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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DealDash411: Tips, Hints, Strategies and Commentary: TIMING and IT

Ok we just heard some AWESOME info from LadyK and Drummerboy giving us the DL on past DD. Or i guess i could say LK and DB gave us the DL on DD. I've been around, but not as long as they have, so i needed help on that one. Which brings me to one of my 2 points today: TIMING. Well, actually, I'll start with IT. Yep there is a Stephen King's IT Dvd up for auction. First of all, RANDOM! Was someone going through their old DVD collection and rooting stuff out for DD? That movie is a blast from the past, and not a nice blast. That book/dvd is creeeeeepppy. I have an irrational thought that if you bid on a movie like that no good can come of it. (woohooo that one was unintentional but i like it).

I would like to point out a few things - 1) They say in the description that this movie is UNRATED. Is that even possible? It has to be R or strongly cautioned or whatever they say to protect young children's eyes and creating a lifelong fear of clowns. Clowns freaked me out before, but after IT, they are a lost cause. I will never like clowns. Ugh I'm remembering scenes from the book it is all flooding baaaaaack. Don't get me wrong - I am a Stephen King fan - I have respect for his ability to come up with the most crazy, sick, twisted stuff. But some of it is a bit too much for me (like MISERY). The Shining is sooooo good - that's literally the only book that i had to stop reading at times because i was so freaked out (i was young give me a break).  Clearly Shawshank Redemption  is ca-ray-zee good. Like remarkably amazing. Some Stand By Me  was a cult classic, but let's not forget gems like The Green Mile, The Stand, and The Langoliers.
BUT the problem with IT is that it freaks the poopies out of people.  Sailboats, gutters, ugh. I wonder if DD just triggered people all over the country to have anxiety attacks when they saw IT up for auction. That movie, like Jaws, scarred alot of people for life.

now for TIMING. TIMING is seriously what i think rules this world. (Read The Outliers by Malcom Gladwell if you don't believe me. I'm a book nerd too, did i mention that?) I've always said since i was young that i was born in the wrong year for everything i have done. meaning i seem to miss the hey day of most things. Some examples - not being old enough to go to your favorite's bands concerts before they broke up.  joining a company right after it had it's big peak. Joining then yet another company that just had its big peak (hence, why i have limited $$). So you get to hear all the stories about "how it used to be" but you missed it. And they all got paid out and you didn't. And it used to be so much fun, and now it isn't. Then buying a house in the good area right before economy busted. 2 years earlier and you would have made bank like everyone you know in the neighborhood sitting pretty. And so i'm not at all to hear that i missed the PEAK of DealDash. I hear all these awesome stories like in the last post, about games, and PA respect, and good deals and lots of winning and i think it is safe to say these are "the good old days of dealdash." Which are clearly over, because DD i guess wanted to be rich, not cool and awesome. it really is about timing in this world. But now you are underwater. You either have good timing or you don't. Some of it is not our fault - it is just circumstance (seriously - read Gladwell's book - it will change your outlook on all kinds of things).  I have know for a long time that i am NOT the person with the timing. So i no longer get disappointed. I expect that i will have missed the peak. So I guess what i am trying to say, is that when i know or find out about something, there is a good chance that it already peaked! I'm like your human timing gauge. I found DD and I found it too late, and now i blog about it instead of winning cool stuff.  Therefore, i will make a point to announce things that i have just discovered, so everyone else can realize it is time to move on. Think of it as a public service announcement.

See i try to help people as much as i can. I'm a giver.

Now, I can't check out DealDash for a minimum of 10 full minutes because i can't keep seeing that darn clown on the IT dvd cover. Then i may not be able to check the winnings for a few hours so i don't have to see IT there either...see what you have done to us DD? Don't auction things that bring up old childhood fear and anxiety. You seriously just ruined everyone's day. Everyone woke up saw the clown and now can't stop thinking of when their innocence was taken and ruined by this moment in life. No one is going to be in the mood for bidding now. You just shot yourself in the foot. In the clown foot.

Thanks for reminding me how much that movie/book freaks me out. I don't even want to spell check or check my grammar because i'll have to think about it again. So grammar pass on this one, stemming from the re-awakening of childhood anxieties.


  1. Ugh just someone win the darn DVD! I can't keep looking at the clown! Just let someone win.....

  2. I added a poll about this to see if i'm the only one who can't stop thinking about IT. I didn't even do justice to my TIMING comment because of IT.

  3. krypto you better keep that dvd - don't you dare flip it and have it show up in auctions down the road. NO SIR-EEE BOB. You won it you keep it. No trading for bids! Release us from this trauma!

  4. LOL 411... They put your "IT" back up!!!! ROTFLMAO.... It's getting close to Spooky Halloween Time so I expect to see more DVD's along these lines showing up or product line that goes along with this holiday...

    My oldest is also afraid of clowns because of this movie... I should be mean and win it and put it on the TV when she comes home... LOL She'd Freak!!! ( She is 28 ) so don't be spanking me for trying to scare one of my little kids... she isn't so little no more!

    I never watched the darn thing. Maybe I should just to see why it scared ya so bad.... 8)

  5. Because it is just so stinking creepy. They put it back up?? Ugh commenting on Dealdash is going to be tough for me until that thing disappears. Any other movie - whatever. But not IT.

    Do bidingaddict and woweewin have jobs? I really don't think they do.