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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies, and Commentary: The Resurfacing

Well it looks like some of the wise old players have decided to try Deal Dash again...We've got OKKAMS updating all their electronics, Ratpack is back for a laptop, and our pal ProtoProtoss is scoring some bid packs. Dawnof1 is up on the winner board with LadyK and Abbygirl. And kelleyinthesky is on the board, and we already know drummerboy is on the loose again. It's like a reunion!  It's been hard keeping track of all the Newbies but seeing names I know had been getting scarce! It's nice to see some people back.


  1. Mrs. Beefer is back! Going for an ipad!! And she has an adorable picture of her and Mr. Beefer. They are so cute! I love the Beefers.......

  2. So I'm about to join back into the DealDash world, and actually bid on an item. I just saw that 600 bid package and seriously JUST thinking - maybe i should get back in the game and for it. Then the next bidder who bid was ProtoProtoss, and i quickly changed my mind.