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Monday, September 19, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategy and General Commentary: To Dash or Not to Dash?

I'm having another vacuum cleaner moment. I'm sitting at the computer this morning waiting for my ipod to charge up so i can go for a bike ride. God forbid i go without my ipod. I still have an old school ipod...which feels and looks like a brick compared to the new ones they have. I've seen that little guy up on dealDash and that thing is a fraction of this brick i carry around and call an ipod. Now technically, this isn't really mine. I had bought it for my mom because she kept saying, "I want an Ipod. I really want an Ipod" every two seconds so i figured, she really wants an Ipod. So for her birthday i took the not so subtle hint and got her an ipod. So she is unwrapping the gift and pulls out the little ipod box that it comes in and gets this confused look on her face...and says, "What is this?" And i said "mom, it's an ipod." And she says, "Oh, ok." My mom apparently had never actually seen an ipod before, so she didn't actually know she was receiving one right then. It was quite hysterical. I mean this was not subtle-gift- hint dropping. This was blatant "I want an ipod" for days and days. If i didn't get the ipod, i would really be some kind of moron. But then she didn't even know exactly what it was and what it looked like. God love her.

Anyway, she has now realized she has an ipod and wants me to show her how to use it. Now my mom is a super smart lady. She knows alot about alot of things. But not about the world of Apple products and more complex electronics.

We are at her computer looking at itunes. She wants an ipod because she wants to listen to the University lectures. I told her you could put music on it too. She said she wouldn't even know what to put on it. Ok, so we are getting lectures. I show her how to get to the store and download what she wants (these are free thank god). She is with me this far. Then we get to the part where you have your itunes library, and then you have your ipod library. I might as well have started speaking in Chinese. I think if she wanted to, she could have figured it out. But i think she was already over having an ipod.

We took a break. Part 1 lesson turned out to be showing her what an ipod looked like. Part 2 was supposed to  be how to get stuff and put it on your ipod, but we never seemed to get through that. In the end, after her ipod sat there  untouched for a few months, i made an executive decision and told her i was just going to use her ipod ( i was the only person in the world who didn't have one at that point. ooh ooh i had the original shuffle...the bigger one, not that mini one they have now. Somehow it disappeared. My friend who is a dingbat kept trying to convince me that he found it and he would produce the little remote control that goes with the mac desktops. Or at least they did like 8 years ago. I don't know how many times i had to tell him that was not my shuffle...) So i tell my mom i'll just "borrow" her ipod until she decides she is ready to try using it. It's been at least a few  years now. I'm not even sure she remembers that it is hers.  Oh well, we tried.

My long-winded point is that I have a pretty darn old ipod, in comparison to what they have out there now.  And it is taking forever to charge right now. So i this something i should go for on DealDash? It is the age old question that our ancestors were faced with constantly: Get it on a penny auction? or just buy it a lower retail price somewhere else?

I could try to go for it, but technically i don't NEED an ipod. I just WANT a new ipod. But i want alot of things. Like people to read my blogs. And I don't always get what i want.  Most people call this a no-brainer - perfect time to DD for it. I call it a dilemma. I don't actually have money to play around with on DealDash and hope to get a deal or BIN.  Nor do i have the patience any more. That may seem odd because i have the patience to watch DD, but that is different. I am doing lots of other things at the same time.  I think if i could, i would re-register with the UserName IOnlyWantTheIpod and a sidekick About me, saying how the only thing i've ever wanted in this world was an ipod. I wonder who would be mean enough to bid against me....

Ok I think my mom's old school Ipod is charged up enough to head out.
Thanks  mom.

And hey you can say mean things about me, but not my mom. I'll beat  you up. That's my moms.
--purposely pluralized, thank you very much--

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  1. I see how someone could be possessed by the Ipod. I got mine finally after a lot of swirling and 2 BIN which were Apple GC and now ....I'll find peace:)