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Saturday, September 17, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies: Holy Mackeral!

Yeah that was pretty dumb play on words, but check out the Mac computer that is still..going. This one might be close to setting a new record...and 266 people who bid on it. I had to bust out a calculator for that one. I like words not numbers. This one computer is going to make that whole "frenzy" seem like a wonderful idea! Although, looking back, it wasn't that bad. I think the worst is now to come when everyone got their 1000s of bids back...I am soooo tempted to hop-on to that mac computer right now, just to be super annoying. But i won't. I just have the strongest urge to wreak havoc right now....

krypto is in for that mac, and he must be very confident because he just battled for the little thumb drive. Maybe he wants it for his  new mac...he stole it out from under gholmes2011 who had been using Intimidation Tactics to attempt to scare people away. It worked on the amazon card he got, but he must have been handing out high-fives because all of a sudden he lost the thumb drive. Although he probably will just buy it now.

Now, I would like to claim responsibility on a few things that have happened. I know, realistically, no one has found this blog so it probably isn't true. But i don't care. I'm claiming 2 things today:
1) IHOP card went for $0.07 because people realized you can't order eggs there.
2) i saw a mixmaster username going for the KitchenAid mixer. So it is probably a DJ or something, but i prefer to think it is 1/2 my Superhero Strategy, just not executed to its max potential. It's easy to just create my world than wait for people to join it. I guess.

OHH gholmes2011 must be bitter....he has now hopped-on to the mac. However, he could be coming back to it too, but krypto is in it and i think he is pissed at krypto for taking his little thumb drive. And he is going for the Home Depot Card with the same tactics. He better not take his eye off of those auctions for a second.  This dude may be Out-Of Control...


  1. So while i was busy over at TagVillage, magicmom scored her kid a tricycle that is rad. If i could fit on a tricycle, I think i would want this one. So magicmom is going to be best mom ever when that trike arrives

  2. Oh the movie The Hangover is coming up for auction. Great movie. I haven't seen the second one. But this one is pretty rad. THough not sure how many bids i would throw down on it, but that is just me. FYI there was a skillet that came up but i missed it. So i still can't make my own bacon.