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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Deal Dash411 Hints, Tips, Strategies and Commentary: September Morn

September morn
Do you remember
How we danced that night away
Two lovers playing scenes
From some romantic play
September morning
Still can make me feel that way....

Oh DealDash, can't you see how close we really are?

Why is it that i can remember song lyrics and movie quotes like some kind of photographic memory person, but i can't remember a doctor's appt for the life of me? Oh well. 

DealDash has a bunch of new stuff up for September! And i want to talk about it all! But can't right this moment, unfortunately. We have new products to talk about, new players to talk about, old players to talk about, and Penny Auction Ultimatum part 3 to discuss.

i want to encourage some more participation here peeps - ask me stuff you want to know so i can make up awesome answers. Ask me about how to pronounce deal dash player's names and stuff....


  1. Why are you using an affiliate link at the bottom of your page that is not DealDash? Why is the one you are advertising a scam site that shill bids? Why promote that instead of who you talk about? If you like to watch us so much why send us somewhere else to get ripped off? Biduh

  2. I'm getting called out! I love it! Woo-hoo! Interaction! Ok, you aren't going to like or care about my response to this...but you will get the truth.

    - If deal dash had an affiliate program, i would promote them more than i already do. Already they get my full attention for no reason other than i like them. I feel i give them enough love by having an entire blog directed to them. I would love if they wanted to give back!

    - they are just ads. i put that on there soooo long ago, that i'll be honest, i didn't even remember i had it on there. I didn't know they were a bogus site. So i will check it out.
    - Bid cactus comes up on my adsense thinger. So that one just shows up.
    -happy bidday - a dude called me from there and tried to get me to write a blog on happy bidday. But, i tried it and i frankly didn't like it and was only going to bash it, so out of the goodness of my heart i just let it be. But i put the ad up in case other people did like it.
    - in an ideal world, people would care about me and my blog and stuff. But most people don't care. And most people could care less about ads on sites. or maybe i am wrong. i've gotten about .23 cents worth of clicks total. i think it was from one click. So it's not like i'll be quitting my job any time soon to blog full time, though it would be rad. so i had thrown up some ads back in the beginning of dd411 and forgot about it. Bad blogger! Bad blogger! that was me reprimanding myself.

    what else do you want to call me out on? This is fun.

  3. I hope you do understand that i am not in any way associated with DealDash...i picked a dumb name i guess. So i'm not corpo deal dash boosting other PA sites. I'm just a random poo-poo head (ladyk - that's for you!) who happened to get obsessed with deal dash.

  4. ooh ooh ooh! I just saw a Username that is "jesuslovesumore." Nope i'm not EVEN going to get in to religion. I think i can already feel daggers coming at me just thinking about it.

    No! I'm going one of my lyrics. Please please please tell me you are quoting a song we all know and love....please!! "And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson, jesus loves you more than you will know. a-woah-woah-woah"

    Right?? That would be waaaay cooler than any other reason to have this name. i need to know...i'm dying to know...i may just do what i usually do and claim it even if it is not really true. if i want it bad enough, i can make it true.

  5. LOL you got called out! Too Funny!

    DD411... DealDash DOES have an affiliate program it is just not promoted by the site for it's users it is on another affiliate network assoc... JFYI... 8) ROTFLMAO....

    PS... I told Rigman about your blog, I don't know if he will come here and post anything but I did tell him he was mentioned here... 8)

  6. Those punks! They never shared that lovely piece of information with me! obviously i didn't look very hard either. I never said i was the smartest. I am a word nerd but no one says i'm top blogger.

    Hi rigman! Hope you stop by and maybe think i'm funny once or twice. But i understand. i'm not for everyone.

  7. Check out Offer Vault. They have the affiliate program for DealDash.

  8. Cool thanks Yarddog! You rule!

  9. YOu know what i had seen that one before...apparently because i am a lowly regular person and not a business i don't get to join. boo hoo