stuff, drummerboy's out there, Rigman is (hi rigman!) playing the game, MyPreciouS is scaring people with Golum...i see a little ratpack and bidingaddict, some krypto (how are you enjoying IT? scare the poppies out of you yet? haha - i just saw i spelled it "poppies." that is so awesome that i am leaving it. You know why, because poppies are a root cause of my bad mood. no not drugs or something. it's a work thing. and no i'm not a florist either), survivorman1, Dawnof1. you know good stuff.

I see a Sanchezdrty and that is gross. inappropriate. Inappropriate (capital I). Unless your name is actually Dr. Ty Sanchez. Then i guess i'm sorry. But really come on people.....

1evilclown1 is out there making people THINK about the movie IT! Kind of genius. I was distracted. He just woke up and started bidding on top of the bidbuddy people, you hop-on nonsense clown you. You know some people are letting their clocks count down so they can win free bids you dillweed. Wow doesn't take much to put me in bitter mode.  Oh he's gone...that's right...go take your clown gig somewhere else...i might have to go back to sleep for awhile...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dealdash411 Tips, Hints, Strategy and General Commentary: So no one seems to care that i create fantastic games

That's ok. You can't win em all.

So i'm starting to realize that my patience for grammar is definitely affected by my annoyance level during the day. I'm way nicer of a person when i've had an easy day (yes i know "way nicer" is more slang than correct grammar. I'm making a point. I'm tired and annoyed so i'm going slang. But on purpose). That's probably the case for most people.  I'm noticing that as i have less and and less time to watch dealdash and blog about it, the more intolerant i get. So let me preface by saying the poo poo hit the fan today.

So i finally get a few seconds to check dealdash and i immediately have 3 thoughts/emotions:

1) First i have a pity party bitter attitude reaction when i see this. And i say "it's not fair."

These lucky people are poo poo heads. 

2) Why are so many people morons and can't spell things. More importantly, why don't they care? I really really try hard not to critique the grammar of the About Me because i really do want to give the benefit of the doubt. But i'm in a bad mood. So "liveing" should be "living." I'm sorry but anything you said after "liveing" i didn't read. I judged you on the word "liveing." 

3) then I see this and wish Kangaroou was my friend. 

 That brightened my day a bit. 

4) Then i went A.D.D. and now i want to know, which player is this?

I really just want to know.

Drummerboy you are after the TV. good luck dude. I hope you win it. I'll give you my address - my birthday is coming up soon and this would be a lovely gift.

Monday, October 3, 2011

DD411 - Games

So, I'm waiting for DealDash to get some Trivial Pursuit games up on the site. Because that's somewhat of a necessity for me right now. They have Monopoly and yahtzee and stuff,  but  i need some updated trivial pursuit cards.

here is why: I've invented a game (to an extent). Basically i combined two games to make them way cooler.  It's called Trivial Pursuit Billionare Steal.

First of all, i got these 2 card/travel pack games at the Borders 50-70% off closing sale. You know they are done-zoe right? As a word nerd and book nerd, of course i was there scavenging for 1-2 dollar books. I came across these two travel games: Trivial Pursuit Steal and Billionaire. on sale. so i got them. The instructions were hysterical because they give you the basic idea of what to do, but do not offer all necessary answers, nor tell you exactly how to play. So we had to start making our own rulings because they left us hanging. Billionaire turned out to be pretty lame (maybe because it 3+ players and we were only 2).

But when you magically combine these two worlds, you get Trivial Pursuit Billionaire Steal. A revolutionary game of skill, strategy and triumph.
It's a real crowd pleaser, and you get to test your trivia skills. Anyway, we blew through the small stack of Trivial Pursuit cards in about 2 hours. So we need new cards. By the way, did you know that the original name of the planet Uranus was "Herschel?" (.....hmm....well, it doesn't look like a "jane," not really a "neil," i've got it! Herschel!)

So i need more trivial pursuit cards. I'll take any donations, as long as the cards were made from 90's on. I am no longer accepting cards made pre 1990.  And no Lord of the Rings trivia cards. Beggars can't be choosers, but the Baby Boomers edition asked a question about the most popular tv show from 1966 - 1971. I just don't know that kind of stuff.
You can send them to 1818 Word Nerd Lane, Loserville, 0.7734. (did you get that one??? the zip code??)

When DealDash puts Trivial Pursuit up for auction, I'm all over it. And i wonder why very few people check my blog. Besides the fact that i go off subject ALL the time. I need to reign it back in, i know.  It's a time factor people...i have some biz going (finally!) so i can't always spend my days staring at DealDash...but i will try harder.

You know who doesn't have anything else to do?

woweewin and ASPENREX