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Friday, September 9, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, and Strategies: Tagvillage

So the key search words "Dealdash" and "Deal Dash" are being traded back and forth like mad on
Check it out:

So i guess you can buy key search words. So of course I checked on Deal Dash immediately. Interesting's like swap auctions, and then they have the equivalent of a penny auction for different items and also for popular tags. I think i like it. I don't think big players have hit this site quite yet, though the prices are getting up there. Like "Facebook" was close to $1000 bucks!
This TagVillage may be the most genius PA type of site....These guys are making the dough and not having to ship that much stuff

You need a referral to get to the site:
You can use mine if you like me. Or even if you don't like me. I like you.

check me out:

of course i had to buy DealDash. Duh.

ok no one call me out...i don't know how legit this website is or what. time will tell. But it is a cool concept. And i own DealDash na na na na na.

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  1. ALSO.....guess who's back, back again. Proto's back, back again....and he is FIRED UP.