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Sunday, September 18, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: Holy Mackeral!

A $255 Toaster? Does this mean our little toaster from the DealDash Past is sitting in some back warehouse all sad and dejected? Like the lamp from IKEA and the old Mop? Ugh that would break my heart. But how can he compete with a $255 toaster? At least he has a few friends to hang out with. I miss him. If he showed back up on an auction, i would buy it just so he wouldn't feel so bad. Yes i have issues.

But the real question is why do you need a $255 Toaster? At that point can't you call it a regular oven? I don't cook stuff, so i am in the dark about how one would make a pizza.  I heat up my frozen pizzas in the regular over all the time. So it has a rotisserie feature...wouldn't it be cheaper just to go buy that Ron Popeil Chicken Rotisserie thinger on an  infomercial because it comes with free stuff? It's cheaper than $255.

There must be something more magical about this particular toaster. Hopefully the price isn't jacked up just because Wolfie lent his name to it.  But i'm still not understanding at what point your regular oven just won't cut it any more. Or are these for people who just don't have ovens at all? hmmm...i use my oven like a toaster all the time, so i guess if i had no oven i would get a toaster oven.  I always think of a toaster as the kind  you put the bread in and it pops up when ready. That is a genius invention. Practical, fast, perfection every time, affordable and quite durable. Just don't stick a knife in it. That's good stuff.

So the only reason i can come up with is that you need this oven is that  you don't have an oven at all, right? I guess real ovens are expensive. Mine is from 1979 (I'm pretty sure) and it doesn't really work all that well, but it works enough. But you can get one of those oven/range things for close to the same price as this mini toaster. and then you can make soup and pasta and hot beverages too.  Go find a Sears Outlet store and you'll get a great deal.

So I'm not sure what is so necessary about this pricey Toaster Oven, but i bet someone out there wants this thing soooo badly....


  1. FYI - i made it to whole foods just in time to get my bacon. It's gonna be a good day

  2. i might have a lot of oil and gas around me but bacon and toast are hard to come by. I went for the toaster but didn't get it so i guess i'll just have to do that buy it thing and get those bids back to go for the coffee maker we need that too!

  3. Rigman!!!!! Is that really you?? Oh my gosh you are here!!! I don't know why this has just made me so happy but it did! You're so cool! I think i am starstruck...