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Saturday, September 10, 2011

DealDash411 Tips, Hints, Strategies and Pizza: Saturday Morning Games

First, just in case you were worried, I just bought my DealDash Tag back:

Come and get it!

Meanwhile, the 5 in 1 Griddle is turning out to be an ego battle! Time-hoarding, egos and  some Newbies. We have eaglefan dead set on getting this, and she wants to grill stuff! No bid buddy, just bidding right on top of each other with blake562123.

But, do they know that it looks like several people are silentstalking? Rickman has been all over dealdash this early morning, and he was watching this one. We've got drdavepdx with a bid buddy set keeping eaglefan on her toes.  drdavepdx is "Doctor Dave - Educator." Reminds me of "Doogie Howser - M.D." He was a boy genius who graduated medical school before he was 16. It was a trivia question i just got in a game.  This show was great because they fully bypassed the fact that no one in their right mind wants a 16 year old as head doctor - i don't care how genius he is. If he can't drive a car yet, then I'm waiting until he is 17. Then I'm going to type some lesson i learned on my computer journal.

Anyway, eaglefan is still fiercely defending her griddle...she strong-arming and using intimidation tactics but people still have an eye on this one.

Ok now if someone enters the arena with the name GriddlerForLife, they may go all out for this auction.

More updates to come on this lovely Saturday morning. In the COMMENTS section.


  1. has eaglefan dropped from the race? black562123 seems to have the upper had against the doc.

  2. I think i might be getting obsessed with Tagvillage. LIke i kinda want to blog about it. I haven't felt this connection with a site since i found dealdash...

  3. Blake562123 you trickster! I had the main griddle auction up on my screen and neglected to see your sneaky Brinker gift card win for $.19! You are a great multi-tasker. Usually those bidding on more than one auction lose focus and mess up. But not you Blake (can i call you Blake? or is it too soon?) You may not have fooled others. but i busy writing things about doogie howser, m.d.

  4. Rickman is still behind the scenes...he wants the Wii game...

  5. Umm seriously? I through pizza in the title to see if anyone actually does pay attention to me. Answer: no.

  6. And i used through incorrectly!!!