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Monday, September 19, 2011

DealDash411: TIps, Hints, Strategies and General Commentary: Someone help me out here

So normally i try to post one major thing every day or two, because i'm convinced that some day i will wake up and run dry. And have nothing to say.  But this one caught my eye. So don't forget to read the post before this one from this morning because i can't let any humor go to waste.

Am i on crazy pills again? Ok, DealDash is making me feel really really dumb right now. I feel like i must be missing something yet again.....I just saw this up for auction later today:

Ok. let's gloss over the fact that they use really funny descriptive words to sell their items on DealDash. It's not just an Ikea Floor Lamp, it's a "beautiful" Ikea floor lamp. You know they did that with a vacuum cleaner...the "popular" Hoover or something. I was going to comment because i thought it was super funny, but i was feeling like i might be too hard on dealDash sometimes. But now that i see "beautiful" i can't let it slide.

But!!! That's not my point. Here is my point:

So i'm not an ikea junkie, but let's face it - they have some great bargain goods. So i check out the store quite often, especially when i need a $15 end table (which by the way, you can really use for anything - step stool, tv dinner tray, coffee table, bedside table, kiddie desk, bench seats - they are really functional for $15 buck and come in lots of colors). So i have seen this lamp. And i just really had to see what IKEA sells it for....yep $19 buckaroos. So why does DealDash say it retails at $62? Well, the highest retail price i can see  online was $39 at amazon. That's a hefty mark up, but still affordable i guess. (tangent - did anyone else know that ikea is also a wholesaler? Meaning you can find their products on all kinds of sites at a higher retail? I thought that was retail 101 - don't sell stuff on your website dirt cheap while your retailers sell it at double the price. Unless it is one of those affiliate programs or something....but lesson here - buy ikea from ikea. seriously. I don't even know what to think about this. If it still bugs me, you'll hear about it over on You know this goes hand in hand with my IHOP pancake debacle). 
So maybe somewhere, someone saw  $62 lamp in retail sales out there on the web or in a store, thus justifying DealDash's claimed retail price. Technically, if they saw it out there for $62, they can claim that as the actual retail. But really, its a $19.99 floor lamp.

Which brings me back to my initial confusion - why on earth would you have a Ikea Lamp on DealDash and then jack up the price? Of all things, you can check Ikea stores/web/catalog super fast to find a real price. Sometimes it's harder with Hamilton Beach or whatever wholesale products that retail varies. But Ikea is way too easy to go right to the source and be shocked by price difference.  At least you can create a variable of doubt with other products. But not Ikea...most of america is furnished with ikea these days. We all know the prices. Don't push your luck. Anyone who does BIN on that lamp deserves to pay $62 bucks for it. The rest of us could have bought 3 for $62 and put beautiful lamps all over our houses. 

So, am i missing something here? Someone tell me if i am completely missing the logic here. I'm really hope it isn't what i think it is. 

Oooohhh i just thought of awesome wikiwikiworld blog. Ok it kind of has to do with DealDash but it is more wordly, so i'll put a link here and then you have to go over there and read it. When i write it.  It's about perception...basically the whole type of perception that drives sites like DealDash...i know, it sounds deep. It might be. 

fyi, i've had it with proper capitalization. No, not Capitolism. Capitalization. words like dealdash, ikea, ipad, ipod can officially be in caps or in lower case based on my whims. Or based on when my left pinky hits the Shift Key on time or not. 

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