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Monday, September 12, 2011

DealDash 411: Pony3116 vs WatchMe

These two are Ego-maniacs! Bidding right after each other trying to prove some sort of point. This is definitely an ego battle now. Who is going to give up first....that's the game they are playing. For an external hard drive.....Let's see who wins. Then we will know which player is tougher and cooler than the other.


  1. And the Winner is....WatchMe.
    Now we should go see if he does a Buy It Now or what. If he does buy it now then it was an ego game for sure!

  2. For $38 I'd be doing a BIN just to get my discounted bids back.... I calculated this on the $0.30 bids special... even the recent bid special at $0.25 would make that even cheaper... or the recent special they did on Sept. 8th via emails at 50% off...Because those bids were - Buy Me and if you don't win when them email Dave and get all bids returned!!!! $38 is a deal if you won or lost on this one... So I'm guessing -- BIN was used! I just became aware of the Sept 8th special they did via email with the no win, get bids back thing.. So now I know why my Xbox was run a-muck!!! I paid WAYYYY too much for that darn thing maybe there was another secret bid special on that day I didn't know about!! DARN IT... I knew talking to Will (CEO) a little while ago for over an hour and giving my opinions on a few things may effect the play on DD... I only thought it would make it even better, but I had no idea they would use some of my suggestions against me... I assumed those suggestions would be for everyone, not just a select few!!! Oh well.. I'll still stick around to see what happens next!!! 8(.... 8)

  3. You know LadyK, i too found out about that email special that went out. I know some people who received it. They sit right next to me at work. And i didn't get one. I was going to freak out on this blog because i didn't think it could get any more ridiculous but i'm was trying to pretend it never happened. Because otherwise i get all bitter and turn into the 4 year old saying, "It's not fair!" But you know what. It doesn't seem to matter what is fair and not fair in this world any more. So sad.