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Thursday, September 22, 2011

DealDash411: TIps, Hints, Strategies and General Commentary: Drummerboy

Hey Drummerboy - Good luck on that mac! I'm watching!


  1. Hey DD411... or is it really TPAF, or now TG411? (btw, shouldn't that be TV411? just sayin'!)
    Anyway, I digress. My reason for dropping a note is to fw to you and the other DD'ers "in the know" on this site my following post to DD:

    "Hello again, Dave!

    Now our "About Me"'s are being censured? When did that start? Maybe I'll have to ask Jayboy.
    Anyway, when can I make a new "About Me", so that I can stop being a billboard for DD's "About Me"? Please respond, 'cause I can't seem to change the one you gave me, and I have more banal info to share if you'll let me; I promise you can trust that it won't be so objectionable to you...


    So what do you think? Had you noticed that some of us that had posted "About Me's" had them removed and replaced by the inane DD advertising that they have for us now:

    "About me... be friendly and share a bit
    about yourself. Hobbies, Interests, etc.
    - DD"

    Can you actually believe that's what pops up next to Gollum's creepy face every time I place a bid on anything? That's just wrong. Smacks a little of when another DD bidder got in trouble for giving you props by listing your DD411 link on their ShoutOut, way back before they even had this "About You" thing.
    Anyway, I thought this seems like it might just be up your alley for fodder for the DD blog. Not like you seem to need any help or anything (except for maybe today?. JK, you're doin' mighty well at this.) But have at it from here if you want, it's all yours... (or don't, my feelings won't be hurt either way!)

    Most respectfully,

    P.S. I was just looking way back in your blog for the name of the DD'er that was busted for your link, and came across the bit where you mentioned about, and then wondered whether you ever explained to us, just what a "Woo girl" is? Are you one? Just thought someone should have asked...

  2. OMG i am sooo excited you just commented. I know it is not rational to be this excited but i just really am!!! And i can't tell you what joy it brings me to know that you back referenced some posts and actually reminded me to tell you about a woo girl. you made my day. I know, it take so little....
    this week got a little bit ca-razy for me (but hopefully i made a little dough so i can slack off and watch deal dash more often)...i have lots to respond do in your comment...i promise i will tonight! I would right now if it wasn't utterly precarious for me to be blogging right this minute. But i had to sneak on for a response to you!

  3. And fyi i am not a woo girl :) Besides the fact that i am a dude, even if i was a girl i would still never be a woo girl. I'm just very open with my emotions.