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Thursday, September 15, 2011

DealDash411: Yep, it's still happening....

So i got some sleep and thought maybe the DealDash confusion of yesterday may become clearer. It did. It's clearly exactly what i thought it was.   So let's say you decide this is the greatest event that has ever occurred, because you are a newbie. Right now you can get 400 bids for 192 buckaroos. So you throw down $192 bucks because you can use an absurd amount of bids and get them back.

But look at these auction prices!!! To win is taking WAAAAAY more than 400 bids! So you throw down another $192 bucks to get more bids and then again...and pretty soon you just spent $600 on bids (remember, you could have just bought an ipad....) because you aren't going to win anything good unless  you have 1000x of bids right now! So DealDash just filled up the bank, and then everyone is going to get their bids back and have 1000s to then use for the next few weeks...jacking up auction prices...

It is quite brilliant on their part. And they are creating a frenzy, getting a bunch of new people hooked...drummerboy you are sooo right - whomever came up with this one just got one big bonus. DealDash - hold on to that golden employee.

So i almost got in the mix on this because i was like "why the heck not." But when the prices are getting so high for a laptop or tablet, i realized, i'm still going to have to pay out $300 for one of these items. Which, yes, could be an amazing deal. But even if it is, i still don't have $300 to be dropping on luxury items right i have to opt out yet again, because though it is a deal, I don't have the cash to drop on anything that price right now. I need the .20 auction wins, not the $200 auction wins.

So anyway, drummerboy  you made a comment which was kind of genius in itself...shouldn't there be a government run penny auction? i mean seriously. If the government just opened a penny auction site, we may not have any more debt. I mean really....

side note - i do not truly believe that the government could operate a successful PA site. Somehow, there would be too much overhead because everyone would need a government owned vehicle, and they would have to have paid commission boards to make decisions on what items are up for auction, and then they would pay 10000s of dollars to send census/survey people out to see what everyone thinks.  Then someone would protest because they would create an injustice or discriminatory element, like having a tablet on the auction site is discrimination against people who don't have fingers. And then they would have to modify and it would be dumb. And i'm sure somehow it would get corrupted or bribes would be passed along and it would all go to poop.

But let's just say the government could somehow pull this off....the government could auction off awesome stuff...
- free meter parking for a year
- tax vouchers
- carpool lane stickers
- free car registration for 1 year
- gas cards
- get out of parking ticket free voucher
- state parking passes
-property tax voucher
- no sales tax for 1 month
- and of course they would throw in some ipads and laptop computers and pfchang's gift cards to keep it interesting.

So i know there is no way this could work, because the mean people out there who like to ruin everything for the rest of us would find a way to hack in and fix the results, wreak havoc on the system, make counterfeit items and basically ruin anything potentially good for us. i hate the ruiners. Ruiners are stupid.

On another note i'm going to give you an example of why our school systems are ridiculous most of the time. But you'll have to go to It's a wiki wiki world for this one...

ooh drummerboy you just won...doing some early christmas shoppping?

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